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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


14. Chapter 14.

Have you ever seen Troye Sivan's Blue Neighborhood vids .. you should probabaly watch them 

you'll be with Alyx and Jesse on a spiritual level :')

Alexandra's P.O.V

"Alright I'll see you tomorrow, I'm so excited yo introduce you to the kids.." I say over the phone .I looked over to notice Zayn walk into the kitchen, I can't wait to tell him the news! "Okay . well I gotta go .. alright .. bye" I laughed hanging up the phone. "Who was that baby" he walks over and kisses my lips before taking bowls out of the cabinet for everyone's cereal. Its cereal Saturday of course. "Oh it was just Gigi . I invited her over for Sunday dinner with the family" I tell him and he literally dropped a whole bowl out his hand and onto the floor "Shit Zayn" I shouted as it shattered "Fuck! I'm so sorry I just--" "You've been acting really weird" I say as I looked him in his Hazel eyes as they shined like gold against the morning sunshine. Goddamn I can't be mad at his cute little puppy face. "I know .. I've just been really distracted by work and everything and I'm so sorry baby" He pulls me into the hug of the century. His blue shirt was so fucking tight I could feel his rock hard abs and his heart beat out his chest at the same fucking time. He kisses on my neck with no warning making me forget about the shards of glass on the floor , and the kids! He's been showing so much weird affection but at this point SHOW ME DADDY! "EW, GROSS DADDY!" Jailin's voice burst out as she walked in holding her little brothers hand. I knew that was coming 

"EW GROSS JAILIN!" Zayn mocked her then running over and attacking her with hugs and kisses. Damn, sexy boss to loving father just like that huh?

Still flustered I laughed and began to sweep up the glass on the floor , when I see Alyxander walk in at the corner of my eye "Well good morning Alyx, where's Jesse?" I asked throwing the glass in the trash "Oh he's getting dressed " He responded "Did his dad call?" Zayn come in . I thought Alyx wasn't gonna answer , because he was probably gonna pass out by the sound of his fathers voice, but instead his voice remained very light "No" and a small shake of his head . So much is bothering me about them and if you were me you'd find it hard to process as well . "Well that's okay .. He can stay for dinner tomorrow " I smiled lightly as I picked up Zayn and placed him in the highchair "If he wants" I added . "I-I'll take him to get some clothes after he eats breakfast " Zayn says and I have to say . this was the first time Alyx has smiled since yesterday and it was the sweetest thing . Zayn pushed around his cereal in a bowl . I was gonna tell him it was gonna get soggy but , maybe it's not the time for that. But besides that , they're finally making a breakthrough 

Zayn's P.O.V

Jesse told me his house was only 5 minutes away from here. They could have probably walked but since I'm out we could run some errands after . All i'm hoping is that this experience with me and Jesse mends a relationship with me and Alyx as I'm really trying to convince him that I'm gonna love him no matter what happens. I know he doesn't believe me new but , I hope it changes . We pulled in the drive way of a big blue house at the very end of the complex. It was beautiful.I put the car in park and turned towards Jesse. "We'll be waiting here for you" I told him . He looked at me . "Um .. can you walk with me please" He asked . I looked back at Alyx who was looking out the window in the backseat. "Of course" I said turning back to jesse. I unbuckled my seat belt and  hopped out of the car to Jesse's side . Jesse walked to the first step and run the door bell and my heart was beating so fast .

The door opened revealing a man who was around my age with light stubble. "Jesse , where the hell have you been?!" The man asked him in a demanding tone. I stood there surprised at how this man was talking to him , but I didn't wanna say anything . Well at least I wasn't going to until he turned to me "and who the hell are you ?" His eyebrows furrowed "Oh .. I'm Zayn , I'm Alyxander's dad" I held out my hand . He didn't shake back and I pulled my hand back in slowly "I was just uh .. bringing Jesse to get some clothes " I said and I thought I said enough "Alyxander? .. Who's Alyxander? Is that your little boyfriend you've been texting? so you really are a fagget!" His dad shouted .

