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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


20. Chapter 20.

Larry may be my step-dads from heaven

But Ziam are my birth parents (Fight me♥)

Liam's P.O.V

We stumbled in the house, Zayn pushed me against the wall his lips never leaving mine, He bites my bottom lip. He didn't take it easy. "You like it hard like me? is this what you want?" He grabbed my hand placing it on his abs, purposely moving it up and down his long hard c*ck.

I moved my hands at a quicker but softer pace loving the soft moans escape from his perfect lips. He was so sexy with his lips between his teeth. "Lay down " He demanded leading me off the wall and to the couch by grabbing onto my shirt.  He managed to unbutton the  rest of my shirt before laying me back flat against the leather couch of the lounge. He slipped off his blue shirt exposing his full body of tattoos and muscle.

He got ontop of me "I want you to be good to me Daddy"  He breathed in my ear slowly beginning to grind ontop of me, His hard on making me beg for mercy. "Fuck" I mumbled under my short breath grasping onto the thigh of his tight ripped jeans and moving his naked hips caressing the heart on his v-line. "Be good to me Daddy" he whispered running his hand down my body to unzip my tight jeans. He leaned down to where our bodies were touching . I reached down and grabbed onto his ass.

"Fuck me daddy" He whispered in my ear "oH FUCK ZaYn" "FuCk LiAm" I breathed heavily, he kept calling on my name. His lips met mine again. His tongue in my mouth. I could still hear him calling my name , like his naked body was talking to me. He kissed down my body, kissed my naval, licked my v-line until his lips were wrapped around my--


I gasped rasing from the bed. I felt on my face feeling the sweat bead off my forehead. "You really just wet the bed, what the hell were you dreaming about? waterfalls?!" Sparrow groaned getting out of the bed. She ripped the covers away from my body "Hurry up so I can changed the sheets" She walked out the room. When she pulled off the covers she exposed my wet tight black briefs, and a big puddle of liquid , not to mention the biggest boner I have ever had.

My hands were sticky and for some reason I was thinking .. Thinking of Zayn. So what does this mean? Why am I thinking this way?. I jumped out of the bed  and ran to me and Sparrows bathroom, There's only one way to fix my "Problem" .

Harry's P.O.V

Holding my husband in one arm and my kids in the other, in our family sized bed, in me and lou's bed room that was lit graciously by the sun.  This is the only way I picture life being as the kids say "lit". I opened my eyes, The T.V had turned off itself as usual "meow"I heard followed by loud purring . That was when our cat Dusty jumped onto my chest. Louis hates dusty because of his allergies, and I needed to respect that and get up from being lazy to tend to the cat. Before his behavior gets outta hand. "Get down dusty, I'm coming" I groaned. I gently moved Louis and the kids releasing my arms , I kissed the kids on their foreheads and planted a kiss on Louis's soft lips.  Man do I love my family. I went downstairs and put food in  the cats bowl and went to the bathroom to clean and change his litter. I got up from bending down and caught a quick glimpse in the mirror. I thought my hair was crazy, until I noticed a few pink spots on the sides of my head. I dropped everything. I got close to the mirror noticing the largest.. the most gross and biggest wad of gum in my hair. I gasped. It took so much out of me to not to scream but I mean. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-----"

"Oh my god , oh my god--" "Harry calm down" Louis shouted standing onto of the toilet trying  to comb the gum out of my hair "Elijah where's the spray bottle!" Louis yelled "Here it is dad" Robyn ran in handing Louis the spray bottle "How the hell did gum get in the bed Harry ?" Louis asked me spraying the water in my hair "I know it wasn't me" I hissed.  The comb hurt like hell .

"It wasn't me, Daddy told me to spit it out before bed " Robyn said. I did tell her didn't I. I also told Elijah. Who stood there with a guilty look on his face. and everyone noticed. "Elijaahhh.. is there something you wanna say?" Louis asked him . "Yeah Lijah, tell them about the Patrick Star inspired gummy gum ball made of used gum you've been saving " Robyn ratted him out. He gasped "Robyn! That was supposed to be a secret !" "So you had a big ball of gum in bed with you ?" I folded my arms "I meant to put it back in the bag I saved it in before bed.. but I forgot and I must have fell asleep and maaay have left it on the pillow ... I'm really sorry Daddy .."  He said hanging his head low.

"Aww Elijah its okay " Louis jumped off the toilet to hug Elijah . "Yeah It was an accident ." I said rubbing his back . "Besides the situation is very fixable .. thought Daddy might not like it" Louis looks away . "What do you mean ? You said you could comb it out !" I said . "Daddy, Dad means that you may need a haircut--" "LALALALALALAL!! I CANT HEAR YOU !" I screamed over their words . 'Hazz ... Hazz .. HARRY WILL YOU STOP !!" Louis snatched my hands from my ears . "Look at your hair you look ridiculous ! Theres no way in hell I can comb this out " He turned me to the mirror .

