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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


21. Chapter 21.

Prayer goes out to Orlando ♥

Sieanna's P.O.V

"Ugh I don't even know why I trusted him" I mumbled to myself waiting in the bleachers for Hayden. I wasn't able to see him a few days ago because I was running around with my dad for him and Fallen's wedding eve dinner this Saturday. Its Crazy to me that they're still getting married after everything that went on, after I told him that she was giving me the pills. However I'm unaware of what's going on in my fathers head, and I know he's thinking something. So since then he re-scheduled and told me to meet him on the top step of the bleachers in the Football field today after school.

Its been an hour since school ended, its cold, and on top of that I have nobody to wait up here with and my dad doesn't get off from work until 6, which means I'm stuck here for another 2 hours since I've been officially stood up. Beautiful. I sighed getting up.
I proceeded to walk down the steps and wait in the building for my father instead of in the 30 degree weather . I was almost at the bottom when "Sorry I forgot to tell you to meet me in the student section" I turned around to see him. Still cute. He wore a black north face and Joggers with the schools name on them and his basketball shoes. Must have gotten off from practice. I folded my arms and tried to look upset at him. I was. "So .. I know what you're gonna say .. Why did you bring me here out of all places , in the cold where you can shiver your ass off, just for an apology that is meaning less ... Well this apology is meaningful .. and I'm not just apologizing" He said . I looked up at him , my arms still folded .

He took the words out of my mouth and now I wanna see where he's going with this. "I wanna say I'm sorry ... I'm sorry that when I first met you all I wanted from you was sex and I'm a dumb ass for that .. Because that day when you sat there for hours after school just talking to me about your family and how passionate you are about so much I .. I realized that that isn't all I want from you... Because I came from the same thing you came from" He said . I chuckled "You're telling that your family is just as crazy as mine .. and I'm supposed to believe you . " I shook my head rolling my eyes.

"My mom and my dad were together when they had my brother.. My mom cheated on my dad , my dad moved away to Manchester along with my brother. My mom got re married to the ass hole and gave birth to my little brother . Ive been forgotten about .. I've been passed from house to house ... I even tried to kill myself and almost didn't survive ... I relate to you more than you think " He mumbled. Hearing it made my heart shed tears because .. same. "I wouldn't say Liam's an ass hole though" I mumbled making him laugh. He caught eyes with me and I almost peed myself because he's so gorgeous. He brought his hand to my face. 

"I.. I --" "You don't have to say anything else , Just ask me out already " I chuckled . His face turned red . "Whaaat" He folded his arms . "Pssh" He blew air out his mouth . "I wasn't about to ask you out.. I-That's too forward --" "Then be forward with me.. ask me out" I took his hand . He was sweating bullets. He turned to me and grabbed my other hand . " Sieanna... Will you go out with me ? .." He said way more confident. "Of course Hayden .." I responded. He pulled me into a hug. Its a good thing this happened because its cold . But now I feel warm inside .
Justin's P.O.V

"Have you ever seen Finding Nemo?" I asked Mary-Jane as I pressed play on Finding Dory "Well , My daddy has all of the Disney movies and he has that one I think but all we ever watch is Toy Story and Inside Out" She shrugged , I laughed. The kid was hilarious. Something told me she didn't talk much at home. And if you were taking care of her for almost 2 weeks like I am you would tell too.

She reminded me of my little brother Jaxon. Jaxon is a quiet kid, when he used to come down here to visit he would not stop talking. He would get quiet when I said mom was on her way or that guy she married.  I couldn't tell if he hated being at home or I just brung out something in him. Jaxon and Hayden my other brother are special to me, but I refuse to stay with my mom after she let my dad go to Jail for nothing.

And her ass hole of a husband tried to put my brothers out on the street just so he could run a drug raid in the house we grew up in. and if I had a dime for every time I tried to take my brothers and my mom refused because I lived with my dad, I'd be making more money than I do singing on the street , Hell I wouldn't even have to sing on the street. But that's probably something I wouldn't give up on because I love it so much. "Mj do you have any talents ?" I asked her .

" I like to dance , my mommy put me in contemporary dance when I was little" She said. "Oh really? Wanna show me your favorite routine ?" I raised up. She suddenly got shy. "I don't know. Its off of Hello and my ballet teacher said I needed improvement on it-- " " I'll help you . Just show me , I'm sure its great " I tell her. I paused to movie and hooked up my Beats pill to my phone so she could hear the music better. She stood there and took a breath while the music began.

AShe began to dance , It was beautiful. and with her eyes clothes and her facial expressions she was very passionate about what she did. She ended the dance mid way into the song and I clapped for her. She shuffled her feet and became bashful, but then her face began to read a sad story . "What are you sad for that was amazing " I said running to her side.

