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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


18. Chapter 18.

Give me one good reason why this fine piece of man should not be included in this story ? 

I hear no good reasons :D

Sparrow's P.O.V

I took off from work to make sure I'm able to take care of Sieanna as well as figure out where Mary-Jane ran off to. Me and Liam have been up all night and morning contacting police, people we know , and trying to put together search parties , but with all of this no luck came within the outcome. Its not like she left the country she has to be around here somewhere, I wasn't gonna stop looking for her until I found her but I was losing all home as I got another phone call from the police. 

"I'm sorry but we have looked just about everywhere, She's nowhere around the London area and there's nothing we can do about that .. I'm so sorry ma'am" The police say. I close my eyes to keep the tears from falling. I sighed "Okay .. thanks for everything anyway .. bye" I hung up the phone as I sat on the couch with Sieanna. Niall was courteous enough to let me stay here everything's fine with Sieanna, so far she's looking much better. "Nothing?" Sieanna questioned . I shook my head signalling no "But don't worry , we'll find her , Shes 9 where could she have possibly went" I reassured myself for possibly the millionth time. Sieanna rubbed my back laying her head on my shoulder. I'm really happy to have my daughter back . "Ahh Good Morning" we heard Niall coming down the stairs fixing his belt on his slacks and positioning his tie. It looked like he was getting ready for work. He walked over and gave Sieanna a kiss on the cheek and me a kiss on my forehead . "How do you feel Sieanna ?" He asked her .

"I'm feeling pretty good... Do you think I'll be able to go to school tomorrow ?" She asked. "yeah the doctor said that you'll be alright ... Do you want some coffee sparrow?" Niall looked over with a smile "Please" I pleaded following him into the kitchen. He poured the hot water into the back of the coffee machine leaving us both anxiously waiting for it to boil. He always made the best coffee.  "Any luck with Mary-Jane?" He asked taking out 2 mugs .

"No .. I've been up all night trying to find her.. I don't know what made her leave like this " I sighed placing my head in my hands. I felt his presence sit next to me as he took on of my hands from my face into his hand "I'm  sure she's .. she's a smart girl " He smiled making me smile back . Even though my face was dry from the tears and I had bags under my eyes and no makeup, he looked at me like I was that teenager he fell in love with. Niall and I started talking more again, and I know we're both in love STILL. But everytime I look at him I know his wedding is coming up very soon . I looked down from his eyes.

"What's wrong?" He asked. "..Nothing" I said looking up and smiling again. He nodded kissing my hand before going to get the coffee "So .. you're wedding eve dinner is next week " I mumbled hiding my jealousy . why was I so jealous ?. " Yeah . I know" He sounded more disappointed than me. " Well , aren't   you excited , you're marrying the girl you .. love right?" CRINNGEEE. "I guess .. Lets not talk about that" He chuckled sitting my coffee in front of me and sitting in the chair next to me with his cup.

Why would he not be sure now of something he was so sure was a good idea a few years ago? I had to ignore the confusing when the kitchen door opened and fallen came in. She got one glance of me and walks up to Niall kissing his cheek. "Morning babe" She says placing her hand on his dick . I rolled my eyes. She's lucky she doesn't know where my hands have been. I sipped my coffee.

 "Well babe . I'm gonna get ready for work .. feel free to drop in " She smirked placing his hand on her bare ass. It didn't matter , I still fucked her mans. "Actually I gotta go to work but, Liam says that he's on his way her to help you out, I left a key in the plant outside" Niall says to me before leaving the kitchen. The fallen rolled her eyes and used the back stairs instead.  Just give me the strength not to laugh in her face. 

Alyxander's P.O.V

"Bye Abuela! . bye Lexiii" Jailin squealed before getting out the car . I groaned "I told you not to call me that" I mumbled . "Bye bye Jailin see you later , remember you mom is coming to get you after school " She reminded my sister . "Okay" She shuts the door and runs across the street, her little pink timberland's hitting the pavement with every step. all that was left was for me to get out of the car. But I couldn't because all I want is for my life to not be trashed right now. My parents aren't okay, and Jesse's dad was very much serious about me never seeing him again , and to make matters worse I have no clue when Sieanna's coming back and I have nobody to talk to.

