Pieced Together

After being on the streets, attacked by a gang, and taken in by a group of kind boys, Rose and her girl group are finally happy and loving life. Everyone is in love, with a boy or dogs, and it doesn't seem like anything could ruin the joyful times. That is, until someone shows up out of the blue.
(This is the sequel to Broken and Scarred.)


2. Wooden Box

*A Month Later*
"Your sister is awesome," Lucy, one of Lily's new friends, says. She's just like Lily but with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She has been coming over to our house for quite a while.
"Booyah!" I smile as I get into first place in Mario Kart. "And I'm not Lily's sister. But I guess in a sense, we are."
"You know the story Lucy," Lily giggles.
"You swear you've never played this game in your life?" Alex asks as he stares even harder at the TV.
"Never," I continue on smiling. "I'm good aren't I?"
"You rock babe," Mason says.
"Mason, please get that," I stand up as I cross the finish line to crack my back.
"All right," Mason runs towards the front door.
"I wonder if it’s another person bringing a homeless person," Kristy says.
"We've gotten quite a lot since that interview," James says.
"Rose! I'm not sure you want to come, but come anyways!" Mason calls.
"Don't start without me guys," I start skipping off towards the door. "Who is it?" I look out the open door and stop dead in my tracks. "Matty?"
"Hello Rose. Been a long time since you've seen your big bro. May I come in?"
"The fuck are you doing here Matty?" I scowl.
"Calm down sis," Matty pushes his way into the house. "I've come with a few things for you."
Its then that I notice he's got a backpack on. "Who's it from?"
"She's dead."
"I know. These are things she gave me to give you once you were old enough."
"You piece of shit," I spat. "Come on then."
Mason grabs my hand as we head to the living room.
"Who was it?" Laurel asks and everyone looks at us.
"Guys, this is my older brother, Matty," I point back to Matty.
"Why is he here?" Kristy asks.
"He says he has something for me," I shrug. Then I plop down in the place I was sitting when I was playing the video game. Mason bringing me into his lap.
"Here," Matty hands me an envelope and sits on the recliner.
"Ah, so nice of mom to leave me a letter," I rip it open and start reading.
'Dear Rose,
You must be doing something great finally. So, Matty has given you this. I don't have much to tell you, but the box Matty gives you will explain itself. You've got a journey to take to find out what you've forgotten. So, don't think and just go!
"Mom is such a loving lady," I crumple up the letter.
"You want the box?" Matty asks.
"Of course. Hand it over."
"Here you go," Matty hands me a good sized dark brown box made of wood.
"Thanks," I glare at him.
"Does it open?" Lily asks.
"It does," Matty says.
I find a button, and push it. The lid pops open and inside is nothing. Well, I wouldn't say nothing. There's indents of what looks to be landmarks of cities or countries. "Are little figurines supposed to go into it?" I ask.
"Yes. There's a letter somewhere in it."
After a few seconds of messing with it, I find the letter. 'Rose, you need to use the brain you were given to figure out where to go. Collect all twelve figurines and have what memories were taken from you back. -Dad.'
"I see dad wrote this one," I crumple it up as well.
Matty stands up, "Do as it say Rose. You need to."
"I know I do. Now go."
"I'm going."
It’s quiet for a minute or so before the front door opens and closes.
"What's going on?" James asks.
"We have to travel the world," I sigh.
"To collect the figurines?" Mason asks.
"I guess. This box has a company name on it, we research them and then go after the figurines."
"So, when do we leave?" Kristy asks.
"As soon as possible."
*A Few Days Later*
"This is crazy," I smile and look up at the sky. James and Mason are loading up the car. Everyone has one suitcase and a carry-on bag. First stop is New York City for the Freedom Tower.
"This is the best way to spend the summer," Lucy smiles. She's coming only because her mother is letting her. It’s crazy she trusts a bunch of kids who don't know what they're doing. But hey, whatever floats your boat.
"Who's taking care of the dogs?" Lily asks.
"The people in the homeless shelter," Kristy answers.
"How come we have a shelter for people and not animals?" Laurel asks.
"One step at a time people," I sigh. "Animal shelter is next on my list."
"Oh goody," Lily smiles.
"All right girls," Alex looks around at all of us. "The car is packed, so it’s time to hit the road."
"Let's go then," Kristy smiles.
*A Few Hours Later*

We are on a plane going straight to New York. "Any rules?" Mason grabs my hand.
"No, not now. I can make rules though," I say. "I think everyone will behave."
"This is actually going to be fun."
"It is. I've never been outside the country, and now we get to travel the world."
"We have to find those figurines in a weird order though."
"Yeah, but that's alright."
"Are we staying in the cities we go to for a few days?"
"Yeah. Might as well enjoy this adventure."
"Wanna watch a movie?"
"You think they have 300?"
"Probably. Let's look."


Ah, interesting now. Hope you liked it! :D

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