I couldn't stand to picture myself with short hair again. It was the worse . and it took a long time to grow my hair out to make pulling my hair during sex fun .. and for other reasons . "You never know .. You could look like the war veteran you always wanted to be " Louis holds onto my waist . I sighed . "Okkaay .. " I mumbled. Am I really considering getting a haircut when I'd rather look up tutorials to release the gum from my hair ? I wonder if its too late to look some DIY's up now.

Alexandra's P.O.V

Not only was I prepared to explode rage all over Gigi's ass with my Dark but sweat proof make-up look I was also ready to drag a bitch with a Nail appointment tomorrow and my Adidas all-stars with my dress and Zayn's jean jacket . My mother told me to handle it Like a lady , yet my instincts say if you don't beat their ass they'll never learn , So I felt to just combine the 2.

With my arms folded and my legs lightly crossed I stood in front of my desk waiting for that door to open , and  here came the devil now. The door opens and Gigi walks in her nude heels defining the noise of her walk . "Morning girl . I ordered some Krispy Kreme donuts for the employee meeting tonight. I wanted to make sure everything runs smooth since its your first one without your partner but .. we all know he can't be around here so I did everything in a style comfortable for you " She sighs  flipping her neatly pressed hair.

Damn her hair was on fleek , but that's besides the point- I'm furious.

I stared at her with an evil glare "What's wrong girl ?" She giggled . I cleared my throat "I know what you did Gigi .. why can't you just tell me the truth--" "What the hell are you talking about ?-- Alex " I snatched her hand away from my arm . "You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about, I know that you made my put my husband in jail for something he didn't do.. and not only that but I accused him of cheating on me , all because you can't accept the fact that we're married .... what do you have against me ? hm" "Alex I would never lie to you -- " " Is it because you have this twisted theory that zayn should have married you ...Is it because you're alone Gigi--" "It wasn't about that !-" "Then what .. is it !" I shouted .

"I'm jealous of you !!. " She snapped back . I looked at her confused . "You have you're whole life made! .. Zayn was telling me how you 2 met and how he didn't regret losing his job because you were there .. you were always there for him and I can't even get a man to sacrifice a video game for me let alone a job. I applied for this job because of him.. He was everything every girl wanted , Looks , knowledge ... I wanted Zayn before any girl he dated but all he ever thought of me of is a friend, a friend to give him answers on a homework sheet or give him 12 cents extra so he could buy a fucking brownie at the bake sale .. I wanted kids with him I wanted to marry him and have a big ass house where we drove expensive cars and and we cooked and cleaned together , and spend time with family and I had no family ... He could have gave me one if you weren't here ! ..." She growled.

"So you see ... Ha . Honey I don't like you ...because you have something I can't have .. and if he wasn't going to love me I was gonna make him suffer .. and I did. I faked the rape and framed him for cheating I did !! ..  so he'll know the pain I felt when he didn't listen to me and I told him I loved him " She turned away from me . I looked at the ground processing what she said .. WOW this girl is the biggest JOKE to ever step in my office.

"Gigi theres a thick line between Jealousy and hatred that you don't understand. You cant hate me , be jealous of me , Anything thing you wanna feel ... But I'll be damned ! if a bitch tries me .. and tries to come between my family like I don't have the balls to cut a bitch up .. Especially over my kids .. and over my husband your little "Crush" " I giggled saying crush. I was behind her . I could smell her envy from where I was standing .

"So Gigi ... oh sorry . I mean Honey .. Bitch I don't like you either ... Bitch I don't wanna see your face again .. which means I want you to  pack your shit  along with your Jealousy and get out because your fired " I smiled with a laugh after . I walked towards the door . "Now if you'll excuse me ..." I grabbed my bag. "I gotta go get my husband " I says walking out the room and to the elevator . Why are there tears coming down my cheeks. Because I'm victorious duh.

Not only am I going to get my husband back .. but I'm getting my happiness back .

Zayn's P.O.V

Visiting hour again. I didn't think someone else actually wanted to see me. I've gotten phone calls from everyone but I'm kinda losing hope of ever getting out of here . Alexandra was the only one who didn't call. Which is why I doubted that she came to visit me.

But my doubts were wrong . as I looked up to see her. Her hair straightened in an olive green vest that reached just below her knees and hugged her shape. Not to miss she was wearing my jean jacket that was kinda too big for her. They took the cuffs off of me , I stood a safe distance , I knew she didn't want me touching her. But then she smiled .

"Zayn Javaad Malik will you please come be my husband again ?.." She asked . She shocked me. "A-Alex --" "Will you please cuddle with me again, cook with me , which scandal with me. Help me take care of the kids and help me deal with my annoying ass brother " She said . I laughed kinda .

"Zayn Javaad Malik ... will you please come home with me ?" She smiled one tear rolling down her face . I didn't say another word instead attacking her with a hug that she gladly accepted . She hugged me tight . I pick her up and kissed her on the lips . I let her down in the process .

She placed a hand on my face looking up to me. "I love you .. I'm sorry Zayn " "hey hey .. Its alright . Through it all it didn't make me love you less" I told her. She buried her face into my chest and I hugged her tightly . I've waited for her a long time .. but it was worth the wait.


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