Pieced Together

After being on the streets, attacked by a gang, and taken in by a group of kind boys, Rose and her girl group are finally happy and loving life. Everyone is in love, with a boy or dogs, and it doesn't seem like anything could ruin the joyful times. That is, until someone shows up out of the blue.
(This is the sequel to Broken and Scarred.)


4. Rome

*The Next Morning*
"Airport travels," I smile as we walk into the airport.
"I'm just glad we aren't talking boats," Kristy says.
"Are we going to take a train sometime?" Lily asks.
"A train would be awesome," Lucy smiles.
"Maybe," James says.
"It all just depends," Mason says.
"Is that a bag store?" I point in the distance.
"Rose needs a bag for her books," Laurel teases.
"Shush up. Is it though?"
"It is," Alex says.
"You get five minutes to find a bag," James says.
"I can find one in three," I sprint to the store.
*A Few Hours Later*
"What is the Coliseum?" Lilly asks.
"It’s a big stadium where fights took place," I answer.
"Fights?" Lucy asks. I'm in the middle of two girls who have a lot of questions.
"Men would be sent in and they'd have to face lions and such."
"Are you telling the truth?" Lily asks.
"It’s what I remember from history," I shrug. "I could be wrong as heck."
They both giggle. "Are you sad that you aren't sitting by Mason?" Lucy asks.
"Just a tad. But I get to sit by two awesome girls. So it makes up for it," I smile and they smile back. I'm loving this traveling. Next plane trip I might be sitting in between Laurel and Kristy. That would be nice. Get to know them better.
*Late That Night*
"Is this like a sleepover?" I yawn. All the girls wanted to share a room, so I'm going without Mason for a few nights.
"Yes," Kristy yawns. "Usually we'd stay up all night. But this is a special circumstance. So goodnight everyone."
"Ha, special," Laurel yawns.
"Goodnight," Lily and Lucy mumble.
*Late The Next Morning*
"And flip," Lily smiles as I flip the pancake. I mean, without a spatula. The whole out of the pan kind of thing.
"And that is called luck guys," I smile. "Not skill." The girls laugh.
"Where are the boys?" Laurel asks.
"I texted James and he didn't answer," Kristy says. "They must be really tired."
"Don't blame them," I say. "Should I make eggs?"
"Yes," Lucy says. "Omelets. Make omelets."
"Cheese, bacon, and sausage sound good to everyone?" I slide the pancakes onto a big plate.
"Sounds great," Laurel says.
"Eat some pancakes while you're waiting," I get the eggs out of the mini fridge.
Are the boys really asleep? It’s pretty late in the morning. I wonder what they're doing.
~Mason's POV~
"This is the best idea ever," I smile.
"Wait, which one?" Alex asks.
"I'd have to say both," James says. "Going out to get all the girls necklaces plus our girlfriends promise rings. Then finding the figurine for Rose is great."
"I don't know if we can figure out her past soon enough," I sigh. "What if its super bad?"
"You'll be there for her," Alex pats my shoulder. "Everything will be fine."
"Was it a bad idea to turn our phones off?" James asks.
"Probably, but the girls will understand once we get back," I say. "They love us, we will be alright."
*A Few Hours Later*
~Rose's POV~
"He won't pick up," Kristy slams her palm onto the table as she sets her phone down.
"This is really strange, where could they be?" I ask.
"Why their phones are off is the real question," Laurel says.
"James isn't, it must only be on silent," Kristy says.
"They could be out looking for lunch," Lily says.
"Or just roaming around," Lucy shrugs.
"Why wouldn't they come to get us?" I ask.
"That's what I don't get," Laurel says.
"When they do come back, we have to hear them out," Kristy says. "We can't just get mad and ruin what we've built up the past two year."
"All right," Laurel says.
I nod, "So it’s a waiting game?"
"Yes. How about we play some games to pass the time," Kristy says.
"I love games," Lily and Lucy smile.

*A Few Hours Later*
I flop down on to one of the beds and take a deep breath. We just finished lunch and the boys are still not back.
"This is crazy," Kristy sighs as I see her plop down on the couch.
"They've been gone all day," Laurel sits on the edge of the bed I'm on.
"They'll be back," Lily says from her place next to Lucy in the middle of the room. They are lying in their stomachs and coloring in coloring books.
"They wouldn't just leave us," Lucy says.
Then a knock comes at the door.
"I've got it," Laurel stands up and heads to the door. "It’s the boys," I can hear the smile in her voice.
Seconds later the boys are in the room and Laurel is back at her spot on the edge of the bed.
"Sorry we've been gone all day girls," James says.
"But we were out doing a little shopping," Alex says.
"We got necklaces for all of you," Mason smiles.
"For Lucy and Lily we got BFF necklaces," James walks over and hands each of them a box.
"For Laurel I got a necklace with the awareness ribbon," Alex walks over and hands her a box. "I also got you a ring with both our birthstones on it," he hands he another box.
"For Kristy I got a necklace with an angel on it," James smiles and walks over and hands her a box. "I also got you a ring with our birthstones on it," he hands her another box.
"For Rose I got you a necklace with a stack of books on it," he smiles. "Plus a ring with our birthstones because I couldn't think of something original," Mason smiles and walks over to me. Handing me two boxes.
I sit up and pull him into a kiss, "Thank you. Their beautiful."
"Where's your box?"
"In my bag."
"Well, get it out. We got the Rome figurine as well."
*The Next Day*
"This really sucks," I lean back more in my chair. We're at the airport and it’s been delayed quite a few hours.
"It would be just our luck that our flight would be delayed," James says.
"I'm excited to go to Germany, though," Laurel smiles.
"Me too," I smile.
"Can we travel around and visit Anne Frank's Annex?" Kristy asks.
"The day after we get the figurine," Mason says.
"Isn’t it in a different city?" Alex asks.
"Yeah, it’s not in Berlin," I answer. "But it should be a short journey to get where it is. And cheap. We might have to ride a train."
"Yes," Lily says. "I really want to ride a train."
"Me too," Lucy smiles.
"Where is Anne Frank's Annex?" Laurel asks. "Well, her family and friends annex."
"I believe it’s in Amsterdam," Kristy says.
"It is. I remember some history lesson a few years ago," I say.
"I really hope we have no more air travel complications," Alex sighs.
"Same here," James says.
*Some Hours Later*
"I missed you last plane ride," Mason gives me a kiss.
"Me too. But it was nice to talk to the younger girls," I smile.
"That's good."
"I really want to talk to the other girls as well, but that can wait until the next plane ride."
"We're almost at four figurines. How does that feel?"
"Exciting. It means I'm one step closer to getting my memories back."
"I hope they're good memories."
"Me too."

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Hope you liked it! :)
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