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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


23. Chapter 23.

Be ready to cry your eyes out. 

Mary-Jane's P.O.V

We drove passed many trees and stuff and it looked way better than the way I came. Justin got me Mcdonalds before we left and he told me it was gonna be a long drive. "Are we there yet? Are we there now? How about now--" "Mj Please" He laughed. "We have a long way to go girl". I nodded drinking my apple juice. "Justin ?" I asked "What's up?" He said.

"Do you think my mommy and daddy will be mad at me? I asked him. He looked at me and then back at the road "We'll I don't know.. They might be since your 9 years old and you ran off to a different town by yourself .. They might be a nervous wreck about you " He said. I looked down ashamed in myself "And .. Just for a little advice. Life sucks.. Life sucks and it definitely sucks when you're the middle child. My brother Hayden is the middle child too and every time he would call me he would talk to me about how much life just sucks .. and it does. But you have to be strong okay?" He said.

"Okay" I said. "Even when I don't see my mommy and daddy everyday.. do you think they still care about me? .. Because mommy takes care of my grandparents a lot, like a lot and Daddy has concerts and sometimes tours where he gone for a looongg time ." I explain "Of course they would... What does your dad do if you don't mind me asking ?" I asked him. "He's a famous singer. Liam Payne" As soon as I said that Justin spit Gatorade all over the stirring wheel. I looked at him confused. '

"Liam Payne?! I just seen him in concert with Wiz and Juicy J . He's my idol" He says excitedly, just like me over Chris Brown. "Yeah he's my idol too" I agree. After that I opened my small backpack and took out my dads cd.  "Can we listen to this?" I asked "My daddy wrote me a song and I'm using it for my nationals auditions" I add . He smiled then putting in the Cd. As my daddy's voice flooded my ears the more I missed my mommy and Si-si and the twins, I miss everyone.
Jesse's P.O.V

He continued to punch me until I was on the ground and couldn't catch my breath. "Don't you ever run away from me again!" He smacks me back to the ground. I spit blood onto the basement floor "I-I'm s-orry--" He kicks me in the stomach , and then my back, and then my chest and my legs. The wind was knocked out of me. I tried to breath and to lift my weak body from the ground and he hits me again.

He grabs me by my T-shirt and picks me up himself. "When I get back you better be here or I'll blow your fucking head off , do you understand that Jesse?!!" He growled. Before I could answer he throws me into the wall and leaves me in the basement bleeding from my head and spitting blood. I was breathing Harshly, I could hardly breathe at all. Damn Asthma.

and then suddenly- "Alyxander!!" I screamed. I was hyperventilating. "Why is this happening ?"  was all I could think about. I laid down on the floor, Having flashbacks of him shooting Alyx. I thought about how I could have saved him. I wish it was me instead 

Alexandra's P.O.V

It's always cold in the hospital. I don't know if its the cold stares, the cold heart of the receptionist , or if its just the AC, But no family visits the hospital this much. I could tell they were tired of seeing me and tired of seeing my kid.  I sat in the waiting room with everyone who remained a nervous wreck over Alyx. I wanted to belive he was gonna be okay, but there's no telling from out here and beyond the O.R

"I got your coffee" I looked over to Zayn who brought everyone starbucks. He handed me my cup of ice coffee, hopefully to relax my nerves. But hey, At least I'm not crying. "Thanks baby..." I mumbled taking  the cup from him. Harry walked back from meeting with Alyx's doctor. "He said with the minor complication and finding the cancer he's gonna be in surgery all night, they wanna make sure the bullets didn't hit anywhere important and they said we can go home, it will be a while " "I wanna be here in case something goes wrong" I told Harry.

I could feel Zayns eyes on me before he turned back to Harry "Can you take Jailin to my mums, Zainy is already over there , I'll pick them up in the morning I don't want her to stay by herself" Zayn rubs my shoulder. I lean forward to put my head in my hands and cry til this is over. "Goodnight Daddy, Good night Momma" Jailin says. "We'll see you in the morning princess" Zayn coos to her kissing her forehead. I hold out my arms and give her a big squeeze

"Momma .. will Awyx be okay?" She asked whispering in my ear. and here comes the tears. I looked at her big Hazel eyes, she resembled Zayn but damn did she remind me of Alyx. "He's gonna be fine , I don't want you to worry about that okay?" I tell her, she nods taking Harry's hand and leaving the hospital. 

