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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


11. Chapter 11.

Not my besssstttt but I live for this^♥


Sieannna's P.O.V

Now, to actually win this bet with Alyx I actually have to get Hayden in the house without my dad finding out . And to my luck Fallen nor my dad were here . I peeked in the door of the house and slowly walked in motioning Hayden behind me to follow my lead .

"Dad?" I yelled kinda but not too loudly "YO YO DADDY LEPRECHAUN !?!!" Hayden shouted. I smacked him in the chest making him laugh "Sounds like he's not in" Hayden smirks "I shouldn't have ever told you I'm part Irish" I rolled my eyes . I dropped my bookbag at the door and went to the kitchen. Hayden did the same following me and shutting the door behind him "I mean .. I think its pretty cute . Half Irish , Half british" He leans against the counter "Correction 50% Irish 25% British 25% German" I sipped the juice in my cup . He rolls his eyes "Blame my Grandmom and Grandad" I added

"You're so annoying " He playfully said walking over to me "Aren't all us cute Irish folk?" I chuckled . He then began to tickle me . He so amazing ... wait what about the bet? He stops tickling me holding onto my waist " So ... What do you wanna do ?" HE BEAT ME TO THE QUESTION OH MY GOD !. "Um .. Study . W-we can go upstairs to my room " I cleared my throat and tried to sound as seductive as possible .

It wasn't working believe me

"Alright sounds good to me " He smirked picking me up by my legs and hoisting me over his shoulder.

I screamed with fright as it felt like he was gonna drop me but I knew his biceps weren't gonna let that happen "To study we go" He sang and began a light run out of the kitchen leaving trails of laughter behind .Please dad. take your time at work 

Alexandra's P.O.V

I couldn't believe this was happening . I, Alexandra Jade Malik was actually having a good conversation with Gigi. We were laughing and getting to know each other better and it was great. She wanted to know a lot more about me and Zayn's family ,which surprises me because she seemed to be a jealous ass bitch all this time. It was strange yet okay. "You . are so funny Mrs.Malik" She slapped her knee "Please call me Alexandra Gigi" I  smiled and she smiled back .

Our conversation was eventually cut short as Zayn walked in . " It about time to close up Babe , ready to go ?" He walks towards me and kissed me on the lips . "Yeah baby let me just fax this over to Nick so he'll have the design for his client" I smiled and walked over to my desktop but Gigi rushed over and pushed me away from the mac software . The girl could be a football player if she wanted to , and I'm not talking no british footie .. The real shit . 

"Don't worry I got it for you .. Alex" She said with a pause between her offer and my name with a smirk , What the hell ? "Oh .. Okay thanks , just lock up my office when you're done " I said walking over to the closet to get my Michael Kors, yas. I tried to ignore the awkward tension that Zayn and Gigi had. He was looking at her and sweating bullets as she smirked . I WAS SO FUCKING LOST! "Ready ? .. Zayn?" I snapped him out of his stare down . He sharply turned to me his rose gold hair moving stifly "Yeah I'm ready " He rushed over and grabs my hand and my bag from my other hand. Which I was used to him doing but he was so eager to get out that door . He was basically speed walking down the hallway his all red Hurraches not tripping up not once "What's up with you Zayn?" I chuckled at him rushing away . He stops in the middle of the hallway and take his hand to my face lightly brushing his fingers over my skin . "I just can't wait to get home and cook with you and be with you  that's all "He mumbles . "Are you sure know you can tell me anything--" "I swear... How about we make something special for dinner together with the kids thats all I wanna do . Please" He said . I would hate to say that it seemed like he was hiding something from me.. but maybe he actually wanted to have some family time and that's why we're rushing out the building to get to the Costco that never closes . Therefore I won't ask no further questions "Yeah okay " I nodded. He kisses my lips a couple times , one peck at a time before he took my hand leading us both to the parking garage .

Gigi's P.O.V

"Are you sure?.. You know you can tell me anything--" "I swear ." Zayn continued . I just loved how his brain was all over the place to see me . He had no Idea what to even say . His looks of terror are hot and the way he hid the truth from Alexandra is priceless . It makes me happy that they don't even realize what I'm doing .

