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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


1. Chapter 1

*Warning the following story consist of Young love, sex, drugs, and the attempting of Suicide . If any of these are sensitive to you I suggest you click away right now .. If you ignored my warning ITS ALL ON YOU xD*

Enjoy babes😍

Alyxander's P.O.V

The bell finally rung signalling the end of the first day of school. Nobody ever told me high school was full of idiots and stoners and I never knew a group of 8th graders that used to be my friends could go from playing basketball with me to doing pot over the summer. Well that's what I have came to conclusion with. At least I still have one friend .

"Alyx!!" None other than Sieanna shouts from the other end of the hallway making me stop walking to catch up. She smiled at me and I politely smiled back all ears to what she had to say. She was my best friend after all. "High school is amazing already! All the cute guys, the classrooms ... the cute guys" She smiles seductively at some random guy in the hallways and he gives her a cool nod back.

I shrugged "I guess it not that bad " Right after I said that someone runs right into me "What where you're going asshole!!" The guy yells "I would like it even more without a bunch of pricks acting blind" I growled under my breath to only Sieanna could hear me . "Oh that's nothing compared to the many time Lucas and Luna almost knocked us down the stairs at my mom's" She reminded me making me laugh with her .

Even though us moving to the other side of the hallways would have been beneficial it still didn't stop the many people from running into us. Not even the Captain of the Football team , Jesse Wright. "Hey. Watch where you're going" He said. I couldn't help stand there like an idiot. I have never talked to him before and he has never said a word to me. We come from 2 different places and to keep it straight and forward Football and Basketball players don't partake in each others presence. Its a thing nobody will ever understand.

I was still stuck in the same place and he was looking at me like I was crazy but then Sieanna came in . "Uh He's so sorry Jesse. You know how basketball players are.. Always trying to guard *cough cough* um . We'll just be on our way " Sieanna grabs my hand and pulls me along but then . "Wait Sieanna " He stops her . We both turn around to the guy who I didn't notice was carrying a Football in his hand .

"So I'm kinda having this party tonight . All freshman party at my Dad's house at 8 .. If you're down maybe you'd wanna stop by?" He asked her . She looked at me like I had a saying in it . Then looked back at him "Um sure..But .. What about Alyx?" She touches my shoulder . I repeatedly shook my head no but they didn't see that obviously as he said "Oh Yeah bring him too .. I gotta go . Later" He waves slightly and walks away .

Once he got further down the hallway Sieanna screams like a little girl "Oh my goodness-gracionious! Our first High school party . *Gasp* what am I gonna wear I have to do my hair again and --" "Wait Si.. I'm not going " I began to walk out the school door her following me. "What do you mean you're not going Alyx , Our first High school party" She scoffs .

"My parents are not gonna let me go to a party at 8 at night , an unsupervised one at that . And lets not get started on Uncle Niall , he'll never let you go . He never lets you go anywhere " I responded. "I'll find a way .. But please you're not gonna let me go by myself .. C'mon Alyx " She begs "Please .." She pokes out her lip and pouts . God I hate when she does that stupid thing . "Alright alright !" I shouted . She began to cheer but I stopped her as I put my skateboard on the ground . "I'm talking to my parents first" . She nodded as we began to make our way to the next street to our neighborhood 

Alexandra's P.O.V

"Okay Zain.. Can you show me the triangle.. What's the triangle?" I asked him as we sat on the floor while he learned his shapes .He looks around for a second and then gets up and shows me a triangle on the other side of the room . Not exactly the one I was talking about . "Eh close enough" I shrugged . This was all I did today because Zayn had a business meeting , and all of my babies started school today except for Zain.  But my day couldn't have gone any easier. Besides, It gets difficult to try to not get your mind off the fact your oldest is in High school. Lord , please hope he doesn't turn out like my brother,no offense Deangelo 

"Daddy's home !!! " I heard Zayn yell from all the way in the living room . "Mommy!!" I heard Jailin run up the stairs . I gasped . "Daddy and Sissy are home" I said picking up my baby and giving him kisses . He claps spontaneously and cute like. Zain doesn't talk a lot. That might explain why he's a golden child. "Mommy Mommy Mommy!!!" Jailin squeals grasping onto my legs . "Hi my little 5th grader" I squealed lettin Zain down watching him run to .. Well the other Zayn. " Well how was your first day of 5th grade?" I asked her . I was listening but I really just couldn't get over how cute her outfit was.