As soon as she left I let the tears out. "Alex.." Zayn said "I'm lying to my 10 year old about her big brother who Just might not be okay" "Hey don't talk like that , They said minor complications--" "Of  cancer that shoould have been cured over 10 years ago... so not only am I tipsy, I'm tired , I'm horny and I'm anxious sitting here as they pull 4 bullets out my sons chest but they also need to do an emergency operation to try, not DO, but TRY to stop a cancer cell from making its way to his brain... and they expect me to go home without knowing that my baby is gonna be okay" I choked on my words before crying .

I fell into Zayn's arms and I tense up as he wrapped his arms around me. "Baby..." He whispered. He holds tight onto me. "I know its hard to see a brighter side of this but we've been through this .. We've been through this together I know and you know we can do this.. You're stressed out it's been a long day I know" He bites his lip wiping the tears from my eyes. "I'll tell you what .. Why don't we get a hotel next door .. I'll run us a bubble bath.. and we can do whatever you want to do to relax your mind , We can talk about our feelings .. Have sex.. you know it doesn't matter to me.. You can be in charge of me.. does that sound good baby ?" He side smirks. Fuck. "Are you trying to turn me on ?" I looked at him sideways .

"Why is it working?" He licks his lip. I laugh and he chuckles after. He rubs his thumb against my hands. I look up at his face again and this time he was just looking. No sexual looks. Just looking "What's wrong ?" I asked. He looks down ".. Before we do anything .. there's something I need to talk to you about" He says. "Okay .. " I said unsure like.

"So .. You know how there's the side of the fence where the grass is greener and there's beautiful purple flowers and apple trees , and then there's the side of the fence with the brown , crumbly ass grass and the average dandelions when you blow on them your wishes never come true yah know .. but then there's that little grass in the middle that's over grown but .. there and there's no flowers but there are sprouts that are unsure if they should grow or not you know --" "Zayn?" I interrupt him. "Huh?" He said. "What the hell are you talking about?" I question him.

He groans "I'm just trying to say.. Even though I told you already --" "Zayn!" I interrupted him again "You remember I was bisexual?! It was our honeymoon .. we were super drunk " He finally said it. and I stared at him. He was serious ? "You were serious?" I questioned him. "In a way. Yes" He mumbled . I was lost for words. I looked at him with my mouth open "Uh .. O-Oh --" "Alyx I swear this doesn't affect my relationship with you at all.. You're not a cover up and I'm not attracted to men as much as you think .. I just happened to kiss Liam and liked it .. " He says.

I covered my mouth. What does he expect me to say.

"You don't believe me do you ?" He chuckled.

"We-well I mean you brought up our honey moon when I told you that I was in a Porn movie and you told me you were Bisexual and that whole time I thought you were joking with me--"

"You were in a porn movie ?!" . I gasped covering my mouth

. "no no don't cover you're mouth now. You were in a porn movie .. I thought you were a virgin when I met you -- " "I was.. The movie was by myself .. I did it to help out my brother it was one time and he doesn't even know about it-- You know this doesn't even let you off the hook you kissed Liam and Liked it !--"

"At least I didn't do a Porn with Liam!--"

"I did the porn by myself, with nobody else"I corrected him.

It was quiet between us for a moment. Luckily we were the only ones in the waiting room. "So.. you were dating Evan at the time were you ?" He asked . I looked at him "No.. In fact I was .. Dating or .. talking to you .. whatever you wanna call it" I rolled my eyes then looking away.

"Oh" He said . It was quiet again . "So .. were you thinking about me .. in the movie ?" He looked at me. "Zayn --" "I just wanna know because.. Even though I kissed Liam and liked it .. I was thinking of you " He bites his lip.

