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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


19. Chapter 19

This piece of beautiful boo-daddy is the new and improved Deangelo ♥

Denagelo's P.O.V

So her I am sitting in front of a doctors office to meet my official Baby mom, Cindy. The sad part here is I don't feel that I'm capable of being a dad, However If I abandoned Cindy and the baby my mom would kick my ass along with Lexi who would shove her 6 inch heel so far up my ass, Ill be able to know the difference between a Jimmy Choo and Versace.

I wasn't planning to leave anyway. It took a few minutes but eventually a blue car pulled up and Cindy came out of the passenger seat, along with the baby in her stomach and very much visible even through the big t-shirt. The car drove off leaving me and her. "Who was that in the car, If you needed a ride I could've came--" "That was just my Uber ... I'm a regular customer " She folded her arms and turned away. Cindy wanted nothing to do with me, Something about being a fuck boy? I don't know , but this isn't about her really. "Well . anyways I'm here , Lead the way" I said . With her arms still folded and the roll of her eyes, she walks into the building and I followed. 


We were in the ultrasound room and she laid on the table. I sat off in the corner, may or may not be blowing up hand balloons. Just to keep my mind off smoking the joint that was behind my ear. "You know I don't even know why I called you, You aren't even fit to take care of a child" She scoffed "Hey I KNOW I got my shit together, you need to be worrying about yourself " I said. "Really? Me? Look at you , you didn't even bother to dress like a grown ass man!" She pointed at my Spongebob shirt and my Patrick Vans.

I saw nothing wrong actually. "What do My clothes have to do with anything , Look you can hate me for getting you pregnant, call me a fuck boy, or whatever else you can do to think your hurting my feelings, but That doesn't change that I'm the father and I'm gonna take care of the kid" I said and with that I let glow of the glove balloon I blew up as big as I could , But I didn't know it was gonna hit the doctor in the face.

She took the glove removing it from wherever it fell on her "Oh shit sorry" I apologized, she still smiled. "And you must be the father " She held out her hand "Ah yeah , I'm Deangelo High" I blushed a little embarrassed. "I'm Dr. BlueBawls" I couldn't hold back the chuckle 'BLUE BALLS!'. I cleared my throat to stop the laughing as she looked at me evil like. "Anyway , We're just gonna do a quick check on the baby.. How far along are we?" She asked .

"About 4 months now" Cindy sighs. I sat back in the cahir and waited as she put that Nasty Gel shit on her stomach and moved the thingy around. "Annnd .. Right there" The doctor said pointing to the screen . I got up to look . "There's the head , and the little fingers and toes --" "Wheres the Penis ?" I asked . "Denagelo!!" Cindy yelled at me. "I just asked .. It is a boy right ?" I said. "No sorry. Just to any other father who comes in I hate to be the mayor of bad news, But It is also good news to congratulate you both on your healthy baby Girl" The doctor smiles.

I looked at the screen and noticed the 3D effects. The outline of the small but wide nose, and small little lips that were shaped just like mine. Suddenly I had tears in my eyes. "Oh my god" I said chuckling trying to wipe the tears away. "Aww . Its alright it truly is a beautiful thing " The doctor said . "Don't show pity for him He's just doing it for attention" Cindy rolled her eyes. Just what I expected to come out of Cindy's smart ass mouth. But I know there is something I had to fix for the sake of my now, Baby girl, and it starts with putting the blunt down maybe?

Zayn's P.O.V

1 Week behind prison walls. I've learned a lot actually, Especially to keep quiet. There were a lot of times I walked into the shower and someone was getting the shit kicked out of them, and I haven't learned nothing as big but to mind your business and don't help, Even if it's tempting. 

In fact I just got out of the shower and joined everyone else in the gym outside. Why not get fit while you're in here. "You know today is visiting day" Dad said sitting on the seat to lift weights. "Really?" I asked, He nodded. "Nobody really gets visiting hour in this part of the facility.. but they allow them still for shit's and giggles . Who knows, you could be the first one to ever get a visitor in this piece of shit with that wife of yours--" "She doesn't  wanna see me" I looked at him sideways. "She made it very clear that  she  wants nothing to do with me" I chuckled sitting on the chair and watching him pick up the weight with no issue.

"She physically didn't tell you that .. You never know Zain" I heard the "I' my mom puts back in my name even though I changed it to why every time he says my name. If you heard him you would think he is referring to my 2 year old. " Prisoner 06215B .. Zayn Javaad Malik!" the officer shouted for me. "You got a visitor" He said as he saw me standing up. I grew tense at the body, is Alexandra here? I walked to the officer who placed me in Handcuffs and walked me down the hallway to an area. It had vending machines, tables , a real lunch line, kind of like a high school cafeteria.