I don't deserve Triple the issue.

I'm a good kid. "Alyx ... Your mom and dad are fine .. They are just battling with a disagreement right now and need a little space. " Abuela said . "Did she have to send him to jail for it ..?--" "Heyy heyy .. " Abuela cut me off. I looked at her. "Your dad is in jail for a reason you could never understand .. you're too young .. lets keep it this way okay ? ... Now go get your education and stop worrying.. Everything will be fine beautiful " She kisses my cheek. I simply sighed before opening the door to get out the car. I fixed my Camo jacket and white shirt paired with my black jeans and air maxes before grabbing my book bag and my gym bag out the backseat. "You're mom will pick you up after practice okay?" Abuela said . "Okay" I nodded shutting the door. "Alyxander!!" Someone shouted.

I snapped my head up and looked in front of me "Alyx!!!!" He shouted again . I looked closer and my vision became clearer . it was jesse. "Jesse?!" I yelled . "Alyx!" He yelled back in confirmation . I ran. I ran over to him with open arms dropping stuff . I jumped in his opened arms and wrapped myself around him. He spun me around.

"Alyxander I missed you so much" He whispered squeezing me til I couldn't breath "I missed you more .. " I tried to get out from behind my tears that clouded my vision. We could barely let go of each other and it felt like we were the only 2 on earth. He let me down and grabbed onto my face. He made our forehead's touch. He wipes the hears from my face and I looked at him seeing the tears fall down his face.He pulls me back into a hug to not see his face. I had so much to tell him. 


Zayn's P.O.V

I felt on my head as I sat on the bottom bunk and my cell mate snored from the top.  I was still getting used to having no hair, or at least the feel of it since I've always had hair. Its different I'll tell you that. I wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings until an officer banged against the bars of the cell door with his baton. "You get 1 more phone call for tonight Malik .. use it wisely" He unlocks the cell and waited for me. I got up and walked out in the hallway just for him to put me in the cuffs again. We made it to the phones and he unlocked the cuffs for me to grab the phone. I dialed the number of you guessed , Alexandra. I was already expecting her to not answer , but instead send me to voicemail, and I was right, but I needed to say something. 

"You have reached the U.K voicemail box of , ALEXANDRAAAAAAA!" --beep. 

"Um .. Hey Alex. Maybe you don't .. Okay so you don't wanna talk to me ever again, but this is the only way I can get you to listen to me now.. Alexandra I know what she told you and I know she's lying to you to get under my skin and it has .. and I know you don't believe me which is why I'm giving you time to think ... I know this isn't gonna help my case at all but I want you to know how much I love you. I still love you soo much more than you could ever think of, I  wanna talk to you face to face and I promise you everything I'm telling you is the truth please don't leave me in here. I love you and the kids and just please listen to me ---" "Okay times up!" The officer hangs up the phone . He roughly pulled my arms back behind my back and back in handcuffs and walked me back to my cell . And with the tears in my eyes . I have never felt like dying more.

Alexandra's P.O.V

I finished putting Zain to bed and making sure Jailin was sleep. Alyxander probably isn't sleep and his pretending isn't that great. I proceeded to take a shower and wash my hairand once I got out the phone rung. I wrapped a towel around me rushing to the living room trying to answer before the answering machine got it . I knew who it was already, I knew he would eventually stop calling my cell phone. I didn't want to answer when I thought about it because I already knew what he was going to say.

But the red button on the answering machine was tempting. Therefore I pressed the button , and there it was , His sweet voice "Um.. Hey Alex.." He started. My heart wanted to explode in my chest when he said he loved me and I hated it. I sat down on the couch just to listen to the love of my life pleading for me to let him out. I hated that he betrayed me, and he became a rapist yet he still loves me .. and I love him? . WHAT?!.

