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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


13. Chapter 13.

To you all with the siblings out there HAPPY NATIONAL SIBLING DAY♥

Jesse's P.O.V

I sat at the dinner table with my dad and my dad only. This , because my mom didn't show up like she said she would. I couldn't even focus on that very much after what happened with me and Alyxander today. My only reason for walking out so quickly was because I felt it was my fault. I know I probably rushed it and made it seem like that was all I wanted from him, and that's not true. I'm falling in love with Alyx, more than I ever thought I would. I couldn't lose him because of this, Alyx is all I'm asking for in my life . 

I pushed my chicken and noodles back and forth in my bowl trying to fight back the tears from flowing out of my eyes, It hurts that my mom would even lie to me, She probably didn't wanna see me anyway, she wouldn't even remember who I am. My dad sighed taking a drink from his glass of water "Well, it's 10 . I don't think she's coming tonight Jes" He threw the dirty napkin onto his plate. I said nothing back getting out of my chair and began to make my way towards the front set of stairs,but then he stopped me . "Jesse Come here " Dad called . I slowly turned back and he motioned me to come back and sit down and that's what I did. He gets down face level to me sitting down in the chair. He looks me in my eyes " I know you're upset about your mom not showing up, but I know something else has been bothering you " He tells me . My bottom lip began to shake and all I was ready to do was cry , because I just wish It was easy enough to just spill everything out to my dad about Alyx, but I cant and it so tempting. "I'm fine" I responded, He knew I wasn't "Just tell me what's been going on "He said . A tear fell from my eye and I tried to blink the rest away before continuing 

"Dad I'm not who you think I am " I kept taking many deep breaths in and out "What are you talking about ?! Jesse if there's something I need to know you need to tell me !!--" " Stop yelling !" "Well spit it out!" He yells again "I'm --" I choked over my words . Goddamnit spit it out Jesse! "I'm gay" I blurted out finally . And there it was . All those looks of confusion and disgust I was trying to avoid for so long , The looks you would never expect your father to give you. The one you wasted his life trying to find you to take you in after you had nobody

 "What?.. what is this some kind of joke?" He stood up , his shadow hovering over me. At this moment I was completely in tears and just wanted someone to understand me , and love me for who I am. I wanted Alyx to come and hold me and never let me go, But for all I know he probably doesn't ever wanna see me again .

 "D-Dad I'm sorry I kept this from you but -" Dad shook his head, He walked away leaving me behind, broke a few things and punched a hole in the wall on his way out of the front door. This is where I lost it . Here I am sitting In the chair that my mom was supposed to be sitting in who didn't even want to see me . I knew I'd lose my dad being honest with him, the only person I trusted with everything or atleast the only family I had. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow Alyx broke up with me , It's like I'm living in hell with the devil himself .

Alyxander's P.O.V

The whole night I waited for Jesse to text me first . I didn't want it to seem like I was mad at him because I'm too scared to text him first because of what my dad said to him, and what he said to me. I don't even know if my dad will ever forgive me for this and it hurt so much. It hurt on the inside and out , especially since I've looked up to dad ever since I was small. Never once has he gotten this angry with me and it scares me , What if he doesn't love me anymore? I wanna believe everything mom said to me , But I don't think I can with these thoughts . My phone laid on my chest as it was now 3am. Everyone was sleeping in the house , in my DM's , and probably in all of London except for me . I was crying for a long time before I even stopped and began to get tired. My eyes began to slowly drift close until I heard a mysterious knock on my window , the knock similar to.. Is that Jesse?

He had on the same black t-shirt and distressed shorts from earlier except this time , he was soaked by the rain . I ran towards the window and opened it before hearing a big roll of thunder "Jesse what are you doing here--" "I have nowhere else to go ... I'm sorry to come at this time and I'm sorry if you didn't wanna ever see me again but this is the only other place I thought to go .. I'm dad kicked me out " He said . My eyes grew wide "W-wait what ? Why?" I asked .

For a second I forgot he was standing on my roof, his lip began to quiver before he actually broke out in tears "No no don't cry " I said holding onto his hands . He wipes his eyes with his shoulder. "Its a long story , I've been crying forever , I cried on my way here , I'm just tired Alyx" He sobs . I pulled him into the window, the rain from his body dripping onto the hard wood floors, I pulled him into a hug. He held onto me tight crying in my neck.I heard my door open and my mom's voice come through , but I never let go with my eyes closed, I placed my hand at the back of his head .

"Alyx what's wrong ?" My mom walked towards me and Jesse , Jesse let go and looked at my mother . "I was just looking for a place to stay tonight " He told her . She looked at him and she really looked like she was ready to cry but she didn't "Well you can stay here if you want . Alyx will give you some dry clothes and you can take a hot shower if you want . are you hungry?" She asked him . He nodded . She nodded back before getting up ready to walk out , I stopped her .

"What about dad?" I asked her. "Don't worry about your dad , I got him okay ?" She kissed my forehead before walking out the room . I lead Jesse towards my bathroom.But I was so cared to find out what my dad was gonna say

Alexandra's P.O.V

Its so crazy what Jesse goes through at home . Who the hell is his dad and why haven't I beat his ass yet? I hate to see people stressed out and upset and that was everything Jesse was, the least I could do was help no matter what happened earlier , and its nothing to pretend that it didn't happen at all.

I flipped the 2 grilled cheese sandwiches in the pan then stirring thew Tomato soup in a pot . I hate the smell of tomato's nor do I like tomato's at all but since this is Jesse's favorite food and he hasn't eaten fuck it . 

My cooking was eventually interrupted by a loud yawn and a groan coming from someone walking in the kitchen , I knew it was Zayn though "Who's in the shower? You know we can hear Alyx's shower through the wall?" He said . I tried to ignore that question until I sat everything for Jesse out on the table . I didn't wanna start shit up and break shit . "You're not gonna like this right now " I said turning off the stove . "What do you mean ?" He questioned . I sighed taking Zayn's hands .

