Pieced Together

After being on the streets, attacked by a gang, and taken in by a group of kind boys, Rose and her girl group are finally happy and loving life. Everyone is in love, with a boy or dogs, and it doesn't seem like anything could ruin the joyful times. That is, until someone shows up out of the blue.
(This is the sequel to Broken and Scarred.)


9. Seattle

*The Next Day*
~Kristy's POV~
"This is so cool," Lily looks out the window of our London Eye pod.
"It really is," I smile.
"I hate it," Lucy's eyes are shut tight.
"Aw, you poor thing," James pulls her into a hug.
"How can't you look at this amazing view?" Lily asks.
"She's afraid of heights," I answer.
"No, I'm afraid of falling," Lucy says.
"We won't fall," James says. "I'll just tell you when we get back to the ground so you can open your eyes."
~Laurel's POV~
"It’s so pretty," I smile.
"And you're beautiful," Alex kisses me cheek.
"Why thank you."
"No compliment back?" He kisses my jaw.
"You're very handsome," I smile and turn to face him. "And I wish you'd just kiss me on my lips."
"As you wish," he connects our lips. After a few seconds he pulls away and rests his forehead on mine.
"I love you," I smile.
"I love you," he smiles back. "So much."
~Rose's POV~
"I love you, Mason," I mumble against his lips.
Mason smiles, "I'd have to say I love you more."
"Don't think so," I crash our lips back together. Loving the feel of his soft plump lips on mine.
"I think so," he pulls away just to say that.
I push him away and hold him away, "I love you more. No arguing. Also, I hate rides that go up so high. I'm surprised I've lasted this long."
"It’s because I'm here to distract you."
"And I've got my mind on the figurine prize."
*A Few Hours Later*
"Only two more figurines," Kristy smiles.
"It’s crazy," Laurel says.
"Yeah, and we leave tomorrow night for Rio," I smile.
"The place with the Jesus statue?" Lily and Lucy ask.
"Yup, that place exactly," James says. "Unless there's another place you girls are thinking about that has a giant Jesus statue."
"I don't think they're thinking of another Jesus statue," Alex says.
"So, no shopping tomorrow?" Kristy asks.
"Just for a few hours," I answer. "You can get a lot of shopping in that time."
*The Next Day-Early Evening*
"I'm getting sick and tired of our flights getting delayed," I groan and slide down my chair.
"It’s all worth it," Kristy pats my shoulder.
"No doubt about that," Mason says.
"Rio is going to be amazing," Laurel giggles.
"Then it'll be one more city," Lily says.
"We'll be back in America then. Right?" Lucy asks.
"I believe so," James answers.
"Just ask Amber, she knows all about where we are going," Alex says.
"We'll be going to Seattle for our last city," I smile.
"That's awesome," Lily smiles.
"The Space Needle," Mason smiles.
"It’s not as cool as L.A. though," Laurel says.
"Nothing is," Alex says.
"I mean, come on guys," James sighs. "We live there."
"It has to be cool," Mason says.
*A Few Hours Later*
"Have I sat by you girls at all this whole trip?" I look at Lily and then Lucy.
"I don't think so," Lily shakes her head.
"It’s nice to sit next to you," Lucy smiles.
"I don't do much. Just read a lot and talk a bit."
"Lily told me you're a reader."
"It’s so I can escape the real world if it gets too stressful."
"That's why I draw," Lily says.
"And I dance," Lucy says.
"I also listen to music if I don't want to read," I add.
The girls then take control of the conversation. And I just listen and smile. Their so unaware of the world and hope they stay like that. This world is a hard place.
*A Day Later*
"You boys can go," I smile.
"You girls don't want to zip line?" James asks.
"No," Lily and Lucy says.
"I understand for the younger girls," Alex says. "But come on older girls."
"I'll do it," Laurel smiles. "Sounds fun."
"I guess I'll go," Kristy sighs.
"Rose?" Mason asks.
"No. I'm staying with the girls," I say.
"Yeah, you guys can't just leave us," Lily frowns.
"So irresponsible," Lucy shakes her head.
*A Few Hours Later*
"Girls," I call out. It would be my luck to lose them inside the zip line restaurant.
"Ma'am, are you okay," a work comes up to me.
"No. I lost two younger girls. My sister and her friend."
"We have two girls in the lost and found. Come with me." He starts walking and I follow.
I'm glad I found the girls before the others came back. Then I would be deemed irresponsible. And I'm already a wreck with my past and all. Don't need anything else tacked onto me.
*The Next Day*
"So we leave tomorrow?" Laurel asks.
"We do. Early morning," I answer. "Sorry guys."
"It’s all right," Lily says.
"I kind of want to get home," Lucy says.
"This trip has been amazing, but I think we all miss home," Kristy says.
"I know I miss working," James says.
"And I miss the dogs," Alex says.
"Me too," Lily says. "We've got a shelter to start up once we get home."
"Oh yeah," I smile. "Almost forgot about that."
"What'll be next?" Laurel asks.
"A coffee shop," Mason smiles.
"With a small bookshop area," I add.
"And an arts and craft area," Lily says.
"One thing at a time guys," James says. "Let's get the animal shelter going and then we can think of other things to do."
"Aw, fine," Lily frowns.
"Don't be a buzz kill James," Kristy lightly slaps his shoulder.

*The Next Day-Early Morning*
"This is amazing," I smile and advert my gaze from the window. We are actually on the plane on time. No delays. We are so close to being home.
"I know," Mason kisses my cheek.
"What are we going to do this plane ride?"
"Talk about how we have to take a train home."
"It’s not going to bad. It'll be fun. I've never ridden a train before. Besides the subway a few times."
"I never said it was going to be bad."
"You made it seem like it was a terrible thing."
"It was the only way to get home before the end of summer. I don't want the girls to miss any school."
"You're such a good man," I lean over and kiss his cheek.
"And I don't want you to miss any more work."
"That's all right. I can miss a few more days."
"Nope. They need you at the bookstore."
"I know. I'm the only one who actually knows anything about most of the books in the store."
"See, they do need you."
"Yeah. I guess so."
"We have a lot of things to unpack once we get home. So you'll have to stay home until that's finished."
"That sounds good."
*The Next Day*
"Where's the store?" I ask.
"One more block than turn left," James answers.
"What if it’s the easiest one to get?" Lily asks.
"Then we will all be happy," Kristy says.
"Will we all be in one place when you put the figurine in?" Laurel looks at me.
"Of course. You all deserve to see what happens when all the figurines are present," I smile.
"We have traveled all around the world for this," Mason kisses my cheek.
"And it has been an amazing journey," Alex says.
"I wouldn't trade it for anything," Lucy smiles.
"Too bad we have to go back to our normal lives in a few days," Lily frowns.
"It'll be okay," Kristy says.
"Is that the store?" Laurel points ahead of us.
"I think it is," James smiles.
*An Hour Later*
"Is this all you want?" The clerk smiles at us.
"Yes," I smile. "We've been through a lot for this."
"Do you have the box with all the other figurines?"
"We do," Mason smiles.
"Well, I hope you enjoy having all the figurines."
"We will," I smile. "Don't worry about that."


One chapter left! Hope you've liked it! :D

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