Pieced Together

After being on the streets, attacked by a gang, and taken in by a group of kind boys, Rose and her girl group are finally happy and loving life. Everyone is in love, with a boy or dogs, and it doesn't seem like anything could ruin the joyful times. That is, until someone shows up out of the blue.
(This is the sequel to Broken and Scarred.)


7. Japan

*Five Hours Later*

We made the flight with seconds to spare and now are in the air heading to Tokyo.
"I'm glad I got to sit by you girls this time," I smile as I look at Laurel and then Kristy.
"Me too. We can finally get to know each other even more," Kristy says.
"What did you girls do last night?" Laurel asks.
"Probably the same thing you did with Alex," I say.
"I most likely did the same thing if I'm clear on what we're talking about," Kristy says.
"We did it, yes," Laurel's cheeks become a dark red.
"Same," I say.
"Yeah, same here," Kristy says.
"It’s the City of Love, so it was bound to happen," I shrug. "It’s just showing how much you love a person. And I really love Mason."
"I don't regret doing it," Kristy says. "James loves me and I love him."
"I just feel different now," Laurel says. "What if he wants to do it again and I don't?"
"Then say you don't," I say. "You have to stand up for yourself."
"And if you loves you," Kristy starts. "He won't force you to do anything."
"All right," Laurel nods. "Let's talk about something else now."
"How about, um, our jobs?" I say.
"You mean my almost job at the hospital?" Laurel asks.
"And my crazy one at the coffee shop?" Kristy asks.
"Correct. Want to hear about my interesting days at the book store?" I ask.
*The Next Day-Early Evening*
"Tokyo is so cool," I smile as I slowly spin to look at the buildings.
"Good thing we'll be here a while so you can check some things out," Mason links his arm with me.
"Are we getting close to the figurine shop?" Lily asks.
"I think it is right around the block," James says.
"I wonder what we'll have to do to get the figurine," Laurel sighs.
We walk for another five minutes before we reach the shop. Once inside we split up to look for the Tokyo Tower figurine. Laurel finds it and we take it to check-out.
"Hello," the very pretty Japanese woman behind the counter says in her very pretty Japanese accent.
"Hi," I smile.
"Is this all you want?"
"Well, you have to complete a simple task before you can take it."
"And what would that be?" Kristy asks.
"Go carting," the lady smiles. "Like in Mario Kart."
*Thirty Minutes Later*
James, Laurel, Mason, Kristy, Alex, and I are all settled into our go carts and so are six other people. I've got Rosalinda's cart, Kristy has Peach's, Laurel has Daisy's, Mason has Toad's, James has Mario's, and Alex has Luigi's. The goal is to get the highest place after three laps of the awesome go cart track. Each team (my group and the other people) has an even number of people so that's fair. Once everyone finishes the race points will be added up and whoever wins gets the figurine.
"Ready?" The lady from the shop stands in front of all the carts.
"Ready!" We all yell back.
She walks out of the way and soon the light is green and we're off.
*An Hour Later*

