Mr.Malik 4 +16

The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


16. Chapter 16.

Angelina Jolie for the win of Jesse's mom♥

(You're gonna meet Jesse's mom this chapter :)


Niall's P.O.V


"Where were you yesterday when Sieanna attempted suicide?" The detective questioned me. I could have sworn he already asked me this question along with a bunch of others. All this, when all I could do is just say that I didn't give her the pills?! "I was at home with my fiance as I said for the 3rd time  I said not knowing I sounded rude.

"We don't need the attitude Mr.Horan" He said as well as trying to stop me from getting a temper "But I already told you that I didn't give her any pills nor do I have any in the house , and if we're done here I'd like to go see my daughter before I leave for work" I sternly yet politely answered him with my arms still folded and the annoyed look on my face "Okay fine.. One more question ... Are you sure there isn't anybody you know that could have given her the medication .. anybody ????" He asked being rather specific , Because I knew he was referring to Fallen, and Fallen wouldn't do that

 "Is you Fiance and Sieanna close or have a healthy relationship that you know about for sure ?" He asked again. And that's when I began to question everything. They don't have the healthiest relationship, half of the time they don't get along and I remember last time I was looking for something and I found boxes of pills and pill organizers under the bed. This cannot be happening.

"I gotta go.." I mumbled getting out of my seat and busting out of my room to get home to talk to my loving and adoring fiance. Because now I know that she may have attempted to kill my daughter.

Sparrow's P.O.V

I was just waking up from my nap because I had gotten up so early .The couch wasn't the most comfortable thing, I thought It was me who groaned, but it turned out to be my daughter finally waking up from resting. I got off the couch and walked towards her bed. I sat down next to her and grabbed her hands. This is how I used to wake her up when she was little.

"Sieanna" I whispered her name. I wiggled her arms gently not to press on the bandages on her wrist. Her eyes finally came open. "Good morning" I said. "Mommy" She mumbled. "Yeah it's mommy" I answered her back. I thought she was fine until she rose up. "Mommy!!" She screamed , She was almost losing her breath. "What's wrong?!" I asked holding a little more tightly to her.

"I thought I was dead" She began to breathe heavily . When she said this my heart shattered into a thousand pieces. I wanted to smile to know that my daughter is okay, but I'm heart broken that she thought she was dead, why would she want to die anyway?. I wasn't gonna ask anything about it.. but now I needed to know. "Sieanna, it's okay" I said calming her down, She sighed holding her must be aching head. "Sieanna , what made you do all of this?" I asked her. She looked at me , her eyes stuck at a scared stare. "Mom I don't wanna talk about that--" "I do Sieanna.. I just don't get it.

Every time I see you there's a smile on your face and a bright little twinkle in your blue eyes and you always look so happy, but now I know something bad is going on behind closed doors and it hurts that you don't ever come to me or your dad about this--" "Because it always seems like you guys don't have time for me anymore" She blurted out .

"Mom I tried coming to you , but you are always busy with the twins and Mj that you never ask me how my days going anymore. And Dad is always working or worry about his Fiance who probably would never love him as much as you did... First my parents split into 2 different worlds , and now I stuck at a crossroad and I'm only 14 and I'm too overwhelmed by all of this! My freshman year was supposed to be my good years yet I am the biggest Joke! I got pregnant, I-I slept with a boy I thought liked me! I thought he actually liked me but he embarrassed me on the internet and in front of the entire school, and for what ? Some attention from other people I don't get at my mom or my dad's house from nobody because I wanted to for someone to feel pity for me" She wipes tears off her face and I did the same to my own.

"I wanted to die because if you haven't realized by now my life is a joke mom!You and dad probably didn't even want me it was my fault you guys aren't together now and Fallen was right about everything I've been saying--" "Well you know fallen is a bitch!" I cut her off. "Sieanna when I found out I was pregnant with you me and your dad were so excited to have you. We were picking out names before you even grew feet .You aren't a mistake and our dumb arguments had nothing to do with you but for what I did to your father and I'm sorry that broke up our family I didnt mean for it to happen" I said. She looks down trying to hold in her tears . "And if you were to be dead right now I would have lost my mind.

Your'e dad especially. You've always been a daddy's girl and I pointed that out even before you could open your eyes in the hospital , but I would HATE to have to bury my own child because I failed as a mother by not listening to her , by not telling her how much I loved her and miss her everyday because I barely see you , I already failed by not being there for you and I'm sorry" I cried. I almost felt like I was breaking down on the inside, but instead I was mended by the comfort of my daughter. I hugged her back tighter than she was hugging me "I'm sorry mom" She cried .