"It was great! Me and Mj have the same teachers and the same recess like last year . I met a lot of friends who said they used to live in America where you're from mommy it was so fun !" She squealed excitedly. I smiled at her excitement . Only because growing up I hated school with a passion. But I love to see her enthused . "Well that's great. I made you cookies if you want any" I told her . She cheered and ran into the kitchen running passed Zayn who had Zain hanging on his right leg like a monkey. "Well great Babe this one is clingy" He says referring to Zain .

I laugh "How was your meeting?" I proceeded with a kiss on his jawline to his lips . "It was good" He picks up Zain "Everyone loved your new drawings babe. Great Idea to just draw in color" He nods . I shrug "Well now I know it never hurts to try something new" I smile he smiles back playing airplane with Zain.

Since I started working alongside Zayn things have been a lot different . My drawing skills literally went from High school wallflower to Boss ass bitch in just a couple days of working at the business . Not only did I never expect to be good at drawing tattoos but I never expected be less of a pussy to get a big ass tattoo on my back. Zayn tattooed wings for my granny and her famous quote at the bottom in red . It hurt like hell and I could never lay on my back but after it healed I was happy with it.

"Where's Alyxander he should be out of school by now." Zayn asked checking the time on his phone. "He texted me not to long ago. He went to the skate park with Sieanna . He should be home soon " I nodded . "Mommy can you give me another drawing lesson . I wanna draw something for my teacher " Jailin comes out the kitchen with her Pencil and drawing pad I bought her . "Of course I can " I smile as she ran over and sat on my lap . Zayn laid against my shoulder playing With Zain . Yep . This is my family . 

Louis's P.O.V

"Where did you learn to cook so good dad ?" Robyn asked sitting on the counter . "Oh Daddy taught me when I was only in highschool. Daddy is a really good teacher " I tell her . "Sounds like it . Last night daddy said he was teaching you a lesson . Was it about cooking ?" Elijah asked . I stopped in my tracks . Of course he heard us through the walls "Uhh-" "Hey everyone" Harry walks in. "Heeyy Babe.. right on time how about that . How was work?" I sighed in relief kissing his lips .

"Ugh . Tiring . I have all of these semester finals to still grade plus last weeks history exam I haven't even started . " He sits his stuff on the table and loosens his tie . "Well don't do it now babe we haven't seen you all day " I wined

"Yeah Daddy me and Elijah started our first day of 8th grade " Robyn said. "Yeah My teacher is hot " Elijah blushes thinking about his teacher Mrs.Farland . Is my kid horny or something ? . Is there something I'm missing here ?.

"You know what .. You're right .. I will definitely love to listen to their first day of school .. And your day a football pratice " He smiles making me smile as he kissed my lips . "But right after I at least make my lesson plan . I know what I want to teach and I don't wanna lose it "He said getting out paper and a pen to write it down . Now that Harry is this big professor he doesn't really hang out me or this kids that much anymore . Not even on the weekends when there is no school . I don't wanna sound needy all the time . But I wish he'd put us before school . 

Sparrow's P.O.V

"Mommy LuLu took my toy!" Lucas pouted . "I don't have his toy mommy he has my mermaid toy !" Luna snapped back . See this is what I go through every hour of everyday. There's no getting through to 8 year olds these days . "Stop that! Give her the toy back , give him his toy back now !" I demand but that only made them argue more than I expected. "Okay! Time out !" I say .

"But mommy!!" Luna pouts making her brother do the same and before I knew it , they were in tears."No no .. Don't cry shhhh" I try to calm them down. Their behavior makes me wonder what its like for their home-school teacher. The front door eventually opens revealing Mary Jane who immediately goes into the basement to her dance studio which I didn't notice  . Then Liam walks in a hand full of groceries 

"Heyyy . Why is everyone upset?" Liam walks in putting all of the grocery bags on the floor and running towards the twins and I step back just to see what happens .They both fall into Liam's arms . "Mommy is making us do a time out" Lucas says. "Why?" He asked looking up at me . "They were arguing .again" I explain . "Okay well there's no need to argue . Everyone needs to squash it and forgive each other right now "Liam said . The twins looked at each other and batted their eyelashes . "Sorry Lulu " Lucas says "Sorry Lucas " Luna replied .

