Pieced Together

After being on the streets, attacked by a gang, and taken in by a group of kind boys, Rose and her girl group are finally happy and loving life. Everyone is in love, with a boy or dogs, and it doesn't seem like anything could ruin the joyful times. That is, until someone shows up out of the blue.
(This is the sequel to Broken and Scarred.)


5. Italy

*The Next Morning*
"I love Berlin," I smile. "It’s so pretty. And so many people from different parts of the country."
"Don't get lost," Mason grabs my hand.
"I won't. Now, do we know where we're going?"
"Left at the next turn," James voice comes from behind me.
"I wonder if this shop will be any better than the last three," Laurel says.
"I hope so," Kristy says.
"It just might be," Alex says. "This whole city seems to be very organized."
*A Few Hours Later*
"I can't find it," Lily says. We've been in the figurine shops for two hours and have covered the whole thing. What we want is nowhere to be found.
"Neither can I," Lucy frowns.
"We can't catch a break, can we?" I look around at the group.
"Well, maybe they have it in a back room," Mason says. "Let's go ask." We all walk up to the cashier lady.
"Hello," she gives us all a smile.
"Hi, we are looking for something and just can't find it," James says.
"Can you describe it?"
"It’s a little figurine of the Berlin Wall," I answer.
"Oh, I'm so sorry, we just sold the last one a few days ago to a man who comes here often, actually," her German accent is so apparent. "He comes once a week and buys something."
"Do you have his address or something?" Mason asks. "We really need that figurine."
"Um, well I guess I could give you his address. He is a very nice man."
"That would be great," I smile.
The woman smiles back before grab a piece of paper to write the address down. Something always gets in our way, but we are going to get that figurine one way or another.
*Thirty Minutes Later*
I knock on the door of the address the lady back at the store gave us. "This is a pretty nice house."
"Oh yeah it is," Kristy says.
A few minutes later the door opens to reveal an older man that looks good for his age. "Hello children. How can I help you?" He gives a smile.
"Um, hello sir," Mason starts. "We were told that you have a small figurine of the Berlin Wall. We really need it and were wondering if you'd give it to us."
"Well, I guess I could give it to you. If you do me a favor."
"Anything sir," James says. "What can we do?"
"Clean my house and get my groceries."
"That's it?" Alex asks.
"Yeah. Is it too hard?"
"Of course not," I smile. "We'll get to work right away."
*Two Hours Later*
"You've done a really good job," the older man says.
"Thank you sir," I smile.
"Figurine time now, yes?" Mason asks.
"Since you completed what I asked of you, I'll go get the figurine now," he walks away.
"That wasn't too hard," Laurel says.
"I have a bad feeling about the next figurine though," I say.
*That Night*
"Italy, eh?" Kristy asks. Everyone is in the arcade as the little girls and the boys play some games.
"Yeah. The Leaning Tower," I say.
"What do you think we'll face there?" Mason asks.
"I'm not sure. But it’s not going to be good."
"Do you have anyone that might want to come after you?" Lily asks.
"I mean, not anyone that I can think of."
"Maybe someone from your past is going to come after you," Lucy says. "Like they don't want you to know your past."
"That's possible," Laurel says.
"I know," I sigh. "That's what's scary."
"They can't hurt you with us around," James says.
"Italy though, that's crazy," Alex says.
"I just want to know how everything is going back home," I say.
"Me too," Lily says. "I miss all the dogs."
"Once we get back we are totally opening an animal shelter," Laurel says.
"Yeah, it'll create jobs for people in the homeless shelter," Kristy says.
"Are you guys almost done?" I ask. "I'm getting tired."
"One more game and we'll go," Mason says.
"Sounds good."
*The Next Day*
"Another day in an airport," I say in a singsong voice.
"Are you happy to be stuck in an airport once again?" Kristy asks.
"I mean, it gives me time to read and such."
"We can all figure out what we love to do in our spare time," Lily says.
"I like reading, obviously."
"Video games," Mason, James, and Alex say.
"Coloring," Lucy and Lily say.
"Oh, and playing with animals," Lily adds.
"I'd have to say reading up on my nurse stuff," Laurel says.
"Um, I don't know. I doodle when we don't have anything else to do," Kristy shrugs.
"How much longer until the plane lets passengers start boarding?" I ask.
"Two hours," Mason answers.
"Italy," Alex mumbles.
"Are you a tad afraid of what your past could hold?" James asks.
I take in a breath, "I'm not sure. It’s probably bad and I'm prepared for that."
"What if they took happy memories from you though?" Laurel asks.
"Maybe, but that wouldn't make sense. Why would they want to give me happiness?"
"It’s possible," Kristy says.
*The Next Afternoon*
"Are you kidding me?" I ask as I take another look at the paper on the door.
"So we have to wait a few minutes," Mason says. "We'll be okay."
"You didn't read the rest, did you?"
"I did," Kristy says. "To buy anything from this store you have to go on a scavenger hunt."
"Of course you do," James says.
"The stores keep getting hard," Laurel says.
"I've noticed that," Alex says.
"Well, we get the scavenger hunt list and then break into groups," Lily says.
"Yeah, that's a good idea," Lucy says.
"It is," I smile.
*An Hour Later*
~Laurel's POV~

This is really nice," Alex smiles. We've gotten all the things we needed to find and are just walking around until the others text us saying they are done.
"It is. This whole trip is nice but we just are always on the go. I want to stay in a city more than a few days."
"Maybe the next city we will."
"I hope so. I'd love to go on a dinner date with you."
"It’s settled then. Next city I'm taking you out on a date no matter what."
I smile, "I miss home."
"I think we all do. But we'll make it through the next month or so."
"Yeah. Then we can really hang out."
~Kristy's POV~
"I love you girls," I smile at Lily and Lucy.
"How many more things do we have to find?" Lily asks.
"Just one," James says. Then he whispers in my ear, "Do you love me?”
I nod, "Of course."
"Can we get something to eat once we find our last thing?" Lucy asks.
"Sure. I'm kind of hungry," I sigh. "This is getting ridiculous. When are we going to find it?"

"It is right over there," James points ahead.
~Rose's POV~
"Mason, stop," I giggle.
"But there's still some cinnamon left on your lip," Mason pouts.
I lick my lips and make sure to get all the cinnamon from my pretzel off. "Not anymore."
"I'm surprised we got all our things in such little time."
"Me too. The others are probably almost done."
"I'm really enjoying this trip because I feel we keep getting closer."
"I don't think we could ever drift apart."
"True. Hey, let's text the others so we can get the figurine."
"Almost halfway done."
"Yeah. Almost halfway to your memories."
*The Next Evening*
"Paris," I yawn. "Beautiful Paris."
"I can't believe we're going to the City of Love," Kristy says.
"It’s going to be so much fun," Laurel says.
"A lot of fun," Mason winks at me.
"How come we're staying in Paris a week?" James says.
"Because it’s the City of Love," Alex answers.
"Well, yes but no," I say. "There were no plane tickets to our next destination."
"Where are we going next?" Lily asks.
"Japan," I smile. "Tokyo."
"That's so cool," Lucy smiles.
"We'll be there five days," Mason says.
"Why?" Kristy asks.
"Because I said so," I shrug. "I've always been fascinated with Japan and want to spend a bit of time there."
"Get a few comics?" Laurel asks.
"They're called manga," I correct her. "And yes. I'm going to get quite a few. And video games. And plush toys."
"I think you'll need another suitcase," Alex says. We all laugh.
"Not if I ship it back home."
"Got a point there," Lily says.


Hope you are liking this story so far! :D

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