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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


17. Chapter 17.

I made Zayn a greek god for my mythology project. Fight me if you want , I couldn't resist


Jesse's P.O.V

"And that's why I had to find you.. and I ended up fining more than I should have" I mumbled. I explained everything that happened these passed few years, about what my "dad" was like .. or some of it. and especially everything I could tell her about me and Alyxander. I was surprised she didn't say anything about me being gay, It was almost like she knew all along by how she was talking to me.

"I didn't want to give you guys up Jesse. I'm sorry.. I was just so messed up. I was on drugs and drinking alcohol , I didn't wanna raise you guys around that . so I wanted to make sure all of my attention was on getting well in rehab and I couldn't wait to see you guys again. but your little brother and sister were too far, and you were the only one left and I contacted Charles to come see you and possibly get you back but he had cancelled on me" She chuckled taking a sip from her coffee mug. I looked down at my folded hands . I had so much I wanted to ask her, but I needed to take this process one step at a time.

"So.. have you heard from Dad .. my real dad. did he ever get out of jail?" I asked her. She nodded which gave me a little relief. "After rehab I came to visit him everyday in jail, He forgave me , and when he was released we decided that we should work on our relationship if there was ever a chance that we could have you back" She explained .

"And . what about Bradley?" I questioned regarding my stepdad . "He was so delirious, He didn't wanna quit his drinking and smoking so I left , He sold the house we were living in and not even a few weeks later we got a divorce and he was sent to jail , You know I don't know what I seen in such an ugly soul anyway "She rolls her eyes chuckling making me smile.

"Jesse Jesse Jesse .." She sighed . "I can't believe your 14 .. that's 6 years away from 20 and I'm already having withdraws" She hugs me again and I hug her back. "Trust me I don't act my age most of the time " I reassured her making her laugh. I was enjoying this time with her. And as I looked at the clock I noticed it was almost 9:30 and Charles would be home around now . "M-Mom do you mind if I stay " I asked her with a little stumble in my tone. "Stay? Why ?" She asked .

Of course I forgot to mention the parts where I have no freedom , I'm being beatend and abused, that I'm not safe at my home. "Because um .. " I played with my thumbs. "Its alright you can tell me"She said. DAMMIT JESSE SPIT IT OUT! "I'm not safe at home. I didn't tell you because Charles is gonna get me for it but he beats me , he abuses me , .. He doesn't really love. But I never had parents .. actual parents since you left us and now you're here and I don't want to go back I wanna stay here " I gulped back some of my tears. Admitting this to her had to break me more than ever, and I couldn't believe it broke her more. She grabbed me and hugged onto me. I could hear her soft whimpers and cries.

"Okay sweetheart " She says. "I'm gonna take you over there" She said grabbing her keys "To get your clothes and everything you need ... But Jesse you have to remember I don't have custody of you right now, but I will do anything and everything in my power to protect you , I'm gonna make sure child services hear about Charles " She says to me. I wiped my eyes and nodded. She grabbed my hand and lead me towards the door. Here's my chance to get my life back. 

Alexandra's P.O.V

My night was horrible, I couldn't sleep ,I couldn't eat, I could barely breathe. I'm so disgusted about Zayn that I don't know what to do anymore. And I don't have the heart to say anything to the kids. Jailin is too young, Zain probably doesn't even know what the hell is going on, BUT ALYX!!. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew what was happening right now because he's so smart. But It's best that I don't talk about it around them. I walked in the place of business, to the meeting room where every single employee  met for the news.. or what's changing for a few days .. or months.

Everyone was chatting confusedly, except for nick who probably knew what was going on.

"Okay guys . Listen up!" I shouted . "First time you aint walk in with Zayn tryin' to give you backshots" Ed shouted making him and his crew laugh .

I chuckled sarcastically "Very funny .. but as you all noticed Zayn isn't here.. But he isn't for a legitimate reason that I'm not gonna talk about and he probably won't be back for a few weeks , or months even. But just because he's gone doesn't mean you guys can slack off and be a bunch of Jackasses , everything needs to remain the same. and don't ask to take over Zayn's tattoos because Nick is already doing that his week ... so if I have made myself clear , get back to work. Ed I'm watching you you red headed little shit!" I shouted at ed as everyone began to talk again and file out of the room back to work , well everyone except Nick.

"You know you are so Low for this! .. You're gonna come in here and act like you didn't just send your husband to prison for nothing!--" "Look none of this has anything to do with you okay ?!" I snapped back . "It does if he called me from prison because you wouldn't answer the fucking phone for him!! .. Ha. He didn't even touch that girl and its just amusing to me that you got your head so far up Gigi's fake ass that you don't have the heart to believe you're own husband , remember the man you married 15 years ago , the man that always had your back after everything like that stuff with Evan and a fucking Miscarriage!!--" "Look I don't wanna talk about this alright .. Now you got work to do , so go do it !" I was ready to walk away ,He chuckled "You think I'm about to work for you ?.. I don't work for Low down dirty females like you " He scoffed . Suddenly before he left Gigi walked in the door , We both looked at her . "And I definitely don't work with whore like her .. I'm out" He shook his head and walked through the glass doors that separated the room and the hallways. I chuckled at his pettiness that I didn't have time for.

