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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


2. Chapter 2


Yall remember Jesse from the last chapter right? <3

Alyxander's P.O.V


I promised Sieanna I would go to Uncle Niall's and wait for her before I went to the party, so I came 10 minutes early because I knew she was gonna take forever. Luckily just before 8 I heard the tree ruffle making the natural sound of her sneaking out of her window. She made it to the ground and tiptoed off the lawn. "Wow.. That was easier than I thought "She whispered as we were still standing in the driveway behind Uncle Niall's Range Rover. "If you get caught this time its both of her butts this time--" I reminded her but she obviously skipped to the point. "I wont get caught.. I do it all the time. Besides . Dad doesn't ever wake up for anything. Especially since he's laying next to the "Girl of his dreams" if that's what he wants to call that thing in there " She scoffed. I chuckled at her joke as we began to walk down the street. "Don't say that too loud Bat's hear really good at night" I said referring to Fallen hearing her. She busts out laughing as we turned the corner . Luckily Jesse's house is not too far from our street.


Once we turned the corner we met a Cul-de-sac and right in the middle of it was a big blue house . The door was wide open and loud music played out of every window , lets not forget to mention all the bikes in the driveway . I just lost myself just starring at the door to my very first High school party. I always expected it to be Sieanna going and me just at home playing with Zain and Jailin, But we're together on this. "This. Is. So. Cool!!! " Sieanna squeals. I began to lightly smile and that's when she immediately grabbed my arm and running me towards the open door. 


The party just started but everyone already was having a good time. Jesse was always known to throw gigantic birthday parties and stuff . The whole school would go and the next day everyone would be Zombie like . Which is cool. "Drinks anyone?" A waiter walks up and hands out red Solo cups . "Thanks" Sieanna politely said and I simply nodded. Took our sips together immediately scrunching my nose at the taste "What is this ?!!" I said in disgust . "Its Beer . You have never gotten in your dad's beer ?" She gasped . "You have ?!!" I shouted at her. She laughs "Come on Alyx lighten up .. You know you want to have fun its our first high school party. I got your back " She says . She always says that , and dealing with her there's always a possibility of it backfiring and getting me in trouble, or of her actually having my back. I sighed shaking my head "Screw it" I downed the entire cup of beer cringing at the foul taste and crushed the cup after. She cheered for me then pulling me on the dance floor to dance with her . How could I regret this . BEST NIGHT SO FAR !.


Niall's P.O.V

"What is your problem --" "Your little bundle of joy is my fucking problem Niall!! . What the hell does she have against me . She always plotting against me with that boy!!" Fallen shouts "Alyxander .." I said . "WHATEVER!! . You remember when the girl put bleach in my coffee " She growls sitting down on the bed brushing through her hair . I always knew this would happen and I always go back to the first day I bring Fallen into Sieanna's life . I knew it would be different when she grew up , but not like their relationship was any good when she was 5.

"Look babe .. She's just not really used to the changes I have put on her . After moving and the divorce being final between me and her mom, things are still sensitive to her . She's still warming up to you and she's only a teenager " I tried to convince her "Ha Yeah another year for her to warm up to me ? She has been 'warming' up to me since the girl was 5 . I am the woman of the house I deserve to be treated with respect Niall Horan , Respect! . I'm not getting married to you like this !" She folded her arms and turned away not to look at me like a child . She was always so hard to please and I didn't know why .

I rolled my eyes " How about I go down and talk to her . Mk ?" I got up out the chair. She didn't say anything as I walked out the room and towards Sieanna's Room . "Sieanna .. Me and your step mom wanna talk . Can we get a minute?" I knocked on the door . No answer .

