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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


25. Chapter 25

Jaxon Is Adowable♥

Alexandra's P.O.V


*a week later*

We finally were able to bring Alyx home after a week of recovery in the hospital and everyone has been super supportive. Niall even pushed his wedding eve and wedding back just so Alyx could be well enough to be there, He didn't have to but he offered so quick I didn't even get a chance to refuse. Now this makes the wedding the day before Christmas eve.  He's been nervous about the wedding and everything even though he's marrying the "Love of His Life" , but I have no idea about that. At this time we were getting together all of Alyx's stuff as he went in for his very last head scan and X-ray. Well Zayn was, as I was getting my blood test back.

There was a sudden knock on my room door before the door opened and revealed Cher's doctor. I felt bad about telling Zayn that I got my tubes tied without his consent, and with that he suggested I got a blood test to see if I actually have inherited Sickle Cell. I was freaking out and my blood was boiling to know what the results were. "Mrs.Malik the test went well" The doctor said sitting in front of the computer monitor typing away on my charts. "...Okay" I said confused.


"Are you happy about that ?" She laughed lightly.

"I-I mean I am but--" "I see you're waiting on the important part.. the results.. well good news is you don't have Sickle cell but what might be bad news is it skips a couple generations. The first one to have it in your family was your Great Great Great ---"

"Great.." I say hoping she was finished

"Great Grandad on your father's side It skipped a couple generations to your Great Grandmum--" "Georgia" I mumbled remembering her briefly.

"And then from your great grand mum was Cher.. the generation gap gets smaller and the bad news of that is there a possibility that it was passed down to the Twins Luna and Lucas or at least one of them" The doctor explains.

I look at her thinking of what to say to that, My little 'niece and nephew'.

And my mind just leads to the fact that I now have to tell Liam. Great. "So what do I do now?" I asked . She sighs taking off her glasses "I think .. Maybe you could go home and talk to Liam about getting the twins tested .. You start noticing sign around their age and if he notices any aching and one of the twins or tiredness he should come see me, I do some work in pediatrics maybe we can talk about it" She nods.

I nod back . I was quiet for a second trying to let it all sink in. When I thought about Zayn and what the doctors told me after my tubes were tied. "So.. I have one more question if you don't mind .." I say.

"I can help you" She smiled.
"Alright well lets talk Tube reversal surgery.. I think I'm ready for it.."

Justin's P.O.V

"You're so damn stupid dude!!" I shouted at Aaron and the guys just laughed away at me. They never take me serious but when one of us dies it's not gonna be fun and games. "Lighten up dude Mat said "Yeah its just a little boo-boo A-man will be back out there in 6 weeks, and we can go back to Canada like you wanted" Jack smiled. I smiled back "Yeah" I said. "Justin" I heard the small familiar voice. Then came Mary-Jane. I looked at my friends, who were looking at me confused. I just ignored their stares and walked over to her and got on my knee to hear her. "What's up, Everything okay?" I asked her. "I'm hungry.. and I gotta pee really badly" She whines. "Okay. Alright no problem we can go to the food court and get some pizza , Do you like Pizza ?" I asked her excitedly and she smiled nodding. "Good." I said then getting up form my knee.

"Justin dude you got some kids we don't know about ?" Mat asked confused. "Uhm, no. This is MJ.. She's Liam Payne's kid" I answered and they all gasped in excitement. Here comes the questions. "REALLY?! She does look like him. You're dad's concert was sick!" The other Jack shouted and they all agreed. She blushed and smiled bashfully. "But wait .. Why do you have his kid?" Aaron questioned. "Because she ran off .. I brought her here to find them or at least somebody she knows but I can really get into detail about that right now, I gotta find this kid a bathroom" I interrupt their questions taking her hand and leading her out of the room. They were still asking questions as I left but I wasn't gonna turn back to answer them.


We found a bathroom that was luckily in the food court and I let her use the bathroom while I ordered us some food. Eventually the guys texted me and asked for me to bring back some Starbucks, but that can wait. I ordered our food and waited for our number I turned around to notice the cutest little baby boy walking towards me and trying to hand me a Batman action figure. "No no that's yours " I said in a little baby voice getting on one knee. He proceeded to hand it to me and I just chuckled.

"Wheres your mommy?" I said looking around. "Zainy baby that's a stranger" I heard a voice and then seen a woman, a beautiful woman walk up. I picked up the kid for her and handed him to her . "I'm so sorry he's trying to show everyone his toy" The woman said taking the kid. "Oh it's alright, He's so cute.. Just like you .. I'm Justin" I say holding out my hand. She chucked shaking it "I'm Alexandra .. and thank you but I'm married, I have 3 kids and one of them is probably half your age, and I'm probably waay older than you so " She chuckles blushing.