"How did you get my phone !--" "How dare you raise your voice at me you fagget! ... I thought you were joking around but you really are gay you little fagget boy" He laughed once more stepping out of the house closer to Jesse . Annnd this is where I step in

"Hey this is your sin remember? Atleast have a little dignity towards  you helped put into this world " I said sternly stepping in front of Jesse to protect him "Me? Help make Jesse, I'm sorry I believe you made a mistake because I don't make fags---" "Stop calling him that---" I raised my hand to push the man getting into his face, But I was stopped by Jesse softly saying "Its fine Mr.Malik " He mumbled . He walked around me and walked into the house .

"Just tell him to hurry up so we can go " I said about to walk off when I was stopped . "We? .. Jesse isn't going anywhere " He laughed . "Are you crazy ? . He's coming back with me--" "Are you crazy ? He's my son , so he's gonna do what I tell him to do" He growled walking back into the house . "You're the fucking devil !" I spat back . "Well I guess I will make you suffer in hell .. besides .. You're son and Jesse gonna busts hell wide open anyway " He smirked before slamming the door in my face . All I could do was stand there because I had no idea what to do at this point . What am I supposed to tell Alyx?


I watched Alyx as he practiced foul shots in the backyard . It made me thing of how proud I am of him, but to think of the little piece of hope I had left to repair his broken heart  was what was mainly on my mind. This is when I decided to interrupt him . "Alyx" I called stopping him in mid jump . He looked at me the sweat running down his face, as he looked just like his mom but the eyes of a teenager me . 

I walked outside from the walkway that separated the 2 boundaries. "I wanna talk to you" I told him . He grabbed the ball and walked towards me to sit by my side on the porch swing. He didn't look at me but at his feet as if he thought I was ashamed of him. "Alyx I know yesterday I was wrong to yell at you the way I did. I truly am and--" "So why did you? You know you can always just admit you don't like that I'm gay and I'll leave dad.. I'm sorry I'm not the son you wanted me to be okay?" He apologized . I heard a squeak come from the back of his throat and tears fall from the tip of his nose to the cement.

"Alyx I know before you even said anything about being gay. and you must be out of your damn mind if you would even think that you aren't everything I have ever wanted in a son and everything I wanted you to be" I said making him look at me. "You are everything me and your mum have ever wanted . and if I weren't telling you the truth do you think I would love you so much . I'm not upset about you growing and learning new things about yourself but I AM upset about what you and Jesse were doing .. I just expressed it differently because I taught you different no matter what way I taught you and I know you're now at that age where sex is what everyone is doing no matter how you're doing it" I rolled my eyes making him laugh .

"But it wasn't about you being gay and it never was, I'm just upset that one you're 14 and shouldn't be having sex and 2 because you went into me and your mums room and took things you had no use for .. also because you went in your mums closet and she yelled at me for it " I said .He chuckled wiping tears from his eyes . I shook my head looking down "and to think I made that clear but instead I made you feel like I didn't love you and I'm ashamed of you and I'm sorry for that Alyxander " I finally apologized. with his lip quivering as if he was ready to burst into tears already, he hugged me tight. the feeling of relief overwhelmed me as I hugged him back . "I'm sorry dad" He cried .

I didn't wanna cry but I really needed to . Its been a while trust me.

"Its okay .. and I promise .. if you ever need me for anything I'm here .. I'll always be here "I say . He smiled "Alright" He said . "Good .. so How about a game of one on one" I said picking up his basketball "ahh on second thought Its passed bed time " He gets up taking the ball from me . "What its only 8:30!" I shouted "LOVE YOU DAAD" He said before running into the house . I chuckled getting up . I noticed the other basketball on the other side of the court . I jogged over to it and picked it up . I face the court, brung the shot up and made it , nothing but net . "Yeah . Love you too Alyx" 

Alyxander's P.O.V

Finally its Sunday . It was good to talk to my dad finally and for this I slept peacefully . I couldn't have been more grateful for last night , but I couldn't be more scare for Jesse. His dad trapped him in the house without a way to contact anybody , so he thought . But luckily his dad forgot about Jesse's ipad he hides under his bed. His dad wasn't home, therefore he took this time to facetime me. "He broke my phone, my T.V, he broke my playstation and locked all the doors in the house except the bathroom " He explains. "What is even the point in this ... I wish I could stop him for you " I said .

