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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


24. Chapter 24.

Dengelo's Bacccccckkkkk♥ (And foine as evaa)

Alexandra's P.O.V

Every thrust got harder as Zayn pounded into me, I didn't have the energy to tell him stop, instead everytime "S-ss Fuck Zayn!" Came out of my mouth as the gets carried away all over again. He goes soft for a second and before I can catch my breath he picks up the pace plowing my face in the shower tiles of the hotel room. "Fuck, Yeah? you like that you little pornstar" He growls in my ear. Zayn wouldn't normally say anything this dirty but you make one porn movie that gladly didn't go viral and all of the sudden he's Christian Grey. I knew I shouldn't have read those books with him.

He grabs a handful of my long, wet tight curls and tugs hard pulling my head back and kissing me harshly. He goes fast and I moan out his name once again, RESISTING THE URGE TO MAKE HIM STOP! "Give it to me baby, give it to me" He moans making me tense around him and releasing into a long and much needed orgasam and he does the same inside me making the moment much more intense. "Oh fuck" He whispers. "Lets go again--" "We went 5 times, I just wanna enjoy a shower with you . I'm sorry I kept the porn from you I'll be sure to tell you everything from now on" I say. "So no more secret porn movies ?" He smirks. I rolled my eyes playfully "No more secret porn movies" He chuckled "Okay" He bites his lip as he spins me around. He kisses my face a couple times as we stood under the luke warm water of the shower. He hugs onto me and I do the same placing my head on his chest. We took the silence wisely and just stood there as the water hit us and relaxed my mind. Just standing here in his arms is relaxing enough, way more relaxing than what has been going on behind the the hotel rooms doors. But it did keep my mind off Alyx, HOW'S ALYX?!

"We gotta check on Alyx--" "No. He's fine. The doctors said it would be a long procedure and we've only been here for around 2 hours, He's across the street and if anythings wrong they'll let us know" Zayn stops me from leaving the shower and holds me tighter to stop my mothers worry instincts. The silence commences once more. and everything seemed just fine, until. "I wanna have another baby"

My eyes shot open overwhelmed by his request suddenly. I slowly let go of him . "What did you -- What?"I said my heart quickening. "Another baby.. We wanted a big family and since Zain's 2--" "Zayn no .." I stepped back from him. "Wait no? Alex--" "I can't No!!" I shouted . I got out of the shower before he could say anything else. With his voice echoing behind me I ran out of the bathroom shutting the door behind me as fast as I could. I'm not ready to tell him.

Deangelo's P.O.V

"No she didn't run off here, what did you do to my sister" I folded my arms listening to Zayn on the phone in my kitchen. "I don't know, I told her I wanted another baby and she kinda freaked out shes been gone all night and now its 10 in the morning and the doctors called ,I don't know what I did I.. Do you , by chance know what's wrong with her?" He was panicking and I already had a lot on my plate. "I have no Idea I mean... it is kinda early Lil Z is 2 and still not talking and you know the procedure of getting her tubes up and working again my be difficult and is that even a procedure --" "What ?" He asked . "What did I say something?" I questioned. "You said something about Tubes and working again .. what the hell does that mean--" "Nothing!! Call Momma maybe she over dere!" I yelled "Wait D--" I hung up just remembering I wasn't supposed to say anything about what happened with Alex. Luckily he didn't catch on very well otherwise that would be another person who wants my ass dead. I go to the living room to sit down and once I did I get a text from Cindy.

Call me- Cindy

I roll my eyes. I thought she didn't wanna talk to me til the baby was born. But I still Dial her number and wait for her to answer. And she does, real quick. "Deangelo" She say."Ohhh so now you wanna call me--" "Just shut up and listen " She says. "Look this baby is coming .. like soon . and I just wanna know if you're down for me or not" She says bluntly and with not a piece of emotion. "What?" I questioned. I asked what and suddenly she was crying on the other line, Zayn's right. Women are very emotional while they're pregnant.

"Look I like you okay.. I may .. REALLY like you and ... you can think whatever you want .. That I'm a bitch or even better a crazy emotional bitch who's pregnant with your baby but.. I've had a crush on you since we were kids , Your grandmother would always  come get you to play with me and you never would , Alexandra would always come outside to let me know you weren't coming and you were too busy playing Pacman and Luigi's mansion to play with me" She said. I didn't respond. I just listened "You would always turn the other cheek, laugh with you friends about me and never ONCE stood up for me! .. But through it all I still liked you and its not gonna stop me know because I want you .. So I wanna know if you're down for me or not."Now theres 2 ways I could respond to this "I--I didn't know you felt that way" I mumbled.

