Pieced Together

After being on the streets, attacked by a gang, and taken in by a group of kind boys, Rose and her girl group are finally happy and loving life. Everyone is in love, with a boy or dogs, and it doesn't seem like anything could ruin the joyful times. That is, until someone shows up out of the blue.
(This is the sequel to Broken and Scarred.)


3. New York

*That Night*
"Does everyone have all of their things?" I ask as I take a look at my little group. It’s getting really late and we haven't even gotten to our hotel yet. James is getting us a rental car to use for a few days and it is taking quite a while.
"How much longer?" Lily looks so tired and the same goes for Lucy. Their little bodies aren't meant to do this.
"Just a few minutes," Kristy assures them.
"This is really cool," Laurel yawns and leans into Alex. "To be in this big city. It is so cool."
*The Next Morning*
"Rosie, wake up," Mason's voice snaps me out of sleep. His lips on my cheek make me open my eyes.
"Mason, what time is it?" I yawn.
He smiles at me, "Almost ten o'clock. I wanted to get you up before everyone else so we can figure out the day."
I sit up and smile, "Not much to plan. We get the figurine and then hang out the rest of the day."
"That's a great plan."
"We get to eat from venders and such as well."
"The whole New York experience."
"We have to visit the Statue of Liberty tomorrow. Then the next day we leave."
"Sounds like a plan."
"Now we have to go wake the others. Got to get going."
*A Few Hours*
"Such a big building," Lucy smiles as she looks up, causing the rest of us to do the same.
"And the figurine shop is in it somewhere," I say. "Time to find a directory."
We walk into the build and are met with tons of people. This is a building full of busy workers trying to get their offices. It’s crazy. Reminds me of a beehive.
"I see a directory," Kristy starts leading the way.
"It’s on this level," James says.
"Where?" Laurel says.
"I'm not sure. We'll just have to look around."
"Things never come easy to me," I sigh. "Let's split up and call if we find something."
*Thirty Minutes Later*
"This place is crazy," I say. Mason and I found the shop and now are looking around for the figurine.
"They have so much stuff."
"You guys find it?" Alex asks as he walks past.
"Of course not," I sigh.
"I've got it!" Lily calls from across the store.
We all rush over and see her holding a small figurine of the building we're in.
"Eleven more to go," Laurel says.
"It sucks that they don't have all the figurines in one store," Kristy says.
"That would he too easy," I shake my head. "My parents never did like getting things the easy way."
*The Next Afternoon*
"This is so cool," I smile as I take a look around. We're on a boat reading towards Liberty Island. The Statue of Liberty looks so much cooler in real life than in photos.
"Almost as beautiful as you," Mason gives me a kiss.
"The statue was actually a gift to us from, um, I'm pretty sure its France," Kristy is telling Lily and Lucy some facts about New York.
"It was France," I turn to look at them.
"Okay, so France gave it to us and that's why she's here."
"Why did they give her to us?" Lily asks.
"I can't remember. We can look that up later."
*A Few Hours Later*
"Today was very fun," I take another bite of my pretzel.
"The day isn't over yet though," James says.
"I know. But I've already deemed it fun."
"Where are we heading to tomorrow?" Laurel asks.
"I'm keeping it a secret until tomorrow morning."
"I hate surprises," Alex says.
"You'll all survive. It’s only a few hours until you'll know."
*The Next Morning*
"Sweden?" Lucy yawns.
"What is even there?' Laurel asks.
"Stockholm Palace," I smile as I stretch out my legs. Our plane doesn't leave for another hour so we're just chilling in the airport.
"That's weird they'd put that for one of the figurines," Kristy says. "We really are going everywhere."
"How did your mom plan all this?" James says. "She knew so much before anything even happened."
"Matty probably helped somehow,” I roll my eyes. "He'd do anything to be better than me."
"This is pretty cool though," Mason says. "Traveling around. And we're getting something out of it."
"You mean, I'm getting something out of this."
"It’s crazy that they actually took your memories," Alex says.
"It doesn't surprise me one bit."
*The Next Day*
"Don't even ask me to look at that map," I take another lick of my ice cream.
"You don't want to look at it," James says.
"So, are we going to the Palace?" Lucy asks.
"Close to it. We'll be able to see it."
"This seems kind of easy to find the figurines," Laurel says. "Yet the stores are a mess."
"And Rose's past is at the end," Kristy says.
"My past," I sigh.
"We've got it," Mason says. "If you'll follow us we will lead the way to the store."
*An Hour Later*
"This is terrible," I sigh as I take a look around the shop. Nothing is where it is supposed to be and it’s just a mess.
"How is this shop even open?" Mason asks.
"They probably don't get that much business anyways so they don't even care," Kristy straighten ups some glass cups.
"The last figurine was found towards the back of the store, so let's check there first," Alex says.
"To see if there's a pattern," Laurel says.
"And what if it’s not back there?" Lucy asks.
"Then we get searching," Lily says.
All of us head to the back of the store and start looking. Of course the thing isn't there. Why would it? So we break up and start searching.
"Got it," Laurel calls out ten minutes later.
We all make it over to her and I take the figurine. "This is easy but not."
"We get to travel the world and visit new cities. But all for a price," James says.
"Not money," Mason says. "Of course. The price of Rose's memories."
"So sightseeing tomorrow?" Kristy changes the subject.
"Yes," Laurel smiles. "That sounds nice."
*The Next Afternoon*
"This is really boring," Lily groans.
"Agreed," I say. All we've done today is walk around downtown, ate at a fancy restaurant, and stopped at a bookstore because I wanted a book. Okay, ten books, but whatever.
"We can head back the hotel and chill for the rest of the day," Mason says.
"All right, sounds good," Kristy says.
"Can someone say where we are heading tomorrow?" Laurel asks.
Everyone looks at me, I shrug. "Coliseum," I smile.
"Where's that?" Lucy asks.
"Rome," James says.
"Interesting," Alex says.
"I wonder how it’s going back home," Mason says.
"Me too," Lily says.
"Probably fine," I say.
*A Few Hours Later*
"Surprise, surprise," Mason chuckles. "Rose is reading a book."
I smile, "We might need to buy another bag so I can have it for my books."
"At the airport tomorrow morning."
"I love you and I'm glad I fell for you."
"I love you as well, Mason."
"Are you glad you fell for me?"
I shrug, "I didn't want to fall for you, so I don't know."
"Shot through the heart," he falls down on the hotel bed next to me. “And you’re to blame, you give love, a bad name.”
"Oh shush up," I giggle. "Don't be hurt. I'm glad you saved me. Happy I'm in love. Now, I'm reading a book."
He chuckles, "Fine. I'll let you be." Then he gives me a quick kiss. "For a little while."


Hope you liked it! :D

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