His lips curved into a smile "Thanks babe.. but for now I'm just gonna have to make do , Until I can find a way to get another phone, other than school this is the only way I can talk to you and that's only when my dads not here to stop me " He mumbled . I looked down playing with my nails on my hand . "Well hey . My mom is sorry that you can come to dinner tonight with my family but she said I can bring you cake to school " I told him .

"No need to worry about that . I'm still coming , on second thought , I'm on my way!" He shouted "Wait what?! . You can't sneak out what about your dad--" "Don't worry about him" He interrupted me. "You are all that matters to me , and of its gonna make you happy I'd do it no matter what I have to go through to get there just to be with you .. I---" Beep beep beep. MY PHONE DIED! OH MY GOD! . What was he gonna say? . I threw my body back on the bed thinking about how much this was gonna bother me now . its only 8am and I'm already stressed. and not just because I don't know what he said , but because he's sneaking out for me .


Later, at about 4 everyone , including Jesse had came. He looked absolutely amazing in a tie and vest and I let him know most definitely . and eventhough the whole time I was holding his hand secretly and he stood right next to me , I was so scared to ask what he said over face time. I watched as he looked around at all my family some from California that I didn't know as much as family from bradford , and of course the aunts and uncles and cousins I see almost everyday .

"You have alot of family " He gasped "This .. is only about half of my family "I laughed making him laugh "amazing .. I haven't even met my grandparents before" He chuckles lightly . He continued to look around , but when he looked down I knew  he was having bad thoughts and I wish I could help that , but I couldn't do much but change the subject . " Hey this is my abuela" I walked him over to my abuela.. my mom's mom . " Abuela this is Jesse
I introduced him "Jesse ah yess, your mama has told me a lot about him.. you're such a beautiful boy with the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen " She gushed over him and I seen his eyes brighten as he smiled  "Well .. th-thank you ms.--" "Oh please nieto call me abuela " Granny grabbed his hand and held it close to her chest . "momma!" My mom shouted "You're making the boy uncomfortable" Uncle Denagelo added "oh please Alejandra and Deangelo , any boyfriend of my first grand baby is a grand baby of mine" she responded making me blush as well as Jesse who was smiling at his feet .

"Come on Momma . help me with dinner" My mom took Abuela's hand and lead her to the kitchen "What did I say Mija?" She chuckled as they walked ."Sorry you're abuela .. might be a little over the top today" Uncle Deangelo shook his head before patting my back and walking off .

I turned back to Jesse who smiled back so big

"I think she likes me " He says . I chuckled at his cuteness, but that was all interrupted when I heard "Alyx" I turned around noticing Sieanna standing at the end of the hallway. She motioned me to come over to her . I turned to Jesse "No worries , I'll be here " He smiled . I smiled back before walking over to Sieanna . She grabbed my hand "We need to talk , right now !" She pulled me towards my room , Uh can this wait? 

Alexandra's P.O.V

"Harry wheres Louis?" I asked handing him a drink . " I have no idea .. He said he had practice and that he'd be here .. I don't know when he's coming nor has he called me " He took a sip of the wine . I shrugged He'll be here , He probably didn't wanna smell like ass around all these people . But that's besides the point . I haven't seen my family in so long and neither has Zayn nor the kids . I missed them from bald headed cousin sally  and crazy aunt Joey , who's a man in drag which I guess I'm used to now . 

