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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


27. Chapter 27.

when ZaYn's not apart of the band photo's anymore so you just gotta add em in the picture.


Jesse's P.O.V

I was finally happy to get out of that group home and back with my mom. This morning she signed the papers and I was ready to get my life back. It seemed like it only took 14 years.It was almost 4 when I finished getting ready for Mr.Horan's dinner party tonight . I wasn't supposed to go at first but, He thought it would make Alyx happy since I haven't seen him since that day. Mr.Malik said he's been dying to see me, and I can't wait to see him either. 

I fixed my tie in my bathroom mirror and brushed off my black suit. "Jesse are you ready ?" My mother called. "I think so" I called back and right when I said it, mom walks in the doorway of the bathroom in her long red dress and black scarf. I smile "You look nice mom" I say . A smile appeared back on her lips. She didn't respond how I thought she would, but instead with a hug and a kiss on my forehead. "What's wrong mom?" I asked her. "I'm happy that you're alright , I'm happy I finally found you "  She whispers. I wrap my arms around her hugging her back . I couldn't imagine what it would be like without her now that I have her, and I feel free . I'm free to be in love, I'm free to smile. "I'm happy I found you too mom" I say. 

I'm free to be happy.

Alexandra's P.O.V

Me and Sparrow spent all day decorating the ball room for Niall and Fallen's wedding eve dinner and it turned out amazing. Snow flakes hung from the ceiling and winter decorations flooded the place with pretty white roses and candles sitting in grow-it-yourself snow. You would have thought it was the Disney frozen movie. And with the vibe of the room set , the party begun exactly at 5:30 when all the guest arrived. We were all standing at the top of the stairs waiting for them to start calling the bridal party in order

"Momma why is fallen wearing a shirt and no pants?" Jailin asked looking over to Fallen in her white .. ensemble." Just try not to look I know it's disturbing , now go find MJ  so you guys can get in line" I told her. She nodded before skipping away. "You know you did a good thing for Fallen, this place is amazing" Zayn sighed pulling me into his arms. "I did didn't I ? I didn't do it for Fallen, I did it for Sparrow" I answered. Zayn was now confused. "For Sparrow, I don't understand --" "Lets be honest, Fallen and Niall are a joke. They aren't gonna last very long,  And Sparrow needed to get her mind off things which is why we offered to decorate in the first place" I folded my arms and looked around at the beautiful scenery. Zayn chuckles. "You know Iove you right ?".I smile at his laughter. 
"Okay everyone get you're Cameras ready as we now like to honor the bridal party of the Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Horan Winter Wonder wedding, Starting with the Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. and daughter Sieanna"

---Later on that night---

"Can he just stop looking at me for one fucking second!" Sparrow exclaimed. I looked over to Niall to see if he was starring, He was. "Isn't it obvious he's regretting this--" "Oh please Alex .. He loves her ... He loves her and he told me that and It doesn't matter because I'm married.. I'm married to Liam and I have 4 kids 3 of them happen to be Liam's--" "He's gay Sparrow" Just then silence spilled over her. "He's what?" She blinked a couple times. "Liam was scared. Liam was trying to tell you but he couldn't so he asked me to do it, and I know it's not the right time but if you don't realize that what you have with Liam is kinda over and Niall is still in love with you I'm gonna slap the hell out of you" I snap. She looked at me and blinked a few more times. ".. You think he's still in love with me?" She asked. I didn't have time to answer as everyone began to clap. The announcer then stood up . Looks like it's time for speeches.

Niall's P.O.V

"I love you alot .. and I can't wait to be your wife" Everyone applauded Fallen as she finished her speech . It was the most cliche thing that I have ever heard , but it was still kinda nice. I wanted to save what I had to say until tomorrow so I decided they should skip me and move on so we could hear what everyone else has to say. My friends and my brother were just gonna joke off so I'll save them for last, instead Sieanna walks up to the microphone with a piece of paper in her hand with her speech upon it.

She told me it would be special. "Dad.. it was only yesterday you introduced me to Fallen as just one of your good friends and I cant help but be surprised by the step we're taking of her becoming my step mom.. and ..." She stops for a while . I couldn't tell if she had froze or not, until she crumbled up the paper in her had "I have been lied to." She continues and everyone is now confused

"I was told that my Mommy and Daddy would be together forever.My Dad put me in a Fairy tale where they were king and queen and I was the young princess and there was no such thing as divorce. And then I find out that fairy tales aren't real and that divorce means that someone is going away. And I could stand up here and tell you all about how excited I am to have fallen as my step mom and how Happy I am for the both of them, but I'm not ... and I don't wanna be . Because this isn't the fairy tale I wanna be apart of " She mumbles into the mic before walking off the stage and running off.

"Sieanna" I call. The crowd was quiet, Starring at me and waiting for me to say something. "I'll go find her" Fallen says getting up and rushing after her. "Um .. Can we hold off on the speeches for a second" I tell the announcer , He nods at me before I then rush off to find both Fallen and Sieanna. 


I rushed down the halls of the Mansion to see nobody in the rooms. I knew she felt that way about everything and I hated that I ignored it for so long bec-- "I can't believe you would go up there and say that!! .. You see this is why I can't wait until tomorrow so you can just go live with your mom I don't even wanna look at you"

"You only want him for his money--"
"and so what! What the hell else can your low life father do for me anyway!.. The only reason I agreed to marry him was because he bought me what ever the hell I wanted and I'm not gonna let YOU or his nosy friends get in the way of that .. not even your ugly son of a bitch mother . She's out the picture for a reason , as will you in a few weeks .. Now move aside, Our guest are waiting " 

I moved my head away from the door and pretended like I just came down the hallway "Oh baby .. You have nothing to worry about she's fine" Fallen answers and Sieanna walks out of the room and back towards the ball room. "She we continue?" She held out her hand. You heard everything. I was too shocked to even move "Niall?" She snapped her fingers in front of me. "Oh-- Uh yeah lets " I say loosely grabbing her hand but she squeezed it into hers. You heard everything



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