 I closed my eyes having the officer guide me to wherever I was going , But I never would have expected to open my eyes and see Alexandra sitting there waiting for me ."You have an hour" the officer unlocks my cuffs. Alex had no makeup this time to cove her beauty. She had on leggings , a jumper that showed her stomach, and some adidas that I remember we go with our matching outfits.

Her curly hair was all over the place and she looked like she hasn't slept in weeks.She made contact with my shaven head and new tattoo upon my neck that I had time to do by myself with the help of my cell mate, You'd be surprised. "H-Hey" She smiled lightly and said this almost silent with her words. "Hey" I responded sitting down. She pulls a bag out from behind her "I didn't know what you needed , So I got you some t-shirts, underwear, socks .." I took the bag and looked inside before giving it to one of the officers. "Thanks babe" I smiled. She said nothing rubbing her eyes that were bloodshot red.

"Are you okay" I asked . She shook her head. "Don't worry about me" She mumbled. "Its my job to worry about you. I'm your husband" I say touching her wedding hand that was laying on the table, She snatched it away "Yeah I wouldn't have been able to tell by the way you cheated on me--" "Well it would be easy to tell if you would just listen to me--" "And why should I ?" She snapped. Her voice was hoarse but bold "This isn't the first time you lied to me and it isn't the first time you cheated on me--""But I didn't cheat on you and I'm not a liar don't you get that , I'm telling you the truth and I have been since this shit began---" "If you did it once how do I know you didn't do it again--" "Because if you think I did it again I wouldn't be sitting here begging for you to believe me because I fucking love you so much !!?" I shot back . She was startled.
"I love you so much Alexandra.. If I didn't I wouldn't have married you and stuck by your side for 15 years.. Gigi is LYING to you about everything and I shouldn't be in here! I'm in here for something I didn't do, I wouldn't dare touch her in any way , married or not! And I just want you to believe me because I just told you the truth and I swear to Alah I did !" I shouted, Its serious If I brought Alah into this. I saw tears come out of her eyes. This made me fall to my knees.

I got in front of her and grabbed her hands. "Alexandra please I just want you to believe me, If you love me you will believe me and I know you love me please" I laid my head in her lap, I felt her hands touch my head. "I cant d-o th-is" She stumbled. I felt her hands shake and tremble. I hug her waist and she hugged me close to her chest, I was just waiting for the officers to pull me back. She caressed my head with her hands and cried into what was left of my hair.

I know she loves me I know she does.

"I can't do this" She sobbed. I let go and looked at her "What do you mean? Alex --" "I gotta go" She gets up and grabs her bag. "Alex! Alex please--" The officer grabs me "Alex!" I shouted until I disappeared off into the hallway I came out of. I was pushed into my cell along with the bag She gave me.

And all I could thing of is why won't she believe me?

Alyxander's P.O.V

I never seen Jesse Play before. Football I mean. Which Is why after practice with the basketball team . I zipped up my fleece Basketball team jacket and walked outside to meet Jesse at the football stadium. Luckily Abuela was waiting outside the stadium which gave me enough time to chat before I go.  It was very cold so I expected him to have a shirt on this time. I peeked through the gate of the stadium noticing his fancy footwork before shooting the ball in the goal.

Being the supportive boyfriend I am, I clapped for him. It scared the mess outta him but it was very much worth it. He laughed "What are you doing here?" He said folding his arms. I walked towards him dropping my gym bag and basketball. "I never actually seen you play before " I said. "Well good , I'm not that great " He rolled his eyes, I knew he was joking . "Pish Posh you're amazing" We were finally close enough that I could wrap my arms around his neck. He pulled me to his chest. "Yeah yeah you're just saying that because we're dating " He chuckled "Yeah so what you're a little rusty" I scoffed.

"I know. I haven't played in so long practice has been hard to get back into the vibe but I think I'm getting better now." He nodded . I smiled. We were caught starring at each other for a while until . "Jesse are you ready to go, I gotta go pick up the pizza" A womans voice said. I turned around to where he was looking to a beautiful woman . She was very beautiful , and lets not forget Jesse looked just like her, It had to be his mom who I haven't met yet. "Oh Yeah I'm ready " He said. He let go of me for a second to give her a hug. I just stared and smiled. "Oh Alyx come here !" He called and I jogged over.