"What's his issue ?" Gigi giggled. I sighed "I don't know. We don't need him .. mind helping me take care of these clients "I asked . "Well sure girl" She giggled as we both walked out together.Who said I needed Nick anyway. I took tattooing lessons very seriously . Thanks 

Zayn's P.O.V

"Please leave your message for , Alexandraaaaaaaaa!. Beep--" I sighed hanging up the Jail phone for my very last call for today. The officer grabbed onto my hands putting them behind my back before walking me through hallway's of big criminals and convicts , I don't belong here obviously. We walked into what looked like a lunch room. "WE GOT THE  NEW CELL MATE!!" Someone shouted really loudly causing everyone to riot. Everyone was bigger than me and it looked just like a sad episode of Beyond Scared Straight. I closed my eyes trying to picture myself in a happy place , but I couldn't . The officer pushed me towards the crowd before walking out of the room. It was at this moment I thought I was gonna die as they all surrounded me. "I heard you're touching girls now .. You don't wanna know what I do to people like you !!" Some man growled in my face "And you a pretty little boy too . I would love to rip out your pink strands and put them on my wall" Another said making them all laugh. I tried to back away slowly as they got closer , and before they could even get any closer someone shouts . "Ayy back up away from him" Whoever scoffed , Everyone made way for this man, This man had a grayish blackish quiff , gray stubble, and walked with a bit of a limp. And when he looked up after taking a puff from his newly lit cigarette he looked familiar.. as if I was looking in a mirror kind of familiar ..Wait , is that-- "Dad?" I questioned. He squinted his eyes. "Zayn .. is that you?". Everyone looked between me and him . I can't believe I was face to face with my dad. 


I was turned away from him who was sitting in front of me. I felt betrayed that he chose this life instead of mine. He slapped cards down in the pile "Zayn .. I already told you what had happened was a mistake --" "And so was being with my mom right? . You're a liar , I was looking for you since I was like 3, but you weren't there for me and that hurts more than anything .. " I shook my head .

"And I was coming back ... I swear.. it's just that I kinda got into some situations with my friends .. when me and your mom had we were young .. and my paren'ts weren't there so I had to provide for myself .. which is why I was sentenced to life in here " He said shaking his head . I laughed " I don't believe you .. you weren't gonna come back .. because if you did you wouldn't have even done none of that shit in the first place !! and maybe you would've seen me on my first day of kindergarten . Y-You didn't get to see me graduate from High school or see me get my degree in college that I went to for 4 years , you didn't get to see me get married or you weren't there to see none of your 3 grandchildren and you expect me to believe you were coming back ---"

"So you're married ?" He changed the subject , which got me off track . I shook my head a few times "Wh-wait, this isn't about that this is about you--" "What is she like. I be shes beautiful and smart.." He continued to push me away from the past subject. There was something inside of me that wanted to keep ranting on about him .. but all I could think about now was Alexandra. "Uh.." Therefore I finally gave in "Yeah.. She's very beautiful and very smart.. She's very different" I chuckled kinda

It feels weird even saying her name after I haven't said anything to her for a long time."Different? How so?" He took a drag from a cigarette. He probably noticed that I needed one and decided it was best to light up something BETTER for me. The temptation to smoke was stronger in here with the smell lingering around, but the smell of my old addiction, weed. "She just .. I don't know she's .. She's not like other girls I've met you know... You know what I don't know can we not talk about her I kinda--" "No No I'm all ears .. besides you just started. " He tapped the end of the cigarette in pile of ashes.I parted my lips letting out the deathly beautiful smell of a freshly lit blunt.

I shook my head trying to push away all the bad she sees in meand tried to find the amazement and happiness I see in her, the love I still have for her. "Shes's kind .. and loving and understanding .. well sometimes" I laughed "But .. unlike other girls , she loves me for who I am . She told me she would love me no matter if I was I don't know .. Ugly, or boring . It doesn't matter my religion or my age of that mater .. She brags about me all the time but who can blame her , I'm hot!" I said laughing with him. I took a drag of the blunt .

"But .. Not once has she regretted dating me, or marrying me, or having kids with me when there was so many times she could have left me for the stupid things I do ... And it's hard to find that you know " I explained, even though It couldn't have been harder to explain my love for her, Normally this is the easy part. "You and her remind me alot of me and your mum... It was your mum's choice to keep me here , she could have been bailed me out of course but .. she got tired of my stupid things , she got tired of bailing me out and being at the hospital for me, but to me it seems like your wife cares so much .." He says . I nod "They why be so scared to talk about her ?" He asked .

didn't know what to do or say. "Because .. as much as I love her and as much as I express it ..It will never be enough for her to believe me and get me out of this place .. she thinks I cheated on her let alone touched this same girl without her permission and I didn't but she doesn't wanna hear me out ... I always thought she would believe me over anybody... but now I feel I became apart of just the "anybody" "I laughed back "Well there's doubt in my mind that your lying to me when you have tears in your eyes " He said . I felt my face to notice a tear drop on my cheek.

I wiped it away quickly. My dad chuckled , Yes , I'm gonna call him dad . "Just give her some time to realize she was wrong." He patted my back .  and that was all he said to end it . "So .. I think its time that you start fitting in with the rest until them , Pink tips Zayn really ?" He said referring to my hair. "What's wrong with it?"

I looked around at all the guys with short hair cuts and the smug look on dad's face .. Maybe it is time for a haircut



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