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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


26. Chapter 26.

Together we remember 9-11-01♥

Justin's P.O.V

"Thank you so much for bringing her home, I don't know what to say" Liam say. Liam Payne is talking to me. He's thanking me. Keep your cool Justin "It was no problem, She a good kid and very talented " I complimented her and Liam smiles "Yeah. She's my baby girl" He tickles her and she giggles hysterically. I smile back then looking over to Hayden and Jaxon who were thumb wrestling , laughing and smiling. I missed my little brothers. "You can stay and hangout if you like" Liam says. "Sounds good" I smile lightly. He picks up Mary-Jane and carries her into he kitchen with him.I go over to Hayden and Jaxon. "Hey Jax why don't you go help out Liam and MJ okay?" I asked "Mk" He gets up and runs off to the kitchen. I could tell Hayden had no clue what to say to me and I don't blame him, But I was gonna get the emotion out if it killed me.So I'll talk first.

"You know I didn't wanna leave right?" I asked him. He said nothing. I leaned forward in the chair "I begged to say with you and Mom .. but Dad was so put on getting the hell out of there he didn't even think to listen to me--" "He promised he would come see me.." Hayden mumbled. So I listened. "He promised.. That he would be back to get me, so I waited, I took 13 years of verbal harassment of my asshole of a stepdad waiting on my actual dad to come save me from the hell hole I lived in... You never called to check on me.. anytime you would be on the phone you would ask where Jaxon was... Never where is Hayden?"

"You know that's not true--" "It is!!" He shouted. Luckily we were the only ones in the room. "Do you know how many group homes I stayed in because I ran away and didn't come back until I was hungry and the older kids could find anything to eat, Do you know how many times I wanted to die in my life know to everyone else I wasn't a person.. I was a waste of space and air. I was so much of nothing that my own brothers didn't even come to see me when I was bleeding out and dying on a surgery table because I stuck a knife so far up my fucking body it hit my heart " There were tears coming down his face I had to look else where , I couldn't bear to see him cry.

" .. Mom didn't tell me that" I murmured. "It wouldn't have mattered, You took Jaxon the day before it happened and left .. You're full of shit Justin-- "I may be but that doesn't change how full of shit you and mom are. You don't know how the hell it felt to go to the doctors with dad for some hiccups and find out he was dying. and then calling mom and hearing her say he can burn in hell. That man died in my arms waiting on someone besides me to fucking care for once in his life. Nobody even showed up to the mans funeral and here I am sitting in front of my little brother being called a piece of shit !! You're the piece of shit --" "I didn't know he died" He cried back.

I was shocked "Mom didnt--" He shook his head wiping the tears off his face. "Hayden I'm sorry" I said . I grabbed him and hugged him tightly as he cried into my shoulder "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" I apologized several times. I apologized for not being there for him most importantly.

Alyxander's P.O.V

"I'm trying my best to get him out of that house as soon as possible but the man is crazy..I haven't had contact with Jesse at all since the accident" I hear Jesse's mom talk to my parents from up the stairs.I cringe hearing the word "Missing" . It makes me think that I'm not ever gonna see Jesse again. I should be resting right now but all I can think of is him and if he's okay. but most importantly is that I know he's smart enough to find away out of there.

Jesse's P.O.V

I thought that at least for once he would let me sleep but once again he turns the hose on and singes me with water. "Get up you fucking bastard!" He shouted. I raise up rubbing my eyes as I was tired of this. Its the same routine everyday, and I knew what was coming next. "You know its things like this that ruins my fucking day... 14 year old Jesse Wright was kidnapped from mothers home November 27th. Police set to do a follow up search of adopted parents home December 4th.. That's today " He says. I immediately look up. "So as we speak the police are looking for you in this house and I want you to go hide, and you better be in that exact hiding spot when I come back down here from talking to the investigators  , Do you understand me .. I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME FAGGOT!!--" "y-es sir" I mumbled the trembling words. He grabs me by my shirt and puts me under the bar. "You better shut the hell up too!" He growls before walking away. I closed my eyes as I heard the basement door slam. I couldn't do anything but cry at this point because I know If I move he could kill me. But I can't help the fact that I want my mom. I can't stay like this.

It had to be about 20 minutes later when the police came downstairs and I was starting to fall asleep , but I grew wide awake when I heard "The kid is right here !!" . My eyes opened wide, I was terrified "Its alright Jesse?" I nodded quickly as they pulled me from under the bar. They picked me up "We're gonna get you out of here right now okay " The police man said and I nodded . Half of them pulled out their guns and made their way outside. "WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED !!" One of them yelled. He puts his hands up and the police man guides me to the cop car. He makes eye contact with me and was ready to attack when the police officers grabbed him. I watched this all go down from the police car window. This was the next step to me going home.



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