"Sieanna " I called once more with a knock after. With no answer I opened the door and the lights were off , the bed was neatly made and her pajamas laid on the floor . "Sieanna?" I questioned why she was not in her room . I would think she went downstairs , but the window was open and ropes tied from her bed to outside the window . I sighed of stressed leaving to go find wherever she went . The first place I could think of was Alex and Zayn's

Louis's P.O.V

Elijah and Robyn were finally in bed and sleeping. I got in the shower and everything and Harry still hasn't left his office. So that's when I went to check on him. I opened to closed door to his office to see him asleep in his work .  His dinner un touched and his jacket and tie laying on the floor. I sighed "Harry what am I gonna do with you " I whispered to myself . I walked up to him and rubbed his back gently "

Babe" I said and He instantly awoke "I'm not sleeping class , today we're learning .--" "You're not in a classroom baby" I chuckled . He chuckled back lightly "Right . I'm sorry I lost track of time . Where's the kids ? " He asked "Sleeping" I answered . He said with confusion"Oh .. Well what about dinner ?" "Its been finished 3 hours ago "  I pointed to his untouched plate . He sighed and rubbed his face stressfully . "I'm so sorry baby I just get so caught up in these things and I don't know why --" "Its okay .. You're a University teacher bla bla bla . I get it " I sat down on his lap lacing my arms around his neck and he laughed a little . Watching him smile always made me happy . I loved watching him be happy .

I kiss his lips multiple times wanting his eyes to never leave me . "Can you come to bed now ?" I asked him . "Only if you promise to give me some Lou-Bear tonight and a big breakfast " He smirked. I smiled and laughed at his cuteness . This is why I'm happy to be married to him "Sure . Anything you want" I took his hand and walked out of the office , him turning off the light as we left . 

Alyxander's P.O.V

As the party progressed I found myself in the kitchen eating jelly beans and talking to some kids I play basketball with at the Rec center. I didn't know they knew Jesse because we didn't go to school together. I eventually lost Sieanna somewhere at the party in the grooves of many people and didn't feel like looking for her. We began to get very deep into the conversation the sport when suddenly it was cut short. "Heey sup guys I didn't know you knew Alyxander " Jesse walks up wearing Jeans with holes in the knee,a signed Neymar Santos football jersey , adidas and a snap back with hairs poking out from the front of it . "Oh yeah he's captain at the Rec . He's really good " One of the guys says . I was too busy eating jelly beans to comment . "Nice ..He's not too bad" He bites his lip . I smile shyly . "But I over to see if you guys are interested in playing spin the bottle with me and some friends . What do you say Alyxander you down?" He called me out . I looked up at him "Uhm .. S-Sure why not " I chuckled nervously and he motioned me to follow him . Its weird to talk to him . Like I said . Football and Basketball didn't mix AT ALL, So not only is talking to the guy that made that rule weird but the fact that he's kinda breaking it makes it even weirder . 

We walked into a room with a lot of people conversing in a circle about whatever . "Alright lets play guys .. Have you ever played this before?" He whispered to me . Probably because I was looking around nervous like . I shook my head to be honest as we sat down and he chuckled . "Its fun .. Trust me . I'll spin first " He called scooting towards the middle . It seemed I was the only rookie here . These guys might as well do this all the time and sure enough Sieanna probably fits it considering the last time I seen her she was dancing on a table with a lamp shade on her head .

One by one people were chosen to kiss and some even make out . The circle got smaller and smaller until it was just me , Jesse , and 2 other girls . "Why don't you spin ?" Jesse said to me looking at me with his gray eyes . I was stuck for a second and I was beginning to grow tired considering it was a big circle , but I snapped myself out of it moved my hand to the bottle and spun it .

The bottle spun so long that people began to grow anxious and crowd the circle to see who it landed on. The bottle finally began to slow down the end of the bottle pointing towards Jesse just barely and the other end against my white Nikes . I looked straight up  at him to see him just as nervous as me . And everyone ooed "Boy on Boy action" Some girl chanted and other agreed . My cheeks turned super red for me to be so tan and so did his . "Do a 7MIH!!" Someone shouted . "What's that ?" I asked . "7 minutes in heaven" Jesse replied . Everyone was chanting and shouting . I have never kissed anybody especially not at boy that wasn't my dad or my little brother . I was nervously looking around until I saw Jesse holding out his hand to grab my . I took it shakily and we both go up and walked to a different room which I was guessing to be his bedroom but the lights were off .

