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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


22. Chapter 22.

Happy Late Fathers Day dangit♥

Niall's P.O.V

"Nothing yet .. its almost been a month. We might have to look out of town but , The police said there's a possible chance she isn't anywhere around the Manchester area" Sparrow said. I couldn't stand hearing about Mary-Jane running away and the hurt in Sparrow's voice. I want to comfort her and hold her, but I know I can't. Which is why I'm doing everything I can to help her out. I went looking with her yesterday, we didn't find anything but she had to be around here some where. and if nobody will help her I will. "Its alright Sparrow, She'll pop up soon.. She couldn't have gone far" I tell her buttoning up my blue flannel. "Yeah I know.. Not the first time I heard that one Niall" She laughed. I smiled "Well its just some reassurance ...If you need me, just call me okay?" I tell her .

I heard the bed shuffle which meant Fallen was out of the bathroom. "Alright .. The guys are watching Louis's draft pick tonight if you wanna stop by " She said . "Of course I'll be there love ... Alright .. Bye" I said before hanging up. I sighed getting up to fix my hair .

I looked in the mirror at my heavy stubble and my tired blue eyes. Work is stressing me out and not only that but this wedding eve dinner. And now we're about to go see the florist and the cake decorators for the wedding that wasn't in the original plan. I wanted Alexandra's Mum to make our cake and Ms.Anne, Harry's mum to put together our flowers but fallen doesn't want that.

"Ugh, why are you helping that girl look for her kid, it's not yours is it?" Fallen said. I rolled my eyes brushing my hair down to my forehead. I sighed "Just helping out a friend Fallen" I mumbled . "Helping out a friend my ass.. You don't think I know do you .. I know you still love your little baby momma " She teases. I took a breath out keeping myself from saying anything I wanted to not mean.

"You're always calling her , asking her if shes okay. You take her out for coffee and you even let her sleep on your side of the bed the other day --" "She was tired, She's missing work to look for her child --" "Well that doesn't matter to me !! .. You're about to be a married man.. So you better get your head out of your ass and wake up ... You and Sparrow are over don't you get that ... or at least that's what you told me" She said .

I closed my eyes looking at the ground. I chuckled to myself holding back the heaping amounts of anger, I felt her touch my abdomen. "Remember when you said . That part of my life is over... All I want is you Fallen .. You remember that ?" She asked me. "Yeah.." I mumbled "Well you have me.. We're getting married in less than 5 days now .. 5 .. and if you don't wanna marry me anymore just say so" She folded her arm.

I looked at her with anger and stress. I was so SICK of her ! She disrespects my parents, my daughter, and my friends. I want to ring her neck out and throw her in the river but I'm too smart to go to jail over an ass hole like her. I shook my head "You know what .. I can't do this Fallen. I'm stressed out , I'm tired, and the last thing I wanna hear is you talk about yourself " I said walking away from her .

"N-No wait niall . don't leave" I grabbed my keys and my wallet and walked out the room. She ran after me of course. "Niall please I'm sorry " She cried over and over . This isn't the first time I heard this sob story. I got in my car and started the car immediately before driving off . She stood in the driveway through my rear view. I'm gonna let her stand there.

Liam's P.O.V

Yesterday I was too scared to tell Zayn about what happened, and last night I had a more vivid dream about him. I thought It would be better for me to just not tell him about it, and since he came over early instead of sitting in silence, He wanted to look at my recording studio. "Liam this is so sick" He said messing with the buttons and the nozzles.

"Yeah it's a custom installment along with the booth, see look step in" I told him. He went into the recording booth and I shut the door for him. He put the beats headphones on his head and I played back the track I made with Juicy-J a couple months back. I watched him sing my part in the song and trust me , Zayn had the voice of an angel. He already looked like a god why not make him sound like one. "Niiicceee" I said turning it down. He laughed.

I looked down for a second and he suddenly said "Hey what's this? .. What's Tio mean?" He asked . It wasn't only a song I wrote that he found. But it was a song I wrote about him yesterday. "Uhh" I stumbled over my words. "It means Take it off.. I wrote it for um -- W-well I didn't record any of it yet I mean --" "Let me sing it" He said. My face turned red. Oh god was it getting hot in here?! "Uh.. Yeah, are you sure you're comfortable with that ?" I questioned. He laughed "Just play the song" and so I did.

I stood in the booth with him to help him out.



"I just can't wait, to see it all, I'm so Turned on" He sung. I felt the Hard on in my pants as I looked at him not playing attention to me and to busy in the music. His lips were so beautiful and plump. He caught me looking at him. He stopped singing where you could hear nothing but the songs beat. "Liam are you okay--" I cut him off. I grabbed him and kissed his lips. At first I felt nothing and then he kissed back. He's kissing back what .. in the actual .. fuck. I backed him up against the wall as we were full blown french kissing. and after a few more second I let go , terrified to see his reaction. He looked nothing but shocked. "..What are you doing?" was all he asked . " I --I uH .. " I stuttered . I let go of him. He slowly rose up from the wall. "Zayn .. Theres something I need to talk to you about " I say.


