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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


12. Chapter 12

If this is you right now ... I'm here to pat you on the back and let you know it only gets worse from here :)

Niall's P.O.V

-A few seconds before shit went down-

"Honey I know you think we should have a private wedding but, my brother is coming into town and my parents from Ireland and I really don't feel I should leave the family out --" "You never do what I want , you never get what I want ! , you're an asshole !" Fallen shouted before a hangup . I looked at the phone with confusion . I hate when she acts like a spoiled brat . Its annoying and distasteful. Besides I'm not the only one who would agree that the private wedding thing is stupid . She has no family , so what I do . I want them all to see me say I do to the person who I'm willing to be with until the end . Especially my family from Ireland , which I haven't seen since Sieanna was little . I shook my head unlocking the front door of the house . I walked in almost tripping over 2 bookbags laying in front of the door . I scoffed "Of course , Sieanna and Alyx trying to kill Fallen again " I shook my head . I moved the book bags with my foot throwing my keys on the couch and making my way up the stairs to see what the 2 were up to .  I walked towards the door and I was about to open it until

"it was your first time huh?..." I heard a voice , a deep voice. It surely wasn't Alyxander. That's when I began to listen for a while , but they talked so quietly I couldn't hear until "Hayden there's something I forgot to mention ..... I'm .. I'm 14" . My eyes grew wide "Wait... Your 14?!--" I opened the door and busted in to my daughter and a boy , both naked under her purple bed sheets "What the hell is going on in here !!" I shouted making them both split apart like freshly cut pizza .

"Daddy!!" Sieanna shouted moving tot he far side of the room away from this boy who was covering his below area. He had tattoos on his arms and chest , and almost a fucking mustache "Who the hell are you ? why are you here ?" I walked towards him angrily "I-I--" "Dad its not what you think I swear " Sieanna buds in, but of course that didn't stop me from punching him in the eye. He falls to the floor screaming in pain "Ahhh fuck!!" He screamed "Get the hell out of here !" I yelled kicking him . He managed to raise himself off the ground and run out of the room still covered .

I slammed her door with all my forced behind him . "Dad if you would just listen --" "Why ? so you can tell me that this isn't an issue ? .. The boy was taking advantage of you , a 14 year old girl --" "He didn't take advantage of me alright ?!" She cut me off. I looked at her with my eyes widened "So what happened ? .." I folded my arms while she TRIED to make this situation better "What else happened dad .. I let him .. And you know what I don't feel bad about it nor am I disgusted because nobody cares about me in the house !--" "I don't care ? .. I didn't just punch a boy in the eye for you! Because I care about my daughters purity and her respect . I don't care !?" I shouted .

"You dont!! All you care about is that she devil you lay with everyday --" " You know atleast that she devil witnesses a father who cares about his daughter everyday ! You didn't just come out of the blue I asked to have you in my life .. and you disrespect my house , my rules! .. you disrespected yourself Sieanna!" I snapped back .

She starred at me. at this point I don't know what else to even say to her .

 She didnt stumble over her words , she said nothing back to me after all I just said to her  . I just shook my head and walked out the room .

I hated how much I loved my daughter , and to realize how much she hated me back is what I hated the most . Something has got to give in this house.

Alexandra's P.O.V

I put Zain to bed , made sure Jailin was actually sleeping and not reading under her covers and went to check on Alyx who was on his phone as usual in his bed , in the dark . Normally I would say something about it , but I just let him continue . I cleaned up the kitchen before I walked downstairs to Zayn's "Man Cave". I opened one of the double doors to him sitting in his chair with a drink in one hand and a blunt in the other . I knew sometimes he smoked even though he's tried so hard not to . I don't even care right now MY BABY IS STRESSED! .

I walked over to him and got behind his chair , I massaged his shoulders before wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing his cheek . "You okay ?" I asked him . Zayn sighs putting out the weed in his ash tray "Alex I don't know " He sits the ash tray on the table and sits back in his chair starring at the sky . I sighed then walking tot the form of him . I sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck . He then pulls my legs on his lap me and holds onto my waist . Though this motion exposed my ass because of my dress I just wanted Zayn to open up .

