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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


10. Chapter 10.

Hayden IS OOOMMMMMYYY GGOOOD . Slaying for the gods♥

Alyxander's P.O.V

So far its been a month since me and Jesse started dating, let me tell you its been the best days of my life. it feels like we've been dating forever. We see each other at school , eat lunch together, and then we face time late at night . The only time we're apart is when I'm at basketball practice after school , and with my new Varsity schedule I can't afford to miss any practice . Coach said , I better be dying .

Since we've been dating this long its been really hard to keep my parents from finding out about us. Its hard to not make it so obvious when Jesse is standing right next to me and my mom KNOWS something is up now. Though I haven't said a word to her about the fact that I'm gay or I even have a boyfriend , It scares me that one day she's gonna wanna talk about it when I'm not ready. I don't know how she's gonna react , Especially my dad. He always talks about me marrying someone just like mom, which I completely understand. Mom is beautiful and all that, But he would probably be upset if he found out the mom of my life is a boy. Hopefully I won't have to worry about that for a while.

Right now I was walking with Jesse as he talked to me about his nerves of seeing his mother for the first time since he was 3. I'm nervous for him . He doesn't know that she has changed any and that's all he's been worrying about all morning. "I mean I just can't believe my dad even found her number .

They've been divorced since before I was even born! a-and I'm concerned about my step dad and my real dad meeting and --" "Jesseee" I interrupted him grabbing both of his hands "Its gonna be fine I promise you . Its been what? 11 years? I'm sure shes excited to see you " I reassured him . He sighed "What would I do without you to calm me down?" He asked . I shrugged "Blow a gasket" I said making him laugh "Yeah yeah I guess I would .. Well I'm gonna go talk to Coach about getting an excuse from football tonight .. I'll see you at lunch" He rubs his thumbs on the back of my hands before giving me a quick peck on my lips "Alright .. bye" I said "Bye " He said back the same tone as me before walking away and talking little glances back at me .

Ahhh . He's soo-- "ALYXANDER JAVAAD!!!" I hear Sieanna shouting my government while running towards me with her phone in her hand. Yelling like that there has to be a problem "Sieanna--" She grabs my arm in one swift movement and drags me along "Come with me. right now !" She shouted. The bell had rung by the time we made it to the far end of the school nobody goes to , She pulled me into the abandoned Janitors closet. 

"What going on ?!" I asked with a hint of 'Why the heck did you interrupt my bae gazing?' . "I met this guy a couple weeks ago while I was walking weebo. Alyx he's amazing , Nice smile , good sense of humor . Just everything is perfect " She says with stress . I raise a brow "So .. The problem ?" I leaned against the wall "He asked to come over after school to study " She says . "Um I still don't see the--" "He's a Junior! He's 16 . He has tattoos and piercings .--" "Wait wait . what's this guys name ?" I asked finally catching interest . "Hayden .. You should know him he plays basketball " She reminds me . I thought for a second as I'm not familiar with the people on my team yet .

"Wait . Hayden Kowalski? " I questioned and she snapped her fingers . "Him! .. Alyx you don't understand how bad I want him he's amazing ... Just imagine us being in relationships together and everything like our parents were in high school " She gasped excitedly . "Yeah yeah that's great and all Si .. But I'm nothing but sure that your dad wouldn't approve of a 16 year old boy in his house with his 14 year old daughter " I reminded her .

Did she forget who her dad was?

"I know that but .. I mean .. Its only 2 years apart and . Its not like me and him are gonna do anything he's not like that " She scoffs looking away . I simply smirk " How do you know ? Trust me a boy doesn't know a boy better when I say he's only after your pretty face for one thing . and you didn't tell him you're 14 .. This should be great " I said . "Whatever Alyx . How do you know Jesse doesn't want you for one thing? They say gay sex hurts " She folds her arms with the same smirk I was giving her . "Jesse's not like that .." I defend him . " I highly doubt that since he used to be the biggest womanizer in London --" I cut her off . " I'll prove it to you .

I can prove to you he wont let me give it up to him , as long as you do the same thing " I narrowed my eyes at her face . She smiles "Fine .. You have yourself a deal Alyxander" She holds out her hand . Though I hesitated to shake her hand because I wanted to believe Jesse wasn't like that .. I shook it anyway because

Do I really wanna be sure ?