I was withing his perfect teeth sink down into his bottom lip and Damn. I couldn't stop the resistance to grab his face and kiss him. Damn this kiss, damn this man. I released from the kiss and grabbed his hand to stand him up . "Where are we going ?" He asked.

"We're going to the hotel. We can't watch my porn and have sex in the waiting room now can we ?" I smirked. He smirked back. Like I said before , Damn this man.

Niall's P.O.V

"another one .. make this one strong" I told the bartender. "Breakup?" He asked. "Oh no.. Its fiance problems you wouldn't understand " I chuckled. I might seem pathetic to be sitting in a bar instead of at home with my daughter because of Fallen's bitchy remarks. But I just need this time to breathe before this wedding eve dinner in 2 days. I was thinking me and Sieanna could get a hotel room for tomorrow night because there's no way I'm leaving my daughter with her for a whole day.

I haven't made up my mind yet, but that's probably what I'll do. I heard the bell of the door ring signalling someone else with a shitty life coming in the pub. I turned around to notice it was Sparrow being blown by the wind . She brushes snow off of her body as she walks in. "Sparrow" I said. She looked up She looked like she had been crying "Hey Niall." She said as she came and sat down with me. "Can I get a beer please .. " Sparrow asked. "Sure" the bartender said. I was still looking at her as she took off her jacket. "What are you doing here ?" I asked her. She sighs

"Liam and I got into a fight ... Niall I'm doing the best I can to get Mary-Jane back home but I'm not a super hero" She said instantly beginning to cry. "Sparrow .. what do you mean?" I asked rubbing her back "He won't even call the police for an update on our child's life. He looks at me as if I'm the one who lost her we all were home when we find out she was gone.. I can't do this by myself ... I spent a month trying to find her by myself, theres so much the police and your 14 year old daughter can do ... I wish I knew if she was even planning to come home .. and if someone was giving her the attention and the happiness I couldn't give her --"

"You tried your best ... all a mother can do is try her best--" 'But that wasn't enough.." She said. She took a sip of her beer. "Mary-Jane went on and on about you when you weren't there you know ... She looks up to you and to me .. it looks like you gave her enough love for a life time" I told her. She looked up at me. "We didn't ask for lives like this I know we didn't...But I wish I could take so much back I .. I wish I could take you back ..sometimes." I mumbled. "N-Niall" "Ive been trying to make it work with Fallen for a long time now.. I have.. and now its even harder to do so .. because all my love for you is coming back and I can't fight it .. I choose not to okay ?" He said downing the rest of my beer. I put a 20 on the table before getting up.

"Niall" I heard Sparrow call, I hear her get out the chair. "What Sparrow..." I turned around He stands in front of me. She then looks from my lips to my eyes. I do the same as I get close and lean down to kiss her. I kissed her. I don't regret it either, But I know I have a wedding in 3 days. I released from the kiss and looked that Sparrow. ".. You're leaving ?" She asked. I nodded

"I gotta get home..I gotta get home" I repeated before rushing out the door "Niall wait .." She called after me which stopped me. I shook my head and walked out the door to my car. 

Justin's P.O.V

4am. Still driving. London shouldn't be too far from now, maybe another 3 hours away. I pulled into the gas station to fill up on gas and get some quick things like a blanket and some snacks. I opened the car door silently not to wake MJ. I gently set the seat back so she was comfortable and took the tag off the pink blanket and covered her up. Got in and shut the door and before I could even start the car my phone rings. Its probably one of my stupid friends. And it was, Mathew. I answered. "Mat" I answered. "Justin we got a problem" He said sounding waay too serious. "What did you guys do ?-" "It wasn't what we did I swear it --" "Give me the goddamn phone!" . "Hello Justin?" Jack answered . "Okay what's going on I'm kinda in the middle of something" I shouted. "Its Aaron. We were biking in London outside our hotel and Aaron got hit by a car" He said . "Fuck!! " I said . Then I remembered I have a sleeping child in the car with me. "I'm on my way down there alright ? Text me the hospital address " I said before hanging up. I pulled out the gas station into the street taking the same route. "I'm sorry my friends are stupid MJ" I groaned. 


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