Mr.Malik 4 +16

The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


15. Chapter 15

Before I start this chapter I wanted to warn whoever reads this story that I'm about to hit a really hard subject, better known as suicide. In my other stories and especially Mr.Malik in general I briefly discuss a problem with suicide that a character faces , but this one is different. Spoilers that this is a young girl and I know so many young girls around the age of 14 who have committed suicide or attempted and succeeded. And if something like this can relate to you or someone you know , just know that suicide isn't the answer. It always helps to talk to someone and it always gets better. If you've ever had suicidal thought , but it was a long time ago or you attempted a suicide and it didn't work out , Know that the fight isn't over. Yes we are living in a world full of cruel people , and believe me that you are not the only one suffering from their hate and deception. But its all YOUR job to laugh in their face and be a strong person. Because that's what you are , and that's what you were put on this earth to be ♥

Suicide should never be an option : Call 1-800-273-TALK help is available for you or someone you care about. 

Without further ado Enjoy the chapter :) , HTB Aka Alexis♥

Sparrow's P.O.V

It was almost 2:30 in the morning. I sat by that window, the window of the room my first born laid in the hospital bed hooked up to breathing machines . Tears run down my face as I tapped my foot trying to think of the reason why she would do this . Why would she want to kill herself? But I know I could have prevented this. If only I fought harder for her, for custody of her. Just to hold her safe in my arms so she wouldn't have to face reality of the real world like I had to. Nobody could ever understand how much I HATE myself for this, but she is my daughter and I let her down.  

Liam held my hand tightly as I rocked back and forth in my seat trying to control my crying. "Why the hell did I let this happen" I said "Why didn't I tell her I love her ... Why didn't I tell her how much I love her-" "This is not your fault Sparrow.. don't blame something like this on you .." Liam cuts me off "Then who the hell do I blame it on Liam! .. She's was looking for someone who loved her and I wasn't t-here for her .. I wasn't there to love her" I fell to my knees as I cried. I felt Liam's warm arms wrap around me picking me up from the floor . Still holding me he kisses my forehead "Its okay .. its okay " He whispers over and over again . Even thought I felt the sudden urge to die all over again, it was Liam's hugs that bought be back to my sanity .

"Sparrow" I heard suddenly . I looked over Liam's shoulder to find Niall running towards us. "Niall" I said back "What is going on ? what happened to her" He asked looking into the window . It looked like he had been crying before he got here . "We found her laying on the floor surrounded by empty pill bottles ..and I find it funny because we don't keep bottles of oxycotton in the house Niall " Liam answered instead of me. Niall turned back to Liam . "What are you saying I gave it to her ?" Niall asked defensively .

"Somebody had to and it wasn't us--" "Yeah? well it wasn't me either. I would NEVER put my daughter in danger like that I'd be damned!-" "Okay that doesn't matter right now !" I shouted in between them. Niall sat down rubbing his face. "What matter's is that she is okay." I said and a few seconds after I said so the doctor came out from her room along with a nurse. "Who all are the parents ?" The doctor asked. "Us" I said point to Niall as well . Niall stood up beside me. I guess since he was so nervous that he grabbed my pinkie with his . Not once did he pull away .. and neither did I .

"Well there's some good new and some bad news. Good news is that she's gonna be okay , we pumped her stomach she just needs to rest .. unfortunately the baby .. couldn't have been able to survive so we performed an emergency abortion to remove the fetus .. I'm so sorry I know you guys were looking to become grandparents.. " The doctor added

"Baby? .. Wait She was pregnant ? .. " Niall turned towards me because I and Niall were the only ones who she told as far as I knew . I looked down ignoring Niall's eyes . "But um .. We would like to know answers of how Sieanna had access to 3 bottles of oxycotton, um rather it was in the house or someone gave it to her I want you guys back here for questioning tomorrow morning.. we'll keep you guys posted throughout the night about her" The doctor finished before walking away . 