"That was my mommy's favorite song.." She said tearing up , until she was crying . I gasped grabbing her and hugging her . I picked her up and rubbed her back . "Its okay" I said to her. "I miss my mommy " She sobbed on my naked tattooed shoulders. Damn, I forgot how an 8 year old can get. "Its okay, I'm gonna take you to your mommy I promise . " I rocked her slightly trying to calm her crying . It took almost an hour until she fell asleep. I walked her upstairs and laid her down in my bed. I covered her up with the covers before sitting down in the chair next to my bed to relax.  I forgot what it was like to cater to a younger sibling, until a situation like this. Its times like I wish my little brother was here .

Alexandra's P.O.V

"You did not say that ?!!" Louis shouted after I told him what I said to Gigi. Of course I used the appropriate version since Zain was in my arms, but he was busy eating baby cereal"Oh yes I did. I swear the lady is like the wicked witch of the west , believe me I would have dragged her weave if I wasn't in the work place" I scoffed rolling my eyes. "Well you better go .. Harry stop being scared and get out the car!!" "No!" . "Where are you guys?" I asked laughing at Harry in the back ground. "We're at the barber shop . He got gum in his hair and he needs a Haircut and he scared . I don't know why " Louis said.

I could hear the rolling of his eyes in his voice. "He'll get out the car eventually" I tell him . "No I won't!" He shouted , He must have heard me over the phone . "Ugh! I gotta go Alex" Louis sighed "Alright, Let me know how that goes" I told him . "HARRY IF YOU DON'T GET OUT THAT CAR --" He hangs up. They're adorable. "Alright ms. .. Malik you're outta here " The officer said. and out came my husband. Zayn shook the officers hand , he looked over to me and smiled really big. "Sorry for the wait baby. I had to sigh a lot of stuff" He kissed my cheek "Its alright , I was just talking to Louis" I told him.

"Hi Zainy" Zayn's voice turned into the biggest baby voice I have ever heard, but boy do I love when he does this. He takes Zain out of my hands "Do you have anything to say to Daddy?" He asked Zain. Zain looked at him and then continued to eat his cereal like Zayn didn't say anything . He sighed "He'll get there". I smiled " Liam called earlier , He was wondering if you wanted to hang out for a little while over their place" I grabbed his hand as we walked out.

"But I wanted to spend time with you we haven't  seen each other in so long" Zayn said . " I know but he said it was important, besides , I planned tomorrow just for me and you" I tell him winking at him. "I'll get the car for you Daddy" I let go of his hand and strutted my stuff to get the car. Zayn Zayn Zayn. He doesn't know what he's in for ;)

Louis's P.O.V

After finally getting Harry out of the car and almost missing his hair appointment we made it in just in time to see my Barber. Lou. You can probably guess why she's my barber because its very obvious we have the same name , but you're wrong. Her father is the deen for the college football team who's helping me with training for the FIFA draft pick next spring. He also a coach for London's FIFA team and says he has a spot for me. Not only do I make a good impression with my god given talent , but also by being close to him and his family members. Well his only child.

It took about 45 minutes to get all the gum out of His hair, She washed his hair , deep conditioned , and blow dried his hair and then took an hour styling it. I took 2 naps in the process "Alright , We are done" Lou said. I got up to see Harry's hair in a short cut. His eyes were closed so he didn't see it yet, But I thought he looked perfect. "Open your eyes Haz" I told him. "Do I look bad ?" He asked . I laughed "No just open your eyes " . He opened one eye at a time. His appearance read shocked , He probably didn't recognize himself. "Soo ... What do you think?" Lou asked him .

"I hate it ..." He said suddenly . "Haz--" "No Louis I hate it . I look so stupid . I look old and ... I don't look like me. I don't wanna look at it" He puts his head down . "I'm so sorry Harry .. I thought it looked good " Lou said . "And it does" I commented . "You don't have to be nice Louis I know you hate it..." . "I don't" I told him. He looks up at me as I sat down on his lap. "Louis--" "Harry you look fine... No matter what anybody thinks and what you might think , I think you look perfect , you always look perfect. I mean so what people think your Hair line looks like a math equation and so what sometimes people think your hair smells like bacon and syrup --" "Lou..." He stopped me.

I chuckled " I mean .. But Harry I love you, and you look beautiful in anything in my eyes okay?" I tell him. He smiled sort of. "Alright ... I'll try it . I mean it doesn't look too bad .. its not war veteran enough but its okay" He looked in the mirror at himself as I laid on his chest. I kissed his cheek "I love you" I said .

"I love you too .. and thanks " He said . I hugged onto him and he did the same. I don't know what he's talking about. Us hugging looks like I'm sending him off to war. This is the only war veteran I want.

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