As I talked to some of my cousins that's when someone knocked on the door . I walked down the stairs around the crowd of people to open the door revealing Gigi. She had on a pretty dress and her long hair was pinned up and she just looked .. like a model .WHY ISN'T SHE MODELING?!. "Heeeey! oh my god your dress is gorgeous !" She shouted excitedly . "Sammeeee , you look amazing like seriously you are body goals" I said . she laughed

"Trust me , now and days guys look for girls with the cute face , ass and sass and you have it all unlike me "She giggles making me laugh , snorting like a pig "Well thankyou .. come in the guys have been waiting to see you " I tell her grabbing her hand and leading her upstairs . I walked into the kitchen hearing the men's laughter get louder and louder "Look who's here guys " I said .

"GIGI!!" Harry squealed rushing over to give her a hug "Harry , gosh I haven't seen you since high school and wow.." She said excitedly, she was probably looking at the fact that now he has hair down to his fucking ass and wearing a flamboyant Ikea living room curtain . "You . really haven't changed very much . do something different with your hair ?" She questioned . "Um not really , I'm trying this new conditioner and --" "Never mind him , Hey Gigi how are you ?" Liam interrupts giving her a hug and kisses on both cheeks . "Liam , I heard you're about to release your debut Album congratulations "She said . "Thanks" He said . "Niall " She hugs niall Next "Hey Its been a while since I last seen you painting your nails in math class " He laughs .

People were that fucking bored in school ? Ever heard of the fuck the teacher game ? "Yeah , it could get pretty hard maintaining popular girl status " She sighed .Girl please back in my day you say you're popular you could catch these hands . "And I believe .. We're unfamiliar faces . My name is Deaneglo , I like chicken wings, slow music and I speak a little spanglish, yo también tengo una gran polla" De smirked . Why is my brother such a fuck boy ? and Gigi was liking it ? . This must stop .

"Okay enough , Zaynie aren't you gonna say hi" I said taking Zayn's hand and pulling him out of his chair . "Sorry he's acting little weird , say Hi Zayn " I said . "Hey " He sighed . Gigi said nothing back with a smirk on her face . "anyway Alex where's a bathroom  if you don't mind " Gigi walked out the kitchen first . "Ill show you just hang on " I turned to Zayn folding my arms .

at this point all the guys exited the kitchen swiftly .

"Zayn .. look at me " I said and he looked at me biting his lip . "Why are you being like that , she was being nice to you " I said sternly. He sighed "Alex you don't understand why Im--" "You're right I don't ! , You were sooo pissed when I wasn't cool with you're old friend and now that I'm friends with her you're mad about it " I commented . He looked away and I brought his head back "Don't turn away from me " I pouted . He looked at me with those same puppy eyes and cute lip and omg . "please fix your attitude ." I said . "Alright" he mumbled . That's when I walked out leaving him standing there. I can't be mad at Zayn but sometimes it feels like I need to be mad for something , but what ?

Gigi's P.O.V

This is where Alexandra fucked up , 1 she brought me in her house , 2 she let me you her and Zayn's bathroom in their room . Of course Alexandra thinks we're becoming close best friends and let me know she's been running errands with all the kids all day and Zaynie boy was at home cleaning , or "cleaning" is what she's gonna think . my plan was fool proof .

I took out some of my best underwear and hid them on the side I suspected to be Alexandra's side of the bed , of course my size is smaller so they couldn't possibly be hers . I put on a thick layer of lipstick before kissing the pillows. I took the t-shirt laying on the dresser which I suspected to be Zayn's dresser and sprayed cheat perfume all over it before going back into the bathroom .

I took out a bag of red extensions cuttings small strands and laying them all over the room . Not only did I do those little things but of course I had to text him from a new number to thank him for our 'fun day' of course he's not gonna look at it now , but he's gonna look at it when in bed with this loving wife . This plan just leaves me a few steps closer.

Alyxander's P.O.V

"Are you done?" I yelled on the outside of my bathroom door . "don't rush me woman!" Sieanna yelled back . I sighed  continuing to wait outside the door. Eventually Jesse came in my room with us when the rest of my cousins played outside . "Is she okay ?" He questioned .I shrugged "Only heaven knows " . Finally I heard the toilet flush and Sieanna came out . "Okay it says wait 2 to 5 minutes , I beep negative 2 beeps positive " She said explaining the words written on the box of a pregnancy test . "How did you even get a pregnancy test ?" I questioned leaving against the wall "Fallen's secret stash she hides in the linen closet , nothing is a secret between me and her now and days " She scoffed  eye balling the test . " Who keeps a stash of pregnancy test ?" Jesse asked confused .