"Liam can I talk to her in private please ... " Niall said to Liam. "I have to go check on the kids at home .. I'll be back babe " Liam said.I nooded letting Liam slowly turn around and walk away and I continued to look at the ground. Niall turned to look at me in my eyes I looked up at him . "She was pregnant and you didn't tell me?" He questioned . "how was I supposed to tell you, you don't ever call anymore " I blurted out. Which I didn't mean to say this. He folded his arms and stared at me dumbfounded

"I mean. Ever since you got engaged to Fallen you have completely forgot about me .. about us.. You have forgotten about the fact that we are still raising a child together but at the same time you don't even bother to call and ask how am I doing or is anything new at work . When you drop her off over the weekend you don't come in and say Hi and when you go out drinking with the guys I always hope Liam comes home and tells me that you asked about me .. or bring up some memory about me like our wedding or back in high school when I was so goddman crazy over you knowing I was too young to have you ... But I had you and I swear if I could turn back time to when you made me yours I would every day I wish my life wasn't this hard .. the choices weren't this hard when you were there for me .. The twins are crazy and Mary-Jane barely ever comes up the stairs because I have to deal with them , and Sieanna is lost and my husband is in love with a dead girl which is besides the point that I miss you " I finally brought myself to the point.

"I miss you" I repeated myself. And through my mind to add on to my insanity at this point is how he was looking at me , was that a "you're wild" kind of look?

"Niall..." I said for an answer. but he answered differently. He grabbed onto the nape of my neck and kissed me. KISSED ME. It felt like way back when . When I was the young girl crushing on my math teacher and for the first time when he grabbed onto my hips in a desperate attempt to pull me closer.

When he let go he left me wanting more. "You know you're always gonna be first love .. You know that " Niall said to me . His lips were saying everything I wanted them to. "Sometimes I wish I could go back to when I left you , and I WISH I didn't send the divorce papers and I wish I didn't let you walk out that door  and leave me" He whispers his hand grazing over my cheek " I love you.. I love you and I wish I could take back everything that happened " He grabbed my hand our foreheads attached "Make it up to me.." I said . I knew I was making a mistake but at this point there is no mistake worse than leaving him, so what do I have to lose . "Right now?" He looked around our location . I turned over at the corner of my eye to see the family bathroom not too close from sieanna's room "Right now " I said gripping his hand and rushed him into that bathroom. 

That this moment we started kissing slowly and passionately. Niall took off his shirt and took off mine right after. I missed the feeling of his body against mine. I missed his lips, I missed his everything. He stopped for a second to take a condom out of his wallet, its the manly thing to do. He throws the wallet on our pile of clothes . "Just say the word if you want me to stop .. " He said kissing me on my lips then to my neck. He looked me in the eyes expecting me to say something different , but the unthinkable came out instead "Don't stop" I said bring his face back to mine to kiss me.

I'll leave the rest to your imagination. 

Alexandra's P.O.V

I fixed my gray halter crop top that was paired with my high waist black jeans and red and black flannel. I did my makeup and put on the darkest shade of lipstick I owned. I was not happy Alexandra today , all because of what happened last night. What? Zayn was just gonna talk to Gigi, have a few quick fixes with her and didn't expect me to find out by giving all that lovey -dovey shit? I don't expect him to tell me the truth at all, which is why I'm trying to ignore him. 

I sat on the bed putting on my black timberland and at the corner of my eye Zayn comes from the bathroom in his black shirt and light colored jeans. "Morning beautiful" He smiles at me , I ignored it. He walked over to me and sat beside me dropping his all white Nike's between his legs.

He grasped onto my waist and kisses my shoulders to my neck . It was hard but I resisted and moved away from him going to pick out my bag from my closet. "Hey .. What's wrong with you ?" He followed me , I figured. I didn't answer taking my Louis Vuitton bag off the top shelf , I continued to move my essentials from yesterdays bag into this one. "Alex..." He called my name again standing in front of me , I continued to ignore him. "If this is about wetting the bed because i forgot to put the ice pack back in the fridge I'm sorry , I'll change the sheets and everything--" "What we're you doing when I left yesterday morning?!" I finally snapped. He looked around confused

"What do you mean I was sleeping.. then I got up and I cleaned--" "Cleaned what ? .. or should I say cleaned who --" He cut me off . "Alexandra what are you talking about --" "I found these on my side of the bed. I don't wear a size 2 and you know that" I threw the underwear at his chest that I found. "I don't know where the hell these came from " He said with a shrug

"Oh yeah ? So I guess you don't know about the text messages from Gigi's new number saying thank you for the fucking day and call me when your wife's not home?!! All those fucking times you were acting weird and I didn't notice you did this to me I feel so fucking stupid!" I screamed . I tired to walk away from him but he grabbed me "Alexandra I had nothing to do with this ! I swear I didn't do anything --" "Get off of me!" I yelled as he backed me into a bunch of shoes on the wall . They fell everywhere around me but I didn't care "Get off of me " I cried again.