“That was awesome!" Lily exclaims.
"You guys dominated!" Lucy says.
"Hey, that's what we get for playing lots of Mario Kart back home," Alex shrugs.
"And I think we got just a tad lucky," Kristy says.
"Probably, or maybe the people we went up against were beginners like us," Mason says.
"Not likely, but possible," Laurel says.
"So, what now?" James asks.
"We head back to the hotel to put the figurine away," I say. "Then we'll break into groups to go shopping."
*A Few Days Later*
~Kristy's POV~
"Be careful Lily, Lucy," I call to the girls as the rush of into the toy store. This is our second full day shopping and we are going to have a ton of stuff when we get home. Between the whole group. It'll be like Christmas morning.
"You treat those girls like you'd treat your own kids," James grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers.
"That's what they feel like," I sigh. "But I love them." We start walking farther into the shop.
"We've bought a ton of stuff the past day."
"I know. How do we still have money?"
"We had a lot to begin with. Don't worry about the money. We'll always have money."
~Laurel's POV~
"Where to next?" Alex asks.
"I'm thinking a shoe store this time," I answer. So far we've been to three clothing stores and haven't gotten that much. Yesterday was a different story though.
"Sounds like a good idea."
"Is it bad we're spending a lot of money?"
"No, it’s alright. We've got a lot of money. You don't need to worry."
"We are going to have a lot of things to go through once we get home. Lots of boxes."
"It’s a good thing our house is huge."
"And our rooms. Most of the stuff we are getting is going to go in our rooms."
"Maybe you can donate things you don't want or need."
"We'll probably give it to the people in the homeless shelter."
"The kids are the only ones who will probably use whatever you give the shelter."
"At least someone will be using the things we give."
He quickly kisses my cheek, "Yeah. I know babe. There's a shoe store coming up."
I smile, "Let's go then."
~Rose's POV~
"There's just so much to do in so little time," I sigh as we exit the anime store.
"We can always come back someday," Mason smiles and adjusts all the bags he's holding.
"Yeah. I think we hit all the good stores."
"Does that mean we can head back to the hotel?"
"Yeah. If you want."
"Where are we going next?"
"Sydney, Australia," I smile as I start walking in the direction of our hotel.
"That's going to be awesome."
"We'll probably have to watch something in the Sydney Opera House to get the figurine."
"That would be awesome."
"I just hope it’s something good."
He kisses my cheek, "It will be."
*Last Day In Tokyo*
"Australia sounds like a ton of fun," Kristy says.
"It’s going to be a long plane ride," Laurel sighs.
"Lucy and I will be watching tons of movies," Lily says.
"It really confuses me why we are going all over the place," James says. "There's no order."
"It’s really annoying me too," I sigh. "I like order."
"Same," Mason says. "But your parents wouldn't want to make anything easy for you."
"I'm just amazed that we've got five cities left," Alex says.
"That is pretty amazing," Lucy says.
*The Next Afternoon*
"This is very interesting," I smile.
"I'd have to say," James says.
"It’s going to be an interesting flight," Alex says.
"Yeah. I can ask you so many questions," I smile even bigger.
"Ask away," James smiles back.
"How are you and Kristy?" I look at James.
"Good. I really love her."
"Thinking of marrying her?"
He chuckles, "Yeah. I've thought it over. I'm waiting for when she's a little older. And same for me. Then I'll wait for the right moment."
"You're so sweet," I turn and look at Alex. "How are you and Laurel?"
"Good as ever," Alex smiles.
"No worries? I will beat you if you break her heart."
"I worry when she starts working at the hospital that we'll fall apart. But I won't let that happen."
"If you feel her falling away from you, tell her."
"I will. She might tell me first."
I giggle, "She might."
"How are you and Mason?" James asks.
"Amazing. I love him so much," I look at the seat in front of me.
"That's good to hear."
"He worries me," Alex says.
"Is it because he broke up with me that one time?" I ask.
"Yeah. He can be so stupid sometimes."
"I don't think he'll ever break up with you again," James says. "If he did I'd have to slap some sense into him."
"I don't think anything in this world could tear us apart." But then again, I don't know what life might want to throw at me. It has had fun so far with messing up my life.
*The Next Night*
"This place is so nice," I flop down onto the bed.
"I'm so glad to spend some time with you," Mason climbs into bed and cuddles up to me.
"I love you," I kiss his cheek.
"Not as much as I love you," he connects our lips.
*The Next Day*
"This is terrible," Kristy whispers to me.
To get the Sydney Opera House figurine we have to sit through a full opera.
"Tell me about it," I whisper back.
"Rose," Laurel whispers to me.
"I'm taking Lucy and Lily to the bathroom."
"Get some snacks," Alex whisper yells down to us.
"Sshh," James and Mason slap him.
"Get snacks," I tell Laurel. "He was stupid to tell us from so far away but I am kind of hungry."
"Don't worry. I'll get some snacks," Laurel smiles.
*That Night*
"That was terrible," Lucy whines as we exit the opera house.
"It was so long," Lily whines.
"Are we gonna go out to a restaurant for dinner?" Alex asks.
"Can we just stop for a moment and take in that we only have four figurines left," I smile.
"When do we leave for our next city?" Laurel asks.
"Where is our next city?"
"We're going to Oahu, Hawaii and we leave the day after tomorrow," Mason answers.
"So tomorrow is our only shopping day?" Kristy asks.
"Yeah, that should be good," I say. "I'm getting closer to my past."
"That's very true," Mason grabs my hand.
"And we all really want to know what happened to you," Laurel says.
"So do I," my smile fades. "So do I."


Hope you liked it! :D

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