Alexandra's P.O.V

Me and Zayn walked into work this morning smiling as normal, We opened the shop together like everyday while we listened to Nick's story with a stripper while he was hung over like every Thursday morning until it was time to give Zayn a big kiss on the lips and to part ways to start on the day. So I walked to my office. I opened the door that was already unlocked and the sound of my air freshener enhanced . Was Gigi actually cleaning my office. It smelled like apples . The windows that viewed the big city were sparkling . What .. in the actual fuck .. is going on? .

"Oh .. Mrs.Malik good morning how are you . Slept well ?" She smiles fixing her white collard shirt and black skirt that made her look like Zayn on Halloween . Can you believe he named himself Veronica? "I slept fine thanks .. Did you get my --" "Frappe . I had them put extra whip cream and a little bit more strawberry sauce than usual .. Just the way you like it " She cheesed so big I swear she wanted to poison me. I took the Starbucks cup from her hand and even looked at the bottom to make sure no crushed Zanny was in there or something. I looked back at her . She was still smiling .. still creepy looking "Thanks" I then said walking over to my desk .

"I-Is there anything you want me to do for you Mrs.Malik ? I can start sending up clients for you and I will look into getting you an early lunch " She grabbed her folders off her desk and smiled brightly . When she said early lunch I almost wanted to melt . That would be sooo goood right now. " Cann you get me a big ass bag of Moams ? " I asked . So what my love for British candy is strong "Anything you want . I will do all 3 " She said before walking out the room. 

This gave me the moment to smack myself and try to rip my nail off my finger . It both hurt so this isn't a dream. Gigi is really acting weird. But maybe I like it . I just shrugged and sipped my Frappe. Still hoping I don't die a painless death. 

Harry's P.O.V

I walked into my place of business . Or what was my place of business and I thought I came in before class actually started but I didn't . I only came to pick up my stuff anyway before Louis came home from his early morning practices. I  tried to avoid coming here for the last few weeks which is why I didn't come pick up my stuff when my boss actually told me to , to keep this from Louis as much as possible until I'm ready to tell him . And hopefully he doesn't react the way I think he will

I walked down the hallway to my classroom and opened the door interrupting the class full of my old student and the new teacher . or what the cat dragged in as I call it . "Professor Styles " Someone shouted from the back of the class which got everyone's attention and I happily smiled . "Mr.Styles .. Finally came to pick up your junk ?" The teacher said . "Oh Johnson my Things are less junk than what you have on .. what that ? Chicken grease on your lip ?" I smirked hearing the group of young adults laugh as I walked over to the box of my stuff and picked it up . "You're funny " He laughed slightly "Am I ?" I questioned . "No No you really are .. Maybe you should follow your little comedy career instead of teaching . You were never good at it anyway " He shrugged .

"Trust me . Any History Major would've been lucky to take my place . You were just that little crumb of hope they had left to replace me for " I scoffed as I walked towards the door "I wouldn't say such harsh thing to the man that's getting paid double for what you were teaching " He said .

I simply closed my eyes and smiled harshly before turning around and saying

"You know I don't need to take this from a dickhead with not one slightest Idea of who the hell Princess Diana is nor does he know anything about World wars 1or 2 . He doesn't have a clue about the history of the queen of england and could give a damn about these minors graduating but what matters more is a dirty paycheck to pay your one bedroom apartment and buy your 4 eggs for your petty ass breakfast. I won't take this from someone who can't even talk someone to suck his dick and make you dinner but I'll have you know my husband is pretty damn good at both . Atleast I can say I have love at home from him and 2 beautiful kids while you can sit at home and Netflix and chill with the expired condom that's been sitting at your bedside for 15 years of your fucking life " I snapped which made everyone ooo in what I said and chant .

Louis is rubbing off on me that's for sure .

He gulped back everything he was gonna hit me with "And I definitely won't take this from someone with a brown stain on his shirt .. you could atleast stop eating the bosses ass now that you got my job " I growled . and with that I walked out leaving him to try to pick himself back up from the wrath I laid on his soul . I feel I could tell Louis now . 


Short but sweet lol. UPDATES COMING SOON


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