I kissed her forehead wiping my eyes. "And now we're crying like babies" I joked making her laugh once calming her down. "I love you Sieanna . don't forget that okay?" I said to her "I love you too mom" She smiled. My daughter smiled. and I couldn't be happier. Well I was happy, until my phone rang. I quickly answered because I remembered Liam was watching the kids.

"Hello?" " We have a problem, I can't find Mary Jane. I looked all around the neighbor hood and everything and I cannot find her" Liam Panicked . I began to panic "O-Okay just hold on I'll be there in a second!" I hung up "Oh my god" I said Dialing the polices number.

"Liam Needs help" Sieanna chuckled. I chuckled "Yeah I'll be right back" I told her quickly grabbing my stuff and rushing out of the room. Where the hell could she have possibly went ?

Niall's P.O.V

I sat in the living room waiting for Fallen to come home from wherever she is. I was so furious that there was no calming me down and I began to get even more furious as the from door jiggled and opened instantly. "Oh hey baby boo boo I thought you had to work today?" She smiled dropping her many shopping bags and rushing over to give me a kiss on the cheek "I called off" I mumbled .

"Oh .. Okay .. Well look babe, I was thinking I could wear this dress I bought to our wedding eve dinner in a few weeks" She holds up the expensive piece of fabric that she probably bought with my card. I scoffed "How the hell are you gonna just go shopping knowing that your soon to be step daughter is in the hospital". She chuckled "I know that , I was just about to ask about her, How is she?" She said putting the dress back in the bag before talking off her expensive heels.

"She's fine.. at least now that they pumped her stomach" I chuckled, when I said this her whole attitude changed. For only a second before she went back "Ohh.well, That's good" She smiled . I looked at her , giving me that fake smile and forcing me to believe that everything was fine. I wasn't about to take that. "Fallen don't lie to me" I growled lightly. She chuckled "About what sweetie--" "What did you do to my daughter?" I asked her not being specific for a reason . Fallen scoffed

"What are you trying to say I gave her oxycotton? You know I would never harm her no matter what she has done to me. I would never harm her or put her in harms way, you know " She said as she got behind me and kissed my neck. I kept my arms folded. "Okay" I mumbled. But it was funny

Because I didn't tell her about anything that happened other than she was in the hospital. Yet she knew exactly what to say 

Zayn's P.O.V

Great. Alexis and the kids were gone and I was left by myself. Here we go again. I don't understand why it had to come to this when I was telling her to the truth and nothing but. I left out the parts where Gigi was trying to seduce me, which probably would have helped my case. I just needed her to listen to me, but she's so far up Gigi's ass that she doesn't even wanna hear me out. I thought it would be smart to let her calm down even thought I had no clue if she was coming back after all of this.

I needed someone to talk to about everything, so I decided to call my mum. Because no matter what she seemed to always know what to do. 

"So .. you didn't cheat on her?" She questioned . I shook my head "No I swear Gigi is out to get me, all because she had a crush on me in school" I rolled my eyes with a scoff. "Ah Gigi.. I always knew she had a crush on you .. I thought she was gonna be your girlfriend at some point as well " Mum took a sip of her coffee . "Mumm " I whined at what she said . She chuckled "I'm only kidding sweetie.." I sighed

"Mum I don't know what to do. This is the 3rd time that I might end up losing Alex for good and by how my luck is going she's gonna leave me.. Alexandra is so stubborn and she's letting Gigi fill her up with lies so she wont believe anything that I have to say. and she took my kids.. she's mad at me and I don't know what's gonna make her believe me at this point" I shook my head holding it in my hands. "Zayn .. I know how much you love her . I know you would fight for her ... I am correct right love?" She takes one of my hands.  I looked her in the eyes, and it wasn't like I had anything to admit.

"Of course mum" I nodded. "Then its good that you are giving her time to calm down.. give her some times. because if she loves you too she's gonna come back . and she's gonna have to listen to you.. And there's no doubt in my mind that she loves you .. Because she does love you she expressed that to me about a hundred times in a  hundred ways , even in spanish" She laughs making me smile. "She'll be back honey" She reassures me.

I nodded still with a smile on my face. My mum was always right and there was never a time she stood me wrong. I hope she means everything she said.

I was so caught up in thought that the door bell had scared me. I walked out of the kitchen and down the steps to answer the door praying that it was Alex and the kids. I opened the door with the little hope I had , but to the police. 