"Mom this is Alyxander . My Boyfriend" Jesse shyly said. I blushed shaking her hand "Nice to finally meet you Alyxander . He's cuter than you explained Jesse" She tried to whisper in his ear but I heard it . I laughed looking down. "Momm" Jesse wined. "Whaaat its the truth.. He's so cute." She said. So this was happening. "But we have to go You're dad is waiting for us at the house .. You're real dad flew in town to see you " She told him . He smiled "Really ?" He asked . She nodded .

"Well lets not waste time ! Bye Alyx" He said excitedly which made me smile . He hugged me and gave me a kiss on my cheek and I did the same . "I'll text you . I love you " He said . "I love you too" I told him as he rushed off with his mom. It makes me happy to see him smile , It makes me happy that I could Change the kid unlike anybody. "oh Lexxiiiii Abuela is waiting!" I heard Jailin shout from outside the fences of the stadium . I told her to stop calling me that .

Alexandra's P.O.V

I told my mom to take the kids for a while until I went to see my brother, as well as get myself together. I was bottled up with so much emotion right now and with all my friends busy there's nobody else to turn to other than Deangelo. Who at the end of the day was always there for me. 

"I was crying for him , I was holding him and I needed him and I know I did , but I left him there " I said. "Alex just admit that you're wrong .." De said . "I can't admit that I'm wrong without actual evidence that I'm a shitty person for putting him in jail when he didn't deserve it , and pushing him away when I didn't mean that .. Because I didn't wanna do it .." I shook my head breaking down mentally . "Think about it, That Gigi girl may look so sweet and Innocent but she looks like she could back stab you at any moment .. Cmon when have I ever told you wrong ?" He said. I shook my head knowing that he has never stood me wrong and always gave me good advice.

"So what do you suggest " I sniffled wiping my face . " What do I suggest ? .. Ha , I suggest you walk into work tomorrow... Talk to Gigi .. Make her feel intimidated and that you KNOW something is up .. She'll have to tell you the truth, If you can tell a lie from a truth and I know you can , you have been since you were little , Then you will know that she's on to something " He said . I looked down and nodded lightly .  "Okay" I said. I wiped my face again.

"You're stronger than you think you are " He said .

"Yeah . and I'm also a drunk so I'm gonna swing by the liquor store and clean up on Jack Daniels and Amsterdam . Call me when you know for sure that I'm late for work" I told him getting up , grabbing my bag and my keys and leaving. He laughed at me, but that's what I expected .  Lets just be glad I'm not driving drunk . and be glad I wen't to my big brother. Even though he smokes weed, He's the wisest guy that I know.

Sieanna's P.O.V

It was about 11pm after me and my Dad got home from dinner together at the bowling alley. We bowled and played games and for once I could have a good time with my dad without Fallen there to ruin my night. And bonding with my dad made me happy the most. It's been a long time since we've done something together . Dad went off to bed and I got in the shower. After the shower I made sure I sent all my homework to my teacher, and texted Alyxander back , We were talking about something random but , when do we not. I was about to go to sleep when I got a text from a random number. I thought it was another foreign man asking for a lady name Tina but it was a paragraph , from a person I thought I'd never hear from again

Hey, Its Hayden. You might not wanna speak with me but the feeling isn't the same in my end ,In fact I have so much to say to you. Lets start with the apology and that I'm sorry for 1 taking advantage of you , leaving you when you were pregnant with a child that was for sure mine and  sending a picture out that I had no business sending to my friends. To be honest with you I didn't put the picture online and it was one of my buddies that thought it would be funny , I'll tell you that we aren't Buddies anymore. Actually I'm not friends with any of those people anymore because of what they did to you. They make fun of me for sticking up for you but you are worth sticking up for . The day you attempted suicide and the whole school heard about it , i felt guilty. I felt it was my fault, because most of it was. I made you believe that I was this guy who didn't want you for one thing , and at the time I did . You father had every right to punch me in the face and let me tell you that scar on my eye is still there . To tell you the truth I do like you, I do want to be in a relationship with you and start over. I know you're 14 and you're still young . But if you and your dad will give me a chance , I will come over tomorrow and explain everything that I just said to you to you and your dad's face in a plead for forgiveness , and you're hand to be my girlfriend. I've changed a lot , and almost losing you has been a learning experience for me, and with this being said I will NOT be giving up on you until you accept my apology. If you want to take my offer and are able to see me tomorrow to apologize to you and your father send a pineapple emoji if not don't send anything at all and I'll leave you alone, But you haven't been able to hear my story, and I'll never forget about you , You're an angel to me ♥

Why was I almost in tears, But it's that simple ?

-Pineapple emoji-





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