I sighed " Look that's besides the point, what if you are pregnant ? .. what are you gonna do ?" I asked sitting next to Jesse on the bed , he grabbed my hand as we both watched Sieanna. She sighed "I don't know I.. I haven't gotten that far ... fuck what am I doing ?!" She threw the pregnancy test on the floor and covered her face with her hands . "Sieanna --" "I mean its not like anybody is gonna care anyway. Nobody cares about me , My dad doesn't want me back at home and Liam thinks I'm gonna pull the same stunts around my younger siblings at moms ... Hayden doesn't even care , he just took my virginity and left and now I'm stuck with the problem of how to tell my parents that their 14 year old daughter is about to have a baby of her own " She falls to the floor in tears .

Got up from the bed and got down to comfort her . "Sieanna its okay .. Its going to be fine no matter what the outcome is .. All that's already happened in our lives you have to learn to be strong --" Beep beep . The annoying noise blared of a positive pregnancy test . " It's positive " Jesse said ."No... I'm pregnant I'm so fucked Alyxander!!" She shouted "Calm down" I said to her .I sighed "I'm gonna go get her some water " I said . "I'll come too , give her some time alone " Jesse nodded . I took his hand and we walked out the room together . But when we walked out the room I suddenly seen a man that was under dressed and looked just like Jesse's dad , Then he looked at me . and it was Jesse's dad "come here !!" I heard him shot .I tried to run while Holding Jesse's and I turned to run the other way and he grabbed Jesse by the back of his collar choking him , everyone around gasped and screamed running to exits "Let go of him " I shouted trying to grab him . "What's going on ? .. HEY!!" My dad yelled trying to pry Jesse's dad away from Jesse, but instead getting punched in the face .

"Dad help!" I shouted. "Please don't let him take me !!" Jesse screamed . "Let him go --" "Back up" His dad pulled out a gun from his pants . I fell backwards and moved as far away as possible . "I'm not afraid to blow your head off your shoulders " Jesse's dad snickered . "Alyx please " Jesse cried . "Jesse--" I tried to crawl back but my dad held me back . "Please don't let him take me Alyx , I love you " He cried out . I tried to pry myself out of my dads grip . "W-What ?" I stuttered after hearing what he said ,and my hear shattered to pieces "I love you ..I love you so much you are the only person who gets me .. if I lose you I don't know what I'm gonna do " He said .

at this moment I was looking at my boyfriend be strangled by his dad and forced towards the door . "Jesse" I silently cried "THIS IS THE LAST FUCKING TIME I SEE YOU WITH HIM YOU UNDERSTAND ME JESSE ? .. I ASKED IF YOU UNDERSTOOD ME !!!---" "Okay .. okay" Jesse cried out . As he held the gun to his forehead . His dad grabbed him by his collar and dragged him towards the door "Jesse!!" I screamed "Alyx!!" He shouted back and forth we both shouted eachothers name until I shouted "Jesse" . and got no response . "Jesse--" "Let him go Alyx ... Let him go " My dad said in a shaky tone .

He loosened his grip and I was able to fall to my knees in tears . It felt at this moment that everything was taken away from me . "Alyxander are you okay ?!" I heard my mom scream . She ran into the house and hugged onto my dad and me . I was too weak to get up and hug her back .