"Good . Now go play" Liam smiles and lets them go . They run off to their room laughing like before he even came . I sighed and plopped on the couch in stress . "How the hell did you even --" "Im the man .. Duh" He jokes . I laugh and he sits next to me and kisses my cheek . "How was work ?" I asked him . He sighs " Working on my album as we speak . Its not the easiest at the moments but . It only gets better " . I nodded . Liam's singing career is going better than he thought it would and its taking time away from our family time .

He keeps promising things will change but .. Whatever . "Where's Mary Jane ?" I asked . "I think in the basement " He responds . I get up from next to him and open the door to the basement . Of course the beautiful instrumental of Adele was playing as Mary Jane practiced her new routine for Nationals . She was passionate about dancing and was determined to do exactly this .

I watched her routine that got even better every time she did it and when she was finished I clapped for her . She was startled by my claps but turned around and smiled . "Was it good mom? I think I finally got the spin down" She sighs . I smile "It was perfect .. Nationals perfect " . She smiles looking to the mirror at her frizzy hair and her leotard that she wore to dance practice . When she did this I left her to remember that she's gonna make it one day . And only her can stop herself . 

Alexandra's P.O.V

It was about 6 and I was finishing up dinner. I've been lazy all day but honestly who forgets about food because of laziness. I was dancing to the music coming from the Ipad in the kitchen while frying chicken breast , Zayn's Favorite, When I heard the swinging door to the kitchen open and the sound of someone pulling out a stool to the aisle in the kitchen . "Heeeyyy mom" Alyxander greets me suspiciously.

"Heey Alyx " I greet back not getting to the fact he sounds like he killed a man. "Whatcha doooinnn" He sang . I turned off the grease on the stove and furrowed my eyebrows . "Fixing dinner ,what are you doing ?" I said washing my hands . "Oh nothing just .. Looking at my beautiful mother . The best mother in the world cook the greatest meal like everyday to keep me alive " He sighs blushing . I laugh with much force . I couldn't contain it . This boy . I dried my hands "Okay now I know somethings up " I said . I leaned against the aisle "What did you do this time ? Stuck a wet finger in your sisters ear ?" I asked him still laughing .

"No ... I have to ask you a question , before you say no I just want you to know that I love you Sosososo much ... CAN I PLEAAASSSEEEE GO TO JESSE WRIGHT'S PARTY TONIGHT ??" He pleaded . Knowing me as a cool ass mom I never said no to my children . But to his first high school party? . "Tonight ?" I asked . He nodded . "Like .. Tonight Tonight ..--" "Yes mom .. Please every freshman is going and Uncle Niall already said Sieanna could go " He said following me towards the fridge .

" Niall said Sieanna could go to this party? He don't never let her go anywhere " I said confusedly . Alyx shrugged . I sighed with an exception . "Alright fine, You may go to this party --" "yesss!! Mom I love you " He hugged me before I was even done "Only if you ask your Dad " I said . "Ask dad ? but--" "Ask dad what ?" Zayn walks in . Just in time with his sexy ass . I push Alyx forward like a friend trying to help her best friend out with a crush only so she can be the 3rd wheel.

" Okay . Soo . There's this party tonight -- AND EVERYONES GOING CAN I PLEASEEEEEEE GOOOOOOOO!!" he begs hanging onto Zayn's legs. Zayn points to Alyx hanging onto his legs while starring at me with a confused look . I shrugged and continued to pour wine in my glass . "Who else is going to this party --" "Sieanna's going." I said . "Niall is letting Sieanna go .. Really ?" He didn't believe it . I shrugged giving the 'apparently' look.

" Um .. Alright well if she's going you can go I guess .." Zayn sighs . Alyx cheers to himself . "Thanks guys . I promise I owe you guys .. I love you " He pulls us both into a hug . Weird because he's the same height as me . But weird because this means my little baby isn't a little baby anymore. He runs out of the kitchen probably to his room to put on his best outfit. "Our first baby is growing up Zayn .. I can't believe we're letting this happen " I sigh. "It had to happen some time .. Besides . Its just a party " He kisses my nose making me laugh . He hasn't been to a high school party has he?


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