I'm only being Alexandra's friend obviously to get to Zayn . The closer we are , The most likely I'm gonna be welcomed in her house with her kids, taking Zayn from her . I hate to be a homewrecker, but  I love it for Zayn , I'd do ANYTHING for Zayn.

Alyxander's P.O.V

Jesse didn't have to be home until around 6 and they ended up cancelling practice because the coach was sick so instead me and Jesse came back to my house to 'study' . Atleast he thought we were gonna study . But I'm not losing this bet to Sieanna , Especially because I know Jesse isn't gonna just take my virginity like that , He's respectful , and that's what I'm proving . Since Jailin is at Uncle Liam and Aunt Sparrow's and Zainy is at Uncle Deangelo's this left me and Jesse alone . For a while . 

We had our math books open and he chewed on the end of his pencil trying to figure out the same problem I couldn't figure out . "Alyx I don't know .. Maybe you should ask the teacher " He shrugged closing the book . I shrugged back doing the same making him laugh. He then laid his back on the bed and began to play with his phone . This was the perfect moment . 

I made him stop paying attention to his phone sitting on his abdomen area. He looked up at me as I smirked in his face and felt on his chest "So .. Whatcha wanna do? " I asked . He said raising up which moved me to his lap "I don't know .. He couldddd watch a movie . You said you had Insurgent " He reminded me . "Oh yeahhhh ... But Its in my parents room .. if you wanna come look with me " I smiled knowing it wasn't in my parents room . and I knew exactly where my parents kept their sexy time things . In my moms closet of course. "Yeah sure" He smiled . I grabbed his hand and we left through the open door and straight down the hall to the double doors of my parents room . Since we moved besides my own room their room has always been my favorite .

I opened the double doors to the black and white room , the big bed in the middle that had 3 stairs at the bottom with 2 doors at each corner ,2 vanities and a big arch way that lead to the biggest bathroom I've ever seen . "Amazing .. Your parents have hella good taste" He said amazed by everything that brought together their room. "Well they click together really well . taste like this takes love it seems like" I explained chuckling after . He sighed "So .. where we lookin first ?" He asked looking around some more of the room .

"Uhm .. my parents normally keep the movies by the TV but my mom keeps my special movies locked in her closet " I told him walking towards her side of the room with her closet which had a number lock on it . The reason she has 2 closets is because she has her casual attire and her work attire , both closets stay neat but business closet stays locked. Why you may ask ? 

I put in the pin and pressed the button . It made a beeping sound before the closet opened in front of us and angel noises began to play as our eyes feasted on the many pairs of heels with matching bags and designer dresses and more bags of course . Her special Jewelry stayed locked in a glass island in the middle of the closet . with a spinning mirror ontop . "You're mom is .. quite--" "Spoiled .. I know " I sigh rolling my eyes . Where does he think I get it from ? . 

We continued on and looked for the video . He looked around trying so hard not to move anything because everything looked fragile in his eyes . While he looked on the other side of the closet I looked on the correct side where the thing I was looking for were on . "Maybe they're in this box" I said pulling out a large black velvet box from behind all of the Fall and winter shoes my mom just got and will put up soon . "Good looks" He said making his way over and sitting on the floor with me . I slowly unlocked the box and opened it looking in the box "Hmm .. I don't see it " I said instead of pulling out a video like Jesse might have expected I instead pulled out which you may be thinking .

A dildo .

It was purple and long and I just looked at it with no problem . Jesse covered his mouth just starring at me . "You wouldn't mind if I just ... " and without even thinking if my parents even washed these things which I'm hoping with the many packs of wet wipes in here, I slowly brought the dildo to  my mouth ready to do something I never thought of doing , until he stopped me before it even touched my touch .

"Okayy!" He shouted then grabbing my hand and leading me out of the closet . He folded his arms looking at me "What I was just looking for the video " I said , the dildo still in my hand . He takes it out of my hand and throws it . "What's going on with you ?" He asked grabbing my hands . I sighed.