"Ayy I'm not one to judge . You're very beautiful for someone way older than me" I say. "Well thank you" She says before walking away with her kid who looked back at me . He's so cute. "I'm finished Justin" Mary-Jane walks back over "Alright cool . the Lunch should be ready soon--"

"Auntie Alyx , Uncle Zaynie!!" She suddenly shouted. The table Alexandra walked towards looked at her. "Mj!" The guy at the table shouted along with the little girl who looked the same age as MJ "MJ!!" The little girl say running over to us along with the rest of the family . I think I just found some relatives.


"When she came up to me on the street I just took her in so she wouldn't be wandering around an unsafe place' I explained to them . They offered me to sit at the table with them and talk about how I found her. "And .. you did it just because, and not because she's Liam Payne's daughter?" Zayn questioned him. "Zayn don't ask him that" Alexandra growls. "Sorry Babe I'm just making sure he's not some kind of guy looking for a reward from my best friend !" Zayn explains.

I choke on my ice tea "Liam Payne's you're best friend!" I shouted. They just stared at me and I quickly fixed my posture and insanity. "S-Sorry Um .. I.. All I want is for her to be home and safe, That's why I drove all the way here from manchester .. and because my friend broke his foot but .. this was my main priority today " I said. "Daddy give him a chance, He's cute" Their little girl Jailin said stuffing another chicken nugget in her mouth. I blushed.

Zayn chuckled "Alright Jailin .. we'll give him a chance, We were actually going to Liam's house tonight once our son gets discharged and I think maybe he would wanna know the guy who saved his daughter " Zayn smiled at me. Looks like I'm gonna meet Liam Payne. Lets keep it professional Justin.

Sieanna's P.O.V

I never expected my dad to actually let me leave the house, especially with Hayden, but he did. In fact I was helping Hayden baby sit his little brother Jaxon. He was adorable. "Hayden mommy said to get me some hot chocolate " Jaxon shouted pointing over to the hot drinks truck "No she didn't" Hayden argued. "You're right ...she didn't , but don't you wanna get me some" Jaxon batted his eyelashes and smiled brightly. Hayden laughed "Alright alright . Here" He hands him a dollar.

"Pleasuew doing business with you" He nodded then running off to the hot drink truck. We laugh as he run excitedly. "You're totally like the best baby sitter ever. I can't even watch my little sisters and brother without it getting crazy. How do you even do it?" I ask. He shrugs "Just bribe them with snacks and TV " He says making me laugh. I smiles "You're laugh is amazing" He mumbles. I blush "Thanks. Alyx says its pretty ugly " I say. "Well hey that's not true .

You guys are really mean to each other .. Speaking of Alyx is he alright ?" He asked as we walked towards to playground that was covered in snow. "Yeah he's getting discharged today, He's supposed to be going over my mom's so If you wanna come with me for dinner tonight he'll be there " I tell him. He smiled "I'd like that". Well good. This gives me the chance to introduce him to my Mom and Step-dad. As I was being excited about him meeting them my phone rings, It Alyx who I'm guessing is calling to tell me he's out of the hospital and on his way. I answer "Hey Alyx guess what? I'm bringing Hayden with me to my moms--" "We found Mary-Jane" He interrupts me. "Wait what?! ... WHERE?!!" I screamed in shock and excitement.

"At the hospital some guy found her and we're on our way to your mom's , Better hurry home !" He shouted before hanging up. I grabbed Haydens hand "What's wrong are we leaving already ?" He asked "But My hot chocolate , I have to wait for number 22" Jaxon squealed "I'll make you hot chocolate when we get to my mom's , They found my little sister" I say rushing them to the car.

Hayden's P.O.V

I was rushed to my car by Sieanna and drove as quickly as I could with my brother in the car to her mom's. I could tell Sieanna was definitely excited but she was more nervous than anything to see her little sister. She told me about how long she has been gone and I'm scared for her. We pulled up to her house. She gets out along with me and Jaxon. I take Jaxons hand as she shuffles through the snow to the front door as quck as she could. "Slow down babe." I chuckled.

"I can't" She says ringing the door bell over and over again. I grabbed the hand she was ringing the doorbell with. "Its okay.. Okay?" I said. She nodded calming down a little bit, But she was Hyped all the way up once the door opened and a bunch of people were sitting down in the front room along with her little sister "Mary-Jane!!!" She screamed "Si-si!!" Her little sister screamed and they ran over to hug each other. Me and Jaxon just stood by the door, him hiding behind my leg.

"Oh my gosh where have you been?!" Sieanna shouted. "I was with Justin" She answered pointing over to .. Justin?. "JUSTINN!!" Jaxon screeched before running over to Justin who with a surprised expression picked him up and hugged him "Jaxon" Justin whispered squeezing him and not letting him go.

Justin.. my big brother. I haven't seen him in so long "Justin.." I mumbled .

He looked over to me letting Jaxon down "..Hayden"

He said the same tone. and before I knew it we were hugging.

and I was crying.

I was crying because I missed my brother.

And he missed me too.


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