He kisses my forehead as I play with his messy Pink brassy hair . "Zayn I know that this is hard for you to process right now .." I mumbled . " and I know that its different but I really need you to open up" I was so busy messing with his hair I failed to notice that he had some tears falling down his face . "I know " He says . He wipes his own tears "I know I stormed out on him and I yelled at him , and I know that wasn't the right thing to do " He admits .

"and he's really upset as well . I know this is not new to you and everything because of harry --" "But with Harry it was different .. we were teenagers , we were in college , we were drunk off our asses " He laughed making me laugh . "This is .. my son we're talking about . OUR son .. My first son and my first child .. And I always told myself , even when I was a little boy and my mom was taking care of me by herself that I was gonna find a wife and , I was gonna have a son, I was gonna teach him everything I knew as a father and a husband and he was gonna find his wife and have my grandson , and pass down everything I knew ." He looked into the space .

"And you still can .. I mean .. Alyxander looks up to you more than anybody is this world .. I mean .. except Steph Curry " I mentioned making him laugh . "But .. He's been looking up to you since he was 6 or 7 months , standing in your over sized Jordan's  and copying your every move at the table, He couldn't wait for you to come home and tell him a bedtime about Super Dad and his Son that he loved so much ... and now he's grown up so much and we find this out and honestly , he's not looking for the acceptance from me that he knows is there and always will be there , He wants you to love him like he was your little boy again no matter what his sexuality is. " I could honestly feel myself crying .

I was wetting his t-shirt and it didn't even matter because his tears were falling in my hair ." I want you to talk to him .. about it and let him know that you love him still because I can't stand to see my babies upset anymore . " I wiped his face . He nodded sniffling kinda . "I promise I will" He said holding up the pinkie with our promise tattoos on it . I did the same and we linked our pinkies together then pressing our lips together as well . and I promise you that it was the happiest kiss I have ever felt.

Louis's P.O.V

I came out of the bathroom after a nice hot shower after practice to the sounds of my kids laughing and my beautiful husband is the reason . I loved coming home from practice back then to see Elijah and Robyn asleep on each side of his chest while he hummed a sweet song to put them to sleep. I miss when I had babies but the interaction with everyone in the house is just beautiful.

"Dad , Daddy said that tomorrow after school he's gonna take me and Robyn to the mall for Summer formal shopping" Elijah blurts out . "Yeah me and Nicholas are talking about wearing Blue , but I think we should wear yellow instead .. or pink .. maybe purple .. I don't know we'll figure it out " Robyn rolls her eyes laughing . "Well that's nice . Since daddy is more relaxed he could probably be able to do it right after work tomorrow . right babe ? " I plopped down on Harry's lap and his face froze intensely . "Uh .. about work --" "You went on vacation again ? We could go see batman V.S superman and take uncle Liam ." Elijah shouted "And then Dad and Uncle Liam can fight again" Robyn added making them both squeal. "Actually its more of a permanent vacation .. " He said .

It was suddenly quiet , Especially on my side . I blinked a couple time and the kids looked at eachother and back at us . "W-Wait what are you talking about ?" I asked him . Harry's eyes were suddenly full of let down and despair , His lip began to tremble and I didn't know why . his grip on my thigh became tighter and he only did that when he bottled up his emotion . Which is what he always did . "I um .. I lost my Job  this week and .. I was trying to keep it from you guys . I didn't want you guys to worry about it or about me but I'm trying to find some other place to make up for this I promise I am . I'm really sorry " He admitted . Before I knew it there was actual tears falling down his face as he hugged onto me. My poor Har-Bear :( . "Babe its okay" I said hugging onto him . He hugged me tighter like I was gonna walk away from him .

"Daddy its alright ." Robyn said as both her and Elijah hugged him as well . "Yeah , this just means we can spend more time with you" Elijah said excitedly . But that didn't stop Harry's tears . I don't know why he was so upset about it . I don't want him to be upset about it . Hopefully he will feel better and realize that this family is in it together . There's nothing that can change that 



Yess .. It is short . But I am gonna make the next chapter even better . dont worry your little head 

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