Cause Soon Enough We'll Die

Inspired from the SOKO - We Might be Dead Tomorrow.


1. Cause Soon Enough We'll Die


Time is not yours to borrow,
It's the only life you have to grow,
There's no point in giving it a throw.
Cause we could be dead tomorrow.


We will all die,
All in a different way,
So rule the day,
Have fun and play,
Don't be to anyone their prey.


Speak every word loud,
Dance with every step,
No-one can say you're not allowed.
You are your own to be proud.


Cause soon enough I'll die,
And I must ask ourselves why.
But I must simply say goodbye,
Let them heal whilst they cry.


But I will wait for you,
Whilst I learn to fly,
Don't let my leaving cut into you,
It is not a permanent goodbye.


Cause soon enough you'll die,
And I'll see you again,
And once again we'll cry,
But there will be no pain.


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