Pieced Together

After being on the streets, attacked by a gang, and taken in by a group of kind boys, Rose and her girl group are finally happy and loving life. Everyone is in love, with a boy or dogs, and it doesn't seem like anything could ruin the joyful times. That is, until someone shows up out of the blue.
(This is the sequel to Broken and Scarred.)


6. Paris

*The Next Day*
"This hotel is awesome," Lily and Lucy spin while looking at the ceiling.
"Had to get the best of the best," Mason smiles. We are currently in the lobby of the Ritz hotel.
"It is very pretty," I smile.
"Not saying that the other hotel's we've stayed at our bad or anything," Laurel says. "But this place beats all the others into the ground."
"All right guys," James walks up to us from being at the check-in desk. "If you'll follow me I'll show you to the hotel rooms."
*An Hour Later*
"It’s so pretty out here," I smile as I look up at the bright blue sky.
"I love you with all the joy you get out of the little things," Mason brings me into his side. We're walking out to the fountain in front of the hotel so we can be alone.
"I love you for saving me. And other things."
"Hey, look at that couple," he points for a few seconds at the couple sitting on the fountain.
"Let's go say hi," I smile. "They remind me of you and me."
"That's what I was thinking." Then Mason leads us over to them.
"Hi," I smile.
They look at us. The girl smiles, "Hello. Do I know you?"
"No. But we can get to know each other. I'm Rose and this is Mason. We saw you and couldn't help but say hi. You two remind us of ourselves."
"So you two are dating?" The boy asks.
"Yeah," Mason nods. "Aren't you too?"
The girls face becomes red, "Oh no. We're just good friends. But, I'm Amber and this is Jake."
"Aw, you two make a cute couple if you were a couple," I say.
"Thanks," Jake says.
"So, mind if we sit and talk for a while with you guys?" Mason asks.
"Of course not," Amber smiles. "I'd love to make some new friends."
*A Few Hours Later*
"You two have a very interesting background," Amber says.
"Same to you two," I say. "I'm glad everything is turning out for you though. Friendship happens at the weirdest times. And can save you."
"So, about the whole figurine thing," Jake says.
"It’s pretty crazy that this is our sixth city this summer."
"I was wondering if we could help you find this cities figurine," Amber smiles.
"That would be cool," I smile back. "Though I have to warn you that anything could happen. It may be super difficult to get the figurine."
"That's all right," Jake says. "Anything for our new friends."
"Speaking of friends," Mason starts. "We have more friends and you do as well. I say we get together tonight for dinner and talk about finding the figurine tomorrow."
"That's a good idea," I say.
"So, does seven sound good?"
"That sounds perfect," Amber nods.
"All right," Mason and I stand up. "Meet in the lobby and then we'll head off."
"See you then," Jake nods and Amber smiles.
Then Mason and I turn and head back to the building. Tonight should be fun.
"This is a very nice restaurant," I smile as we are seated at a big round table.
"This is the best restaurant I could find that would take all of us at one table," Amber say as she sits down.
"I can't believe we get to make new friends," Kristy says.
"I bet you all have interesting backgrounds just like Mason and Rose," Jake says.
"Oh we do," Alex says.
"Before we get to that, what time are we going to get the figurine tomorrow?" Emily asks.
"So you informed her of everything?" Mason asks.
"We'll leave after lunch I'd say," James says.
"That's nice," Finn says.
"It’s going to be so much fun with more people," Lily says.
"I hope whatever we have to do we have to do in a group," Lucy says.
"That would be awesome," Amber smiles.
"So, are we gonna figure out what we are going to eat and then talk?" Laurel asks.
"Yeah. That sounds like a good idea," I smile.
"Get whatever you guys want," Finn says. "It’s on us."
"That's so sweet of you," Kristy says
"One of the reasons I've fallen for him," Emily smiles.
So much love is around this table. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.
*The Next Day*
"This a very interesting task to get the figurine," I say as I set up the camera on the tripod.
"Just take a lot of pictures with the Eiffel Tower in the background?" Amber asks.
"That's what the lady said back at the shop," James says.
"So what are we going to do?" Kristy asks.
"I say we do pairs and then groups," Emily says.
"Groups like our own groups?" Laurel asks.
"Yeah. And then girls and boys," Lily says.
"Oh, and one all together," Lucy says.
"So who's going first?" Alex says.
"Rose and I," Mason grabs my hand.
*An Hour Later*
"That was so awesome," I smile. Mason and I kissed for our photo. Same with James and Kristy, and Alex and Laurel. Lily and Lucy stood back to back with big smiles on their faces. Finn lifted up Emily and they had their foreheads touching. Jake and Amber did almost the same thing but no one lifted anyone up.
"I really liked the group pictures," Amber smiles.
There was our own group photos, girls together and boys together, and all together.
"And we got the figurine!" Kristy exclaims.
"Yeah, can't forget that," Laurel says.
*Last Day In Paris*
~Kristy's POV~
"So, it’s our last day in the City of Love," James wraps his arms around my waist.
"And what do you want to do?" I smile.
"Show you how much I love you," he starts kissing my neck.
"That sounds very nice."
~Laurel's POV~
"I wonder what everyone else is doing right now?" I look at Alex.
"I think I know. The other couples are probably, you know. Bow chick a wow wow," Alex smiles.
"Oh, no doubt about that."
"Maybe we could to."
"Oh, well, I wouldn’t know what to do."
He leans over and rests his forehead on mine, "Neither do I. We just see what happens."
~Lily's POV~
"This is so boring," Lucy groans.
"I know," I say. "It’s boring all alone in a room."
"What should we do?"
"Go to bed, I guess. What else to do? We've got to wake up early tomorrow to head to Tokyo."
"How about we watch a movie and then go to bed?"
"One movie and that's it," I smile.
~Rose's POV~
"Mason," I giggle. "Please come here."
"I'm coming," Mason walks away from the fridge and climbs into bed with me. "What's up?"
"I was just thinking about how this is our last night in Paris, and we haven't been alone at night. Plus, it’s the City of Love."
"Are you suggesting we make love?"
My face becomes hot, "A little. We did it two years ago, and I think right now would be perfect."
He smiles, "Are you sure?"
I nod, "I'm positive."
He leans in and gives me a quick kiss, "It'll be just like last time then."
"Just don't break up with me after."
"I'd never break up with you ever again."
*Early The Next Morning*
"Ugh, Mason," I groan as I open my eyes. "Ha, I'm wearing your boxers again."
Mason groans, "Is it time to get up?"
"It is. Come on. We've got to get ready to catch our flight."
He opens his eyes and we lock gazes, "Only if you take a shower with me."
"Fine. Let's go. We've got to hurry though. We only have three hours."


Those characters that made an appearance are from another story that I will be posting next. Hope you liked this! :D

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