"I thought this is what you wanted . for me to be more ... intimate .. " I said trying to hide the fact it was a bet . "No.. who told you that ?" He questioned . " .. Sieanna" I murmured shyly . "Who ?" He said having me speak up . I groaned "Sieanna .

She was reminding me of how you were a womanizer before we started dating and everything . and she was like 'how do you know he doesn't want you for one thing' and I told her you weren't like that and that your are kind and special and I know you haven't had your first time with a guy and neither did I . and I didn't know how comfortable you were with it and all I'm trying to say is --" 

Before I knew it his lips were on mine . With no warning he was kissing me so passionately and I didn't want him to stop. His hands made their way to my lower back pulling me closer til I was pushed against him .We took a break making our way to my room 

Our clothes were off and he was hovering over top of me . This was the first time I've seen a boy naked other than myself and his body was amazing . but that's besides the point. I'm a 14 year old boy that doesn't know what the hell he's doing . But.. I'm ready to be curious with the only boy I want. He kisses my neck as he tried his best to push himself inside of me . I held my breath as it hurt so bad I couldn't let the air out of my system .I dug my nails into his back making moaning sounds in his ear making him do the same back .

I thought we were all set , that was until "Alyx your mom went to get your brother and sister , she asked if we could clean up the kitchen and ---" My dad's voice was cut short as I caught eyes with my dad starring at me and the boy ontop of me . "Dad" I gasped immediately making us over our naked bodies . Dad dropped the bottle of Snapple on the floor in shock as to what was going on making glass shards go everywhere on the cherry wood floor. My face was so red and Jesse was so nervous about what was going to happen .

Because I already knew ..I was in trouble 


Dad paced back and forth in the living room as me and Jesse sat on the couch waiting for my mom to get home . My dad was furious and I know he wasn't gonna take his anger out just yet as he tried to process as much as he could. I looked over at Jesse who was looking down at his shoes trying his best not to look up at my bad or at me , at anything . I couldn't tell if he was upset or embarrassed , or both. My face was so flustered and not only that but I can barely sit correctly without it feeling like somethings is being pushed inside of me. Besides this .. I tried to speak up .

" D-Dad--" He stopped me holding up his finger to his mouth . He shook his head trying to calm himself . Yeah, he's bottling up the anger . Not even a few seconds after that the door unlocked and in came my sisters running mouth and my mom just saying "Thats nice baby" over and over . They made it to the top of the stairs and everyone , even Zainy was looking at us . "Hey, what's going on ?" My mom sits the groceries on the floor and puts Zain down . " Jailin go to your room with your brother for daddy please " Dad told Jailin "Okay! . Cmon Zainy ." She says grabbing Zains free hand as the other one carried his cup . He heard the door close through the hallway and .. let the games begin . "Alyx tell your mom what you were doing with Jesse " Dad spoke up .

"Dad please let me explain first--" "What the fuck is there to explain ?! He walked in and fell on you what? Something like that doesn't just happen! . You're 14 years old do you have the slightest Idea of what the hell you were doing ?!" He shouted at the top of his lungs . I looked down as my face became even redder "No! of course you don't . This is bullshit!" Dad yelled . That's when my mom came in "Okay okay .. Please fill me in I'm lost " She said .

"I walked in on him and and that boy naked , Having sex Alexandra " Dad told her. I cringed at the sound of when he said 'that boy' . "Alyx" mom sighed . "I didn't mean for it to happen--" "You didn't mean it so how the hell did it happen?! . Is that boy even supposed to be here -- " "THIS BOY HAPPENS TO BE MY BOYFRIEND !" I suddenly shouted standing on my 2 feet . I can't believe I was doing this . 

Alexandra's P.O.V

"I walked in on him and and that boy naked , Having sex Alexandra " Zayn told me. How the hell was I supposed to process that . I couldn't even find a way to be mad I was just shocked . "Alyx" I sighed towards his burning red face . He looked so guilty "I didn't mean for it to happen--" "You didn't mean it so how the hell did it happen?! . Is that boy even supposed to be here -- " "THIS BOY HAPPENS TO BE MY BOYFRIEND !" Alyx shouted . Zayn looked at him . Shocked and pissed at the same time . He looked hot but that's besides the point . "Boyfriend?" Zayn questioned . Alyx looked at him nervously before stuttering "Y-Yeah" He nodded . Zayn chuckled a little .