"Jesse is here and --" "Why?" He questioned "If you'd let me finish maybe you'd know ... He came by at around 3, he was crying, its raining outside ,and he's not wanted at home .. His dad kicked him out , I don't know why .. but all I'm asking is if you would let him stay here , you can take him to get clothes and whatever in the morning , but he's in a bad state right now and I would HATE to see him on the street" I begged and pleaded to save the boy . Its the mother instinct in me .

Zayn's eyes began to get watery , not because he was tired oh no , He was tearing up . ".. Alright " Zayn said . and that was all he said before picking me up and kissing my lips . "You have such a kind heart you almost make me wanna cry " Zayn adds . I sighed

"What can I say . Its the motherly instinct in me " 

Sieanna's P.O.V

Not only did my mom pick me up early for her house , but I'm stuck her for 2 months and I'm on punishment probably for the rest of my life. Heaven knows the next time I'll probably see the open world or if I ever will again of  that matter. Dad just had to tell mom the whole story and now Her and Liam are on my back 24/7. I can't even leave the room without one of them following me . At least I still have my phone so I dont feel as horrible. I sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen as my mom talked on the phone while cooking dinner.

All I could feel was the bass of M.J's music in her dance studio and the twins claps as Liam helped them with their homework. Ever since what happened yesterday I haven't gotten one text from Hayden , and I wonder why , Its probably because my dad scared him off . He's so bitter, Maybe if someone actually pretended like I existed for once I wouldn't have done what I did . I probably wouldn't have been on punishment right now that's for sure. "Alright well . I'll see you tomorrow.. Later" My mom sighed before hanging up the phone .

"That was so sad " Mom said . 'What was babe ?" Liam walked over to get a drink from the fridge " Alyxander's friend isn't really doing so well at home, she didn't give me all the details but he's been upset since last night " She stated . Id assume she was talking about Jesse , I never knew Jesse was living in a troubled home by that party we went to and how happy he had to be, and he didn't even get in trouble for it . "Well that's too bad , I hope he's better . Lets go take a bath guys" Liam called for the twins and they excitedly got up and followed him. This left me and my mom , The person who loved me more than life itself . She could never say no to me right?

"So mom I would love to visit Alyx and Jesse" I smiled . My mom laughed "Nice try Sieanna but you know what you're dad said . You're on punishment and I'm not allowed to let you out the house "She shrugged . I groaned "This is so not fair mom" I exclaimed . She sighed leaning against the island top. "Si you know what you did was wrong, and you're dad is right , you're too young , I had you at a young age , my first time losing my virginity believe me it wasn't fun , me and your dad would hate to see you go through that "She said continuing to cook . I sighed . Is it gross that I just imagined my parents losing their virginity to eachother? And Its weird that my mom always brings my dad into things when she's parenting me . I wonder if .

"Mom do you still love dad ?" I asked out of nowhere making her drop the spoon she was cooking with to the floor as she choked on whatever she was tasting . She chuckled and chuckled putting the spoon in the sink and getting another one "Honey. I'm re-married and happy--" "Mommm I know that's what you are but .. You can't stand here and tell me that you don't still love dad .. I know he loves you" I say . She stood there kinda starring at the floor.

"I remember the day you guys officially broke up .. it hurt . and when dad would come pick me up from you and Liam's old house back in bradford you 2 would look eachother in the eyes and I would see nothing but 2 lost lover crossing paths and ... He doesn't really talk to you anymore and .. I have to admit it makes me kinda sad " I said almost getting into my own feelings . I saw her close her eyes tightly but them opening them shaking her head . "Uhm let me go get your sister for Breakfast" She said walking out of the kitchen. I didn't hear her footsteps go down the steps .

Did I say something wrong ? It felt like I did with the large churn in my stomach , then that large churn turned into me running to the downstairs bathroom and throwing up into the toilet .

Damn I shouldn't have said anything . 

Louis's P.O.V

"Alright here she comes! Haz you got the camera ready?" I shouted "Yes babe" He laughed. Here she came. Robyn. She wore her pretty blue formal dress that was soo puffy and sparkly, She looked just like Cinderella the way the silver crown bounced off her beautiful eyes and brown skin . I LOVE HER LIFE. Right next to her was Elijah helping her walk down the stairs in his white dress shirt and black fitted suit and all black vans while their dates stood at the bottom of the stairs in awe with their parents . "You look amazing Robyn , You as well bro" Nicholas shouted as they all gave each other continuous compliments "Well what an amazing family you all are " Nicholas's mum smiled .

"Oh why thank you , You're son is just a wonderful gentlemen and I couldn't accept anyone more to take our daughter to formal" I smiled back at the older lady. Its like they were going to prom or something . "most definitely and it was very lovely to meet you Mrs.Crawford I agree that you're sons manners and etiquette is to ramble over " Harry shook her hand .

"Oh you have quite the vocabulary .. are you from a certain place ?" the lady asked Harry "Oh no I'm an old  teacher at the college" He nodded. I nodded as well, even though I regretted the fact that he brung up his job. "Oh you're Mr.Styles ! . My oldest daughter attends university there and she says she hasn't learned anything ever since you left , she's been failing left and right with that Mr.Johnson fellow" She answers.

Harry looked upset at first but then he was just like "Oh .. well okay .. Well I don't want them to be late I'm gonna take them . Let s go guys" He says grabbing his keys and leading everyone out the door including the 2 parents. I knew Harry was good at his job, I didn't know he was so fucking good the students don't learn anything anymore since he's been gone 

I HAVE to get his job back . Anything for my Hazzie♥



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