Thank god for waterproof makeup.

"You're not listening to me .. Baby please listen to me , Gigi is setting me up, I promise on everything I didn't sleep with her . I never had a thing for her ever ... Alex please look at me please --" I pushed him out of the way , I grabbed my bag and walked out of the room "Alexandra " I heard Zayn call my name and I ignored him. "Alyx , Jailin lets go " I called picking up Zain to carry him to the car .

"Alexandra just listen to me " Zayn shouted again. I walked out the door putting Zain in his car seat in the back of my Jeep. Alyx climbed in the front seat and Jailin climbed in the back . "Put on your seat belts" I told them . "ALEX!!" Zayn called once more before I backed out of the driveway and into the street speeding off until our house and Zayn were out of sight.

"Mommy are you okay ?" Jailin asked . I looked in my rear view at my little girl , her hair in 2 braids wearing an outfit similar to mine except with no crop to her top. I get upset when I argue in front of them. "We're okay sweetie don't worry about it " I smiled at her.

Over all I knew he wasn't gonna tell me the truth , but I wish he did.
Louis's P.O.V

Well it hasn't been the first time I've been in a cell but the first time I had to stay over night . I tried speaking to my cell mate but all he wants to do is have sex with me . I slept sitting up even thought I only slept for 40 minutes and they could even settle for letting me have my phone even though there is no fucking cell phone signal. God coach will be pissed I wasn't able to make it to practice and my excuse is I got arrested for replacing the dry erase board markers with Dildo's , I'll be benched. I was beginning to feel my life was over until I heard the officer

"Styles! You're out of here " . I got up from the bench dropping my lit cigarette on the floor and stepping on it. I walked out of the cell once another officer unlocked it and turned the corner to see my loving husband standing there , He then rushes over when he seen me "Louis " He said. He picked me up off the ground and kisses my lips and hugs me tightly and I return the affection . "I was so fucking worried about you " He said as he rubbed my face with his thumbs .

As he did this all I could think about was why I was in here in the first place. I was in here for him. Because I wanted him to have everything back. I began to shed tears . "What's the matter ?" He asked as soon as he saw a tear fall out my eye. He wiped it away. "I'm in here because I was trying to help you get your job back" I admitted. He looked at me confused

"Louis .." "I did everything I could possibly do to sabotage Johnson.. I shouldn't have made you stay home if I knew you were gonna lose your job for it and ... I just want you to be happy doing what you are good at --" "Louis you didn't have to do all of that .. Yeah I'll admit I'm upset about losing my job and I would do anything to get it back right now but at the same time I LOVE spending time with you and Robyn and Elijah . I'm getting family time that I haven't had in a while back Louis and if you're stuck in Jail where the hell am I supposed to go?" He chuckles .

"Uhm .. home?" I said confusedly. I obviously didn't understand where he was going with this

"But you are my home .. " He said . and I understood completely . I pulled him back into a hug kissing him a couple times "I love you so much" I said to him "I love you too babe .. I hope you're done being stupid'" He laughed making me laugh . He grabbed my hand and we walked out of the police department . I'm happy I'm back with my home.

Alyxander's P.O.V

School was finally over , and I waited outside for over 10 minutes seeing if Jesse would even show up at all. I didn't know why. He wasn't at school , He probably wasn't gonna show up anyway. Without him, and without Sieanna by my side I was lost. I didn't know what to do when I heard Sieanna tried to kill herself and it's all because of Hayden. She texted me before she did anything and I didn't believe her. Now I don't know how she's doing, or if she's even alive. I hope I get to see her

After getting dressed for practice which i was about an hour early for. I stayed in the gym to shoot around by myself  trying to get my mind off of everything . Jesse, Sieanna, my parents. How did my life turn out to be this bad?. Its like I'm losing everybody . I know its not true and I wanna believe that. I just wanna believe it . After a few shots I was already thinking too far . I fell to my knees letting the ball go. All I could hear was the voice of Jesse yelling my name. Why did he have to be taken from me? I love him. I need him. And I'm so messed up in the head and I just want him to hold me-- "Hey .. " I heard .

I looked up expecting it to be who I wanted it to be, but It was Hayden. The boy who almost killed my best friend. "I thought you'd be here I need to talk to you--" "Look If this is about Sieanna I don't wanna talk to you . You got what you wanted she's in the hospital now are you happy ?!" I said walking away from him . "N-No I'm not" He chuckled suddenly as he stumbled over his words . I looked at him .