" I  wanna talk to you face to face and I promise you everything I'm telling you is the truth please don't leave me in here. I love you and the kids and just please listen to me ---" "Okay times up!" someone in the back said before I heard the flat line of the phone. 

"if you would like to replay this message press 2, to delete this message press 3, to save this message press--" "You have deleted this message . You have no new messages"

I immediately threw the phone to the couch before bursting out in tears. I ran my hands through my wet hair forgetting I was sitting on the couch naked . I can't handle this.. 

Mary Jane's P.O.V

I finally made it to the bus stop . at least I think this is the right bus stop. I've been walking for hours so it must be the right one. I sat on the bus stop bench my feet dangling off the edge. I packed a whole bag of grapes and a whole pack of cookies before I left . I drunk all my milk and I left my piggy bank at home. I should have brought the entire gallon of milk. I had nothing left to do except sit and wait for the bus, when I heard music. That one song my mommy likes that my daddy wrote. I think its called "Long way down". It was being sung by a guy with the voice of an angelic prince. I hopped off the bench to follow the sound of the music. I turned the corner and finally came close to the boy that was singing . He played the guitar like uncle Niall, His hair was even blonde like his. He was surrounded by a crowd of people and I really couldn't see. 

I slowly but politely moved around the people to the person who's eyes were closed and he sung with everything in his body. He had finished singing and everyone clapped for him dropping money in his guitar case. Maybe he could spare a dollar.  When everyone had walked away and he was putting his stuff away I approached him and tapped him on the shoulder. "Excuse me sir, would you mind sparing change for a carton of milk" I asked shuffling  my feet. "Sorry I don't have much to spare .. "  He mumbled un thoughtfully before turning away. I looked in his box noticing he had at least thousands of dollars in it. "But sir. You have a lot of money still and strawberry milk is only 1 dollar--" "Look go find your mom or something and leave me alone" He growled . I stepped back a little frightened

"But .. I'm not with my mommy... I ran away" I explained to him.  He turned around confused "You ran away ? .. How old are you " He folds his arms and stares down at me "I'm 9 years old " I told him. "You're 9 years old and running away ? .. For what?" He sat down on the edge of the fountain , I sat my bag down and sat next to him . "Well .. My sister always told me if she lost her battle with what she was dealing with I needed to make decisions for myself to be strong , since she's not there to help me .. and she's not really there to help me .. She always wanted me to trust in my heart .. and it took me a long time to get here from London , Honestly I dont know where I am.. But hopefully in the end I get to a place where someone will actually realize I'm here and alive " I told him.

He listened to everything I said like Anna always did. "Do you know my sister Anna ?" I asked him . He chuckled "No .. But I have a brother that lives in London that might know her .." He says and I nod . He then takes a dollar out of his box and gives it to me . "Thank you very much" I smiled. "No problem" He mumbled . I jumped off the place I was sitting to grabbed my bag to walk towards the store that was right at the corner. "Um .. Little girl " The guy called . I turned around .

"Are you hungry ? do you have a place to go for tonight ?" He asked . "I was gonna sit and wait for my bus .. " I told him. "do you know the bus costs money ?" He chuckled . "You're right .. do you have --" He laughed . "Just come with me . Its not safe out here.." He picked up his guitar case. My mommy always told me to not told to old men with beards.

So I'm not breaking any rules , besides this guy looks like he's in a boyband, like five seconds of summer. I shrugged and walked beside him as he carried his guitar case. "What's your name anyway little girl ?" He asked . "I'm Mary-Jane. But you can call me Mj .. " I told him .

"I'm Justin . but you can call me Justin " He said . "Well that's easy to remember"  I said , He chuckled "yeah" .

JUSTIN'S NOT A PERVERT !! LOL ! But forreal he's not guys he's actually gonna take her home and whatnot. I didn't spoil anything for you guys because its pretty obvious he wasn't gonna kidnap her and kill her lol. 



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