"Alyx .. Alyx!" I heard Sieanna's voice as she ran in the living room "What happened ? .. where's Jesse" Sieanna asked . This broke me down even more . Not only is he gone .. but I didn't get to say "I love you" back 

Sieanna's P.O.V

"You can't just send her back to her dad because of what she did Liam !--" "and I get that Sparrow ! .. And I love Sieanna but , she's pregnant Sparrow .. Theres no way in hell you're allowing that with a 14 year old she's not ready and I don't wanna see her like this ..." I hear them both argue about me . and at this moment I don't know where I'm gonna go and what I'm gonna do.  I shut my door trying to ignore them . I grabbed my phone and continued to try to get ahold of Alyx but he's not answering anything .out of all the many notifications I had none belonged to him , instead they belonged to a bunch of strangers . I clicked on one to get a picture of me .. naked. The same picture I showed Hayden that he promised not to show anybody with over a thousand retweets and likes already .

comments like "What a slut" and "Whered you find that" stamped onto my mind and I was ready to break down until I heard "anna" . It was none other than Mary Jane . Mj was so quiet and sweet you couldn't ever tell she was in the house , but she was so focused on her dancing why speak ? "What's wrong?" I put my phone behind my back . "Are mommy and daddy okay ?" She asked walking in still in her sundress and jean jacket from earlier . "Of course they're okay why wouldn't they be ?" I asked her motioning her to sit next to me .

"because this isn't the first time they argued this week.. or every other day " She describes . I sighed "Mary Jane I want you to know something " I said . I know she's my little sister and she wouldn't understand what I go through as a teenage girl . or what I used to go through when I was younger . "Mommy and my daddy used to be together . you know Uncle Niall right?" I said and she nodded because that's what she knows him by. "They used to fight all the time when I was even younger than you .. of course they aren't together anymore and it really affected me and the way I look at them but .. I'm just saying whatever happens .. you cant take the path I did to get attention , or to feel better ... be stronger than me " I told her almost in tears

"Okay anna .. "She nodded . She gave me a hug before leaving my room . I broke down into tears once she left holding onto my stomach. I stopped crying before taking a bottle of asprin and taking every pill in that bottle til I was woozy and I couldn't feel my body .

It felt so much better thank living in this world , cutting myself felt so much better than living in this world , throwing up everything I have eaten is better than living . and when my eyes began to draw shut .. I felt better. 

Alexandra's P.O.V

I walked in me and Zayn's room with an ice pack after I calmed Alyx to sleep . This has been the absolute worst week for him and I don't know what to do at this point . I can''t bring Jesse back , but atleast I get to cradle my baby to sleep all over again . I placed the ice pack on Zayn's head after he finished getting dressed from the shower . He hissed at the ice hit his swollen forehead "Thanks baby" he said . I sat on his lap . "This sucks .. everything is going wrong for everyone " I sighed . "I know .. I just don't know what to do about Alyx ... I wish I could do something ." Zayn said . "Yeah .. " I began to smell something weird . I sniffed around until I caught sent of Zayn's shirt "What are you wearing ?" I asked . "Nothing , What are you talking about " He smelled his shirt . "Go change your shirt it smells weird " I chuckled . "Yeah yeah fine " He groaned walking to his closet . I got on my side of the bed and as I laid down I felt something on my side . I lifted up the under sheet to find women's underwear, smaller womens underwear .. and not only this , but them Zayn's phone buzzed . Now normally I wouldn't check his phone even though he lets me , but I did . I unlocked his phone and went to the new messaged from an unsaved number .

Thanks for the crazy day baby ,

call me next time your wife is out I'd be happy to stop by ,

don't forget to save my number -Gigi from Unknow Numb

I looked at the message confused . Is this why he's been acting so weird around me and Gigi .. HE'S FUCKING GIGI?!

Louis's P.O.V

I finally finished pranking the classroom like I planned now all I needed to do was let everything fall into place just like planned . I looked at the master piece of the classroom that was gonna get my baby his job back before walking over to the computer and typing up an email signed by that bitch who sole my hazzas job . "Okay anddd send--" The door busts open revealing a custodian janitor .

"Who are you ?!!" He shouted ."Shit!" I shouted pushing him out the way and running . He screamed for security in the walkie talkie and I tried to get to the exit as fast as I could

but instead I was caught by 3 police men and a k-9 .. fuck . 




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