"Are you serious ? . Alyx you don't know what you're doing--" "I automatically don't know what I'm doing because this is a boyfriend I'm talking about ? Is this because I'm gay ---" Zayn cuts him off . This is intense . "ITS NOT ABOUT YOU BEING GAY !!! . " Zayn yells in Alyx's face . That's when I had to step in and pull Zayn away from him . I could see the hurt in Alyx's eyes and the hurt in Zayn's eyes . I was so weird because I never knew these 2 to ever be mad at each other like this , no matter what the situation was "Its not about you being gay , having a boyfriend , I don't care about that ... You're 14 " Zayn shook his head . That's when Zayn walked off down the hallway and to the room . I closed my eyes to the slamming of the door . I knew that was coming . And I just stood there . Alyx sat back down slowly trying to process what happened . and it amazed me that Jesse had tears literally going down his face . He didn't look up not even once . "..Jesse .. I think it might be time you go home " I said .

He got up from his seat and walked out not looking neither me or Alyx in the eye. Concerns me really . I sighed talking off my heels and walking over to Alyx and sitting next to him . "Alyx babe you alright ?" I asked him . He nodded while wiping tears from his face . That didn't really help has he was shedding tears constantly and he slowly began to cry . "Alyx .." I mumbled . "Dad's mad at me and I don't know what to do.. I'm not the son he wants me to be I know he's ashamed of me , I knew it would happen that's why I've been trying to hide it from you guys " He cried . I lightly chuckled "Hon We knew " I admitted to him . He looked at me , Damn did he look like me when I cry .

" I knew from the time you started bringing Jesse around I knew he was more than a friend to you ... and I talked to your dad and .. yeah he was confused but , he knew that you were his son . his oldest son I mean . you're growing up and high school years are the years when you find yourself . You found something interesting and it might be new to you but it sure isn't new to your dad . Uncle Harry had the hardest time coming out to his parents about him and Uncle Louis and now look at them .... Honey WE love you just as you are we aren't ashamed of you. but your still YOUNG . You shouldn't be sexually active At all Alyxander" I told him .

He finally stopped crying and calmed himself down a little . I wiped the tears off his face "And I tell you what .. Jesse .. Jesse really likes you and he REALLY has feelings for you I promise you that " I said , and that for sure made him smile. I squeezed his cheeks "Go get cleaned up to help mommy with dinner "I said . He nodded before getting up and walking to his room . I let out a big sigh looking towards the sky . I didn't wanna believe my baby was growing up , but now I know he is . 

Sieanna's P.O.V

Our clothes trailed from my bedroom door to my bed . I was starring at the ceiling just like him. "It was your first time huh?" Hayden asked me . I nodded as I kept my body covered for him to turn over . "Well I hope .. I made it sorta special " He chuckled lightly . I smiled "Its surely something I'd never forget " . "Its crazy though . I never knew a 16 year old who hasn't had their first time .. this is new to me " He admitted . I closed my eyes as he said 16 year old . and I knew I had to tell him my real age . I didn't know that I was gonna tell him like this "Hayden there's something I forgot to mention .... I'm .. I'm 14" I told him . "Wait .. Your 14?!--" "What the hell is going on in here !!" That thick Irish accent said . Yep my dad ... OH MY GOD MY DAD !! . "Daddy!!" I screamed jumping out of bed while covering myself "Who are you ? . Why are you here?!" My dad shouted at Hayden . Hayden didn't know what to say and I don't know what my dad thought was happening . all I knew was that my ass was grass 




Will Alyxander and Zayn mend their father and son relationship?

Will Niall give Sieanna a Chonce to explain herself ?

Will Alexandra trust Gigi enough to let her in the house?

Will Zain ever talk ?

You'll surely find out on the next on 


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