Pieced Together

After being on the streets, attacked by a gang, and taken in by a group of kind boys, Rose and her girl group are finally happy and loving life. Everyone is in love, with a boy or dogs, and it doesn't seem like anything could ruin the joyful times. That is, until someone shows up out of the blue.
(This is the sequel to Broken and Scarred.)


1. Helping

Is there anything you need? Would you like a roof over your house? Alright then, come with me.
That's how a lot of my conversations go with homeless people on the street. Every day on my way home from the bookstore I work at, if I see any homeless people, I go up to them and talk to them. Then I offer them a place to stay at the homeless center my family has set up. Well, we aren't related in anyway, but they’re still my family.
There's James, Mason, and Alex who saved Laurel, Kristy, Lily, and myself. They work for the police and we all live in one big house.
Lily is now going to a regular school where she has so many friends. Alex and Laurel are still together. Same goes for James and Kristy. Mason and I? Of course we're together. It’s been two years now. Kristy has a job at a coffee shop, and Laurel is still doing online school so she can become a nurse.
Nudge, Goldie, and Buddy are the best dogs in the world. That's all I really have to say about them.
Man, I'm just kind of rambling. My shelter for the homeless? Well, its five minutes from my house and I visit it every night. The people I have rescued clean the house by themselves, a few cook for everyone, and some help others get jobs. They're like a small community.
Ugh, sorry, I've got to cut my little catch up story short. Mason's calling. You know, my life is so great I don't think anything could ruin it. But then again, lots of shit seems to happen to me at random times.

*Sometime Later*
"You have nice taste in books," I smile at my costumer. It’s some young girl in her early teens.
"My friend told me about Patterson and I just had to get some of his books."
"I can tell you with confidence that he is amazing."
"Good," she gives me a smile.
There's amazing perks to working at a small book store in downtown L.A. I can get the newest releases before a lot of people. Amazing discounts which is perfect for me because I still get books all the time. Since I moved into Mason's room and Kristy moved into James' room, we decided to make the now empty bedroom into a library. Now I don't only buy books for myself, but for the whole house hold.
I take a look around the shop. It’s that time of the day when there's not that much business. So I get out the book I've been reading and get to it.
*A Few Hours Later*
"I've got a house for you not twenty minutes’ walk from here," I say to the homeless woman. "Would you care to come and see if you'd like to stay there until you can get back on your feet?" I know I can’t force people off the street, but it pains me when they don't give it a chance.
"Um, fine. I guess I'll check it out," the woman starts gathering up what little she has.
Even though I don't see a homeless person every day, every time I see a homeless person, I have to go try and help them. It’s just in my nature to do so. If only they knew that I know just how they feel about being homeless.
*Thirty Minutes Later*
"She didn't seem open to the idea at first," I retell my story of helping the homeless woman to Mason. "But once she got to the house I could see in her eyes she would never want to leave."
"I'm so proud of you babe," Mason brings me close to him. "How about we talk about it while lying in bed?"
"Sounds good to me." Then we both climb into bed.
"Do you ever think about how it’s been two years since we met?"
"I do. It’s crazy, don't ya think? Two whole years we've been together."
"Two whole years that the whole gang has been together."
Two whole years since I've thought about my past.
*The Next Morning*
I wake up all snuggled into Mason. It’s amazing to think this is the boy who saved me. "Mason," I kiss his cheek.
"Rose," he mumbles. "How come you always wake up first?" His eyes flutter open and look into mine.
"I'm not really sure. But let's go make breakfast," I smile.
"Sounds good to me." Then we both slide out of bed and head to the kitchen.
"What should we make on this lovely Saturday morning?"
"Bacon and pancakes sound good to you?"
I smile, "Sounds great. Let's get to it."
*Two Hours Later*

Everyone is up and has had breakfast. Lily and I are doing the dishes so we can talk. "My friend’s think it’s cool what you do," Lily smiles as she dries a plate.
"That's good," I smile. "You should invite a friend over sometime."
"I'm going to once summer begins. It’s like two weeks away."
"Do you like school?"
"I do. Since I have never been to one until I met you."
"I'm glad. I never went to school, so I'm glad someone I know can go."
"I've got it!" Mason yells.
"Who do you think it is?" Lily asks.
"Heck if I knew," I shrug.
"Rose! Some people want to talk to you," Mason calls out.
"I'll finish up," Lily smiles.
"Thanks," I put my rag down and rush to the front door. Sucks that I'm not ready. Hope whoever wants to see me is okay with me being this way.
I make my way to the front door and see a lady and a camera man. "Hello," the lady smiles. "My name is Suzy and I'm with the Channel Five News. We want to interview you about your homeless shelter."
"Really?" I smile. "That's awesome."
"Yes, so if we could come in and set up in your living room, it would be perfect."
"Mason, show them where they need to go. I'm going to go get ready."
*An Hour An A Half Later*
"Okay, so I'm just going to ask you some simple questions," Suzy says. "So answer as you would if there wasn't a camera there."
"All right," I smile.
"Okay, action," the camera man says.
"Hello L.A. It’s a beautiful Saturday and we are here with one amazing girl. Her name is Rose Baker and she runs a homeless shelter. Not only that, but she's only 18." Suzy turns to me. "What made you want to make a homeless shelter?"
"Well, first off, my last name is no longer Baker. It’s Brady. Second, to answer your question, I was homeless. So I wanted to help people get out of what I went through. It’s no fun out on the streets."
"Well then, that's very interesting. How do you get people to come to your shelter?"
"Every day after my shift ends at the bookstore I work at, I walk the long way home. If I see a homeless person I walk up to them and talk to them for a few minutes. Then I offer them a place at the shelter."
"Do you take care of the place?"
"I did. But now that there's a lot of people living in it, they insist that I only bring them things to use. They won't let me do anything anymore. It’s their way of giving back to me."
"Last question, is there anyway anyone at home can help?"
"If you see a homeless person, please be nice to them. Then send them my way." I say the address of the shelter. "It would mean the world to me."
"Well you heard it here first folks. Do as the girls says. It’s not that hard."
"Thanks for coming here and all."
"You are very welcome. It was a pleasure to interview you. Maybe we'll do another interview in the future."
"I hope so."


So this is the start of the sequel to Broken and Scarred. I​ hope you are liking it so far. It will get a lot more interesting next chapter. :D​​​

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