"I feel .. Terrible.. I'm sure you wanna hear the truth and here I am telling it .. I didn't send out that picture of her on twitter, in fact I didn't show it to anybody. My Icloud was hacked and I took it to the apple store just to make sure it was and some girl sent it out. I deleted the picture any way and it was in my recent's. She texted me 'how could you do this' and 'i'm over this' . I told her to stop , I called her I did everything I could I even told her the same thing I told you... and she didn't believe me " He said looking down. He was looking down for a second before he began to break out in tears.

"You probably don't believe me but I wanna fucking die I just want somebody to shoot me because she didn't deserve any of what I bought into her life after what she told me what hell her life was already--" "Maybe I can tell her that .. " I told him . He looked up.

"You'd tell her for me ?" He asked me in confusion "Yeah.. I probably won't be able to see her any time this week but .. maybe when she's resting at home" I nodded. I held out my hand for him to shake it , and he did.

"Thanks" He wiped the tears from his face. I smiled and nodded. As much as I felt like shooting myself as well, that's not an excuse to help someone. "So wanna play a quick 1on1?" He grabbed the ball from the ground . "Sure" I said as he passed the ball to me. 

Zayn's P.O.V

"Excuse me Nick?" I walked in Nick's office . "What's up boss man?" He said cheerfully eating candy that probably came out of his pocket. "Have you seen Alexandra ? I've been looking for her everywhere. She's been hiding from me and I really need to talk to her" I asked him. "mm Nope sorry" He sighed. I did the same sitting down in the chair in front of his desk. "Why is she hiding from you exactly? Are you guys playing hide and tap that ass again?" He smirked . I rolled my eyes "No" I sighed "Have you ever felt like you were being set up before?" I asked Nick "Yeah in 3rd grade when some kid hid the teachers box of chalk in my cubbie and I got suspended "He sighed "Good times son" He looked up into the sky . "You know what I bet" I nodded applauding him for his useless story. "Yeah .. actually . I think I seen Alex leaving for lunch earlier , maybe about 10 or 11. Gigi said something about her getting her things..and going to her mothers" Nick told me which made my eyes pop out of my head "She's going where?" I said in a shocked tone 

That's when I busted out of Nick's office. I made my way all the way upstairs to Alex's office and busted in to find Gigi sitting in her desk taking away on the phone . and I stood in front of her with anger on my face. I folded my arms and watched her ramble on and she stared at me as a smirk appeared on her lips. "Um .. I gotta go Kendall , we can talk over drinks? ... okay .. alright bye" She hangs up the phone .

"Well hello Zayn what's new--" "Did you tell Alex to go with her mum?! and don't fucking lie to me I know what your trying to do and I'm not about to let this happen to my family--" "I don't know what you're talking about Zayn--" "Oh you don't ? How about this ? Texting me from your fucking phone saying I slept with you and I didn't and now Alex won't even talk to me, she pushes me away every chance she can fucking get she wont even let me hold her hand!. You're setting me up what the FUCK did I do to you !--" "Her!!" She yelled back to me .

"You're.With.Her... You forgot about everything we did together .. you forgot about our relationship you forgot about our kiss all because of her ! and I'm out to get what's mine .. the family I wanted with the boy I wanted since 1st grade---" "You're crazy .. We never had a relationship and we never kissed. Get it through your damn head Giana. I DON'T WANT YOU !!" I spat back in her face . She was quiet after that . "I want you to tell Alex everything . THE TRUTH! You're fired and I want you gone by tomorrow --" "You can't fire me ... You're not my boss " She scoffed

"I own this .. Therefore I am . and I want you gone . I don't want you near my family , My kids , My wife , my friends ... I don't even wanna see you near my acquaintances" I said before walking out of the office slamming the door behind me. 

I turned the corner of the hallways and put my back against the white walls I slid down til I was sitting on the carpeted floors. This would be the 3rd time someone is out to get me and Alex, because of jealousy! I just hope this one doesn't succeed 

Gigi's P.O.V

Zayn slammed the door behind himself. This behavior only kept a smirk onto my face as he didn't know what I was capable of . I picked up the phone and clicked Alexandra's number. It rung for a second before I got an answer "Hello?" She answered. "A-Alex" I cried , fake of course . "Hey Gigi what's wrong?" She asked . "It .. Its Zayn .. He.. I told him to stop " I stuttered "What do you mean ?" She questioned . "He .He touched me..touched me everywhere . I told him to stop . He wouldn't stop."



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