"So you're telling me .. you had a wet dream about me .. and now you think you're gay but you're not sure ?" Zayn asked. I nodded . "It wasn't just the dream .. I had another dream about you too and this more was waaay more intimate .. and then you sung that song and... the kiss was -" "Did you .. like it?" Zayn asked. I didn't think he would ask . "Well I mean--" "Its okay if you did . It's just a question" He said . I bit my lip. "Yeah .. Kinda" I tell him . I sighed "I was scared to tell you because .. I mean you are straight--" "I'm quite straight yeah..." He says. ".. But I don't know if I'm .. completely straight after all this shit that's been happening to me " I tell him. He nodded in an understanding way. It was quiet for a second. ".. You know .. I never told anyone about this .." He began .

"I remember .. during me and Alex's honey moon we got like super drunk and we were talking to each other .. I can't really say what she told me but .. I told her that I was Bisexual " His face turned red. Damn .. this makes me realize I haven't hung out with drunk Zayn in a while. "And ... I told her that because , remember that frat party I went to in college .. with Luke and Harry .. the same night Harry was like "Oh yeah guys I'm gay" " He reminded me.

"Oh yeah I remember" I said laughing afterward. "Well it was a gay frat party ... and this guy came up to me and asked me if I wanted to have sex ... at this point I was like drunk off my ass so ... I said yeah" He mumbled with a sigh. Now my face was red. "I was a teenager I had no clue what I was doing .. I didn't meet Perrie til after that long story short , I'm bisexual in a way" He said .

"Oh .... You're not drunk now are you ?" I asked him joking around . He laughed "No I'm very much sober" The smile never left his face. "But .. even though I'm Bisexual . I do love Alexandra and I'm attracted to her in more ways than one.. I would help you figure yourself out Liam but I couldn't do that to her .. and especially without explaining the situation about my sexuality while we're both not drowned in bottles of tequila " He says . I chuckle .

"Yeah ..but I think I have everything figured out " I nodded.

Talking to Zayn instead of keeping the secret of the dream has really opened up something about me. so now its either I'm bisexual too ... or I just REALLY like dick.

October's P.O.V

*If you forgot who this is please revisit Chapter 16*

It was about 11 pm and I was about 2 hours into my sleep when I heard noise downstairs. Jesse had Alyxander over so I was assuming they were still up, that was until I heard "Mom... Mom?!! Alyx!!" I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs . "Jesse what's going--" I was cut off as I saw a man in a ski mask with my son in a choke hold holding his mouth "Mom.. mom" His voice got quieter until Jesse was unable to speak anymore. "Let go of my son!!" I shouted running towards the man when he pulled out a gun and shot me. I screamed in pain , luckily it was just in my arm. The man ran out before I could get up and he took my son with him. "Jesse !!" I shouted. "Jesse--*gasp*" I looked down to see Alyxander on the floor holding his stomach. "Alyxander?! . Alyxander can you hear me?!" I got down to see if he was okay . I moved his hand to see 2 shots in his stomach . I screamed "Oh fuck fuck fuck!" I paniced racing to the phone . I dialed 911 as fast as I could rushing back over to Alyx who looked like he was giving up.
"Alyx.. stay with me please " I told him. "Hello? I need an ambulance please I have a boy here .. I don't think he's gonna make it pleasee" I cried.

Alexandra's P.O.V

Once I got that call from the hospital I immediately panicked. I ran downstairs "Zayn we gotta go right now we gotta go !" I screamed til I was crying I couldn't talk anymore . "why what's wrong ?!" He said . "Its Alyxander . He's been shot" Sparrow finished my sentence. At this point everyone was panicking. I felt the arms of my husband hold onto me as we all filed out the house and on our way to the hospital. I can't lose my baby, not today.

Harry's P.O.V

"For the 2016 FIFA 1st round draft pick, London selects Louis William Tomlinson-Styles from Doncaster" I, Holding Elijah and Robyn's hand go up to the stage to meet Louis. I saw the excitement in his face and with my haircut , though I was scared to go out the house with it . I'm happy I did, to see his beautiful face. He got on stage to take our pictures with Lou and his trainer and his new coach when my phone rung. "Oh .. Just a second hang on" I said to the camera man . "Hello?" I answered "Can you meet us at the hospital instead of Liam's house when you're done " I heard Niall say. "Why what's up?" I asked .

"Alyx has been shot , he's in very critical condition right now ---" "WHAT?!!!" I yell making the microphones echo. "We're on our way right now !!!" I shouted hanging up the phone. "We gotta go!" I shouted grabbing Louis's hand along with Elijah's and Robyn's "Haz what's wrong?!" "Daddy what's happening?!" Robyn shouted . I answered no questions as I rushed them out of there.

The questions could wait.


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