"Sit on the bed " He said . I did as told and sat down and he sat right next to me . I thought right then and there he was just gonna attack me , but instead he began to speak . "I'm just as scared as you are... " He sighed . "Well no kidding you couldn't stop shaking the whole time in the hallways " I laughed trying to sound cool . "I think that was you " He corrects me . "Ohh" I said making him laugh .His laugh was .. attractive ? . I guess . "I'm sorry I have never done anything like this --" "With a guy ? .. Me neither.. But Ive always wanted to if that guy was you " He interrupted me . Uhh did my heart just stop ? "Me ? .. Really ?" I asked to be sure . He laughed "Yes of course .. I know so many girl down there that would have died to kiss you like . that's all they talk about ..  I bet Sieanna does too " He says playing with his fingers .

"What? Sieanna doesn't like me . We're like family , she would never want to kiss me , she would rather trip me into a mud puddle like on thanksgiving last year , and I was wearing all white " I said making him laugh again I laughed with him . "Besides , She's been telling me about how much she liked you " I said . He looks up "But its not the same if I like you instead " He said . I looked at him . It was really hard to not stare in his eyes .. Or look at his perfect lips . Oh my god what the hell am I doing ?

".. So. We kinda talked 7 minutes away huh ?" I said . " .. They wouldn't mind if we took 7 more .." He said back moving closer and pulling me closer by the sides of my Chicago bulls jersey . Our foreheads were touching making his hat fall onto the floor . Though my heart was about to explode it was I Alyxander Javaad Malik kissed him first and I felt him immediately kiss back . There definitely was no stopping this motion . 

Alexandra's P.O.V

~Ding Dong~ The door bell rung for about the a thousandth time . Zayn wouldn't get up for nothing like I was anticipating so I got up and went all the way downstairs to open the door . Officially , Zayn's an ass. I open the door to Niall standing there in snowman pajamas which was definitely the wrong season . "What are you doing here Niall ?" I asked still half sleep , he better had a good ass reason too . "Sieanna snuck out . I was just wondering if she was here by chonce ?" He explained . What the fuck is a chonce ? . My eyes squinted at him with a confused expression "What do you mean snuck out ? I thought you said she could go the the party with Alyx ?--- See now it makes so much sense " I thought about it . "She's at a party ?!" he shouted "Alyx lied to me , He said she had permission " " Um no . Well shit where's the party at then ?" He threw his hands in the air and waved them like he just did not care "Ill take you , give me a second " I sighed running to get my shoes and coat . I can't believe how much sense this makes . Niall never lets her out the house . I'M A SMART COOKIE!!!

Niall's P.O.V

We made it to the house finally . The house exterior was amazing , but the inside was wild . The place was trashed with kids dancing and on the furniture and everything . They made this house better than the club . I looked around at everything trying to spot Sieanna but it took me a while to realize she was one the with the lamp shade on her head . What the actual--"Sieanna Lauren Horan  get down from that table now !!!"  I yelled over the music . Everyone stopped including her . She quickly took the lampshade off her head "Daddyyyyyy .. " She said in shock . It was obvious I was furious . "Lets.Go .." I growled . She got off the table and walks towards the door . I completely forgot about Alyxander as well . But at least he had permission to be here . 


After coming home with Sieanna following behind me I sat my keys down and went into the kitchen to get something to eat . I eat when I'm upset . The whole time Sieanna was following me . "I told you I was sorry dad --" "Sorry ? Sorry won't change the fact that you went to an unsupervised party without my permission with drinking at it " I said opening a beer . "I wasn't drinking !--" "Oh please I smell beer on you " I said at her false statement "It's not fair !! . Alyxander should be in just as much trouble as I am !!-" "Alyxander had permission! So what he drunk what a cup ? But you had to go back for more are you serious Sieanna ?! and you know that you shouldn't have had him lie for you!" I scoffed I shook my head looking down in my bowl of cereal . "I bet you Mom would have let me go--" "Well I'm not mom Sieanna-" "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT!!" she shouted at me . "That's it . Go to your room ,and you know what you're grounded for a month " I spat back pointing to the stairs . "I hate you ! . I hate fallen .. I hate this house !! . GOD I wish I could live with mom !!!" She runs upstairs . 

I chuckled and shook my head trying to brush it was . It wasn't working as I felt myself about to break into tears suddenly . My own daughter hates me . I sighed in desparate need of relief . God to I miss how easy it used to be . 




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