"Um, Hi can I help you?" I asked . "Are you Zayn Malik?" He answered back with a question. "Yeah what's the--wait what the hell are you doing ?!" I was respectably answering only to have handcuffs put on me. "You're under arrest for assault and battery charges" He said while placing my hands behind my back. "What are you fucking talking about I never --" "You have the right to remain silent!" The other police officer yelled .

"Mum!" I shouted and she ran out the kitchen as fast as she could "Zayn !! what did you do ?!!" "Nothing!! I swear I did nothing, Mum tell them I didn't do anything!!" I yelled , but I was too late as they pulled me out of the house . The put me in the cop car across the street from the house and all the neighbors were out of the houses and looking at me . I was arrested for something I had no business in, and I bet Gigi had something to do with it. 

Jesse's P.O.V

My dad was at work, which gave me the freedom to leave for a walk to the park. I was going to surprise Alyx but it looked like his family weren't home. GOD did I miss him! Its been the longest days without him. My dad didn't just pull me away from him, but made it impossible to see him, or anybody of that matter. I take night classes now and lets not forget he took me out of football . He also found my Ipad and broke it. My dad didn't just take away everything and everybody , he took away my happiness and for no reason but to ruin my life. And it was my job to steal it back, by getting in contact with my mom. 

I know its been a while since I have seen her and since I was put up for adoption I haven't heard from her but I'm sure the adoption center can get me more information on her. , and maybe I can find out why she didn't come for dinner. I walked in the building full of people, messed up people who put their kids up for adoption on one side and the others who were ready to see their new bundles of joy. There was nothing I hated more than this place and its atmosphere. However if this is my ticket to happiness I had to hold in my vomit. I walked up tot he front desk and the older lady looked up to me and smiled "Hi,How can I help you?" She asked . "Hi" I greeted back kind of shyly. "Um. I know you guys don't really do this but I really need help finding my mom.." I said. She looked at me with kind eyes and nodded "I will get you with a worker as soon as possible sweet heart" She said then getting up to see if anybody is available . 


I was finally in a n office. any questions they had to ask and if there was anything I needed to know I was willing to do it and take it. "What's your name?" He asked me . "Jesse Wright" I said and he typed into a computer. "Jesse-Ray Octario Wright?" He asked my full name and I nodded to confirm. He clicked a couple times letting me know he found something

"It says here you were put up for adoption about 11 years ago along with 3 siblings Bryson Oliver Jacobs, Evilyn Olivia Jacobs and Joshua Onyx Wright ? do you recognize those names at all . Its been a while. and I know Joshua who is your full brother passed away right ?"  He asked .

I cringed hearing him say my deceased brothers name, Joshua. I missed him so much and I never got a chance of closure. They thought I was too young to understand but I remember his suicide like it was yesterday. I tried to keep it to myself and keep myself from crying "Y-Yeah " I mumbled .

He nodded . "It says here that your mother October Darnell placed you all in foster care to get into rehab, she wanted a better life for herself before she could take care of you all as a single parent and it took about 6 years. It even says here that she came by 6 years ago to locate you all but someone had already took your younger siblings and someone had already adopted you . She even came by a few weeks ago to get in touch with you adopted father  to see you but he cancelled the visitation and told her to never call again " He explained. and it left me confused at the last part.

"Wait .. adopted father? I thought he was my real father .. Josiah Wright?" I questioned him . He sighs "It says that you were adopted by a Charles Adams, He was an ex convict, a suspect of 4 3rd degree murder cases and was in many gang related operations back in New Jersey U.S. When he moved here he was just out jail and rehab and when he adopted you he asked about all of your background information so he wouldn't have to tell you that you were adopted by some stranger. He made sure that we wrote this on the form just in case he were to die or anything like that" He went further to the point were I understood that he wasn't really my dad.

and I was adopted by some stranger who was also a criminal. I didn't know what to say anymore, I almost wanted to cry.

"But um .. I have your mother's address and phone number here for you . She really wants to see you specifically Jesse .." He added.

I wiped my eyes form any tears looking at the slip of paper that was now in my hand. She live in the neighborhood next to ours .. very close actually ...


I knocked on the door of the house surrounded by gardening. My face was dry from the many tears I shed on the way here . My heard jumped as I heard the locks turn and the door open, There was a woman. Her chesnut hair and blue eyes simulated mine. She looked at me, I looked at her. It was like she had seen a ghost but, Maybe she was shocked to see me "Jesse?" She said. "M-Mom" I stumbled over my words ready to cry. and I did, When she came out of the house and pulled me into a hug "My baby!" She cried as I hugged her back. I finally was able to feel the comfort of a mother , of my mother, I don't wanna go back home. 





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