I could let her down easy? Yeah maybe-- "I do.. and I want you to feel the same because I felt this way about you since we were 7... We're not 7 anymore, We had sex and it was amazing, when we kissed for the first time it felt like I was traveling to mars, and when I seen what a sweet, humble, and sexy man you've grown up to be I can't pass this up Deangelo" She said. Oh. Or I could just-- "This baby is not a mistake to you obviously. You cried during the doctors visit, I said a lot of hateful things to you and I hated making you feel like just my baby's father.. because I wanna be more than that I--" "Can we.. talk more about this later .. Please ?" I murmured , damn I can't let her down easy.

"Yeah... So are you coming to the baby shower later on , Its at night which is not traditional but my mom has something special planned for the gender reveal .. " She says. "Yeah I'll be there" I said . "Okay.. later" She said "Later" I responded before hanging up.  scurried through my contact list. Damn, I need my sister right now.

Zayn's P.O.V
Once Alex came back I tried to talk to her but she wouldn't budge so I just let it be. Though it seems odd Deangelo knows something . But anyway, We got dressed and packed up our stuff in the hotel before going to the hospital to find Alyxander awake. He was still groggy and had a headache when we came to see him. "Ugh momma I'm fine" He told Alexandra who couldn't help but fix his pillows and his blankets about a hundred times. "I know that Alyx, You don't think I know that ?" She says as she fluffs his pillow one last time.

"Alex baby sit down. Relax" I told her grabbing her hand. She nods sort of before sitting down on my lap in the chair in front of Alyx. Alyx groans and closes his eyes constantly trying to get rid of his headaches and pain, and when he couldn't get rid of it he suddenly started to cry.

"Am I okay?" He asked us. Alexandra looked at me. I knew she couldn't answer him. Honestly I couldn't either. "You're okay Alyx, just take deep breaths okay?" I told him grabbing onto Alexandra's hand then his. "Okay?" I asked again. "O-kay" He forced out. He was in so much pain that he squeezed our hands with much force. His eyes squeezing shut with it. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Hello?" And in came the doctor. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Malik sorry for the interruption but we're here to take Alyxander to the OR for his second and follow up surgery if you don't mind" She said being followed in the room by 5 other doctors. "Oh no problem" I said. Before we left Alex give Alyx a big kiss . "Be brave okay?" She told him. He nodded "I love you Mommy" He whispered .

"I love you too Baby" She squeezes his hand.

I haven't heard Alyx call Alexandra 'Mommy' in like 7 years. It was heart breaking. Alexandra quickly leaves the room with her stuff to wait for me outside. "Alex... You can do this " I said. "You swear ?" He whispers to me. I walked over and kissed his cheek "I swear.. I love you " I told him. "I love you too" He said before they began to wheel his bed away. His hand let go of mine and I felt the biggest burn in my chest. I walked outside the room to meet Alex who was watching his bed go down the hallway to the elevator. She was crying. That's when I grabbed her and hugged her and she had never hugged me tighter.

"He'll be okay.." I said to her. She still wasn't. I took her back into the room to sit down. She sits on the couch and I go to my knees in between her legs, placing both hands on each thigh I comfort her. She wipes her eyes moving her long straightened hair out of her blank and beautiful face canvas. Her grey eyes look at me. "I'm sorry" She says. "Its okay to be scared .. I'm scared" I told her.

She grabbed my face and kisses me, She wraps her arms around my neck to hug me making her fall to her knees in front of me. By this time its raining outside. The loud thunder bounces off the walls of the hospital. That's when Alex said something , I didn't expect her to say. 

"I got my tubes tied" I let go of her

"What?" I was confused. And she didn't tell me. "What do you mean--"

"It was after I had Zain.." She admitted. I chuckles lightly "What?... And you didn't tell me after you just said no more secrets?! Why the hell did you do that ?!!" I found myself yelling. She didn't answer me with tears falling out her red grey eyes once again. I shook my head grabbing my jacket ready to walk out the room, her voice is what stopped me. "6 months into the pregnancy I went to the doctor and I had the same doctor as Cher ... She didn't want me to tell you guys but she had Sickle Cell" She said.

I slowly shut the door. "She had it bad and the doctor said she was unfit to have kids and it was dangerous but she did it anyway... and that's why she had heart failure , Liver failure .. she lost too much blood she.. couldn't help that.... and then they told me Sickle Cell is way more harsh on Black and Hispanic mothers .. I'm both" She whispers. I turn towards her. "So If I.. Have kids and I might have Sickle Cell traits I don't wanna die on a table and leave you and my kids here.. Its scares the hell out of me, and Cher's death scars me for life. And you don't know how much I wanted to have more kids.. but I just c-cant do it okay?" She cries.

I walked back over to her and got back down to my knees. "I-I didn't know..W-Why didn't you tell me that?" I asked her. "I don't know" I sobs uncontrollably know. I pull her into a hug. "I'm so sorry" I stoke her back as I felt her tears wet my t-shirt. She was already scared out of her mind and I forced her to tell me this. Now I don't know what to do.


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