Pieced Together

After being on the streets, attacked by a gang, and taken in by a group of kind boys, Rose and her girl group are finally happy and loving life. Everyone is in love, with a boy or dogs, and it doesn't seem like anything could ruin the joyful times. That is, until someone shows up out of the blue.
(This is the sequel to Broken and Scarred.)


8. Hawaii

*The Next Day*
"When was the last time we went shopping together?" Kristy asks.
"I can't remember," I shrug.
"We aren't even shopping," James says.
"We're just walking around enjoying the nice weather," Lily says.
"It is a beautiful day outside," Laurel says.
"We have been to some food stands," Mason reminds us.
"That doesn't count, we ate the food and didn't get to take it home with us," Lucy sighs.
"She has a point," Alex smirks.
"I can't wait until we get to Hawaii," Laurel smiles.
"It’s gonna be so beautiful," I smile. "The sun, sand, and beach."
"How long are we gonna be in Hawaii?" Kristy asks.
"Just five days," Mason smiles.
"Enough to have a lot of fun," James nods.
"Then we'll be one city closer to the end," Lily says.
"And one city closer to my past," I say.
*The Next Day*
It’s not a surprise that our flight would be delayed. I was also not surprised when everyone wanted to go off on their own to explore and shop.
"Cause these words are knifes that often leave scars," I mumble to myself. The line is from one of my favorite songs by Panic! At the Disco. It’s called This is Gospel.
I shift in my seat and let my mind wander. Wander to my life on the streets. To my life with my parents and the mafia. And whatever memories were taken from my past. I don't understand why they would take my memories from me.
"Because it gave you happiness and they hated seeing you happy," a sweet voice says.
"What?" I look up and see no one. I look around and see no one.
I'm losing it, hearing things and looking for no one.
"Hey Rose," a voice that I love fills my ears.
"Hello Mason," I smile at him.
"Is it nice to relax and have some peace and quiet?" He sits down in the seat next to me.
"It is. It’s a nice time to think."
"About your past?"
"Yeah. Not that I've figured a lot out. I just want to finish finding the figurines so I can get my memories of the back."
"It’s not long now."
*A Lot Of Hours Later*
"You talk so much," Mason teases me.
I've been reading the whole time and he's been sleeping for most or doing something for his work. "Well, you've been doing something this whole flight and we haven't had time to talk." I place my bookmark in the book and look at him. "What do you want to talk about?"
"How much fun this summer has been?" He kind of asks.
"It’s been pretty awesome. We've had a lot of fun. And the cities we have to go to our dwindling. Life is good," I give a small smile.
"I'm spending so much time with you," he smiles. "Life couldn't be any better."
A light heat comes to my cheeks, "Stopping being such a sweetheart."
He gives me a quick kiss, "You've been kind of distant and I'm just making sure you're all right."
"I'm fine. Just want to know what my parents took from me."
"That's understandable. Once we get the Hawaii figurine, I'm gonna get you to relax and forget for a while."
"Sounds heavenly."
*The Next Day*
"A fishing place?" I look at James who has the directions.
"That's where the directions have lead us," James answers.
"Are we gonna have to fish for the figurine?" Lily asks.
"That would be so cool," Lucy smiles.
"Let's go inside and find out," Alex says.
"Sounds like our best option," Laurel says.
*An Hour Later*
"Fishing is not the most exciting thing in the world," Kristy sighs.
"How many fish do we have to catch?" Mason asks.
"The man said 16," I answer.
"He also said this pond is full of fish," Laurel grumbles.
"I've got a bite," Lily squeals.
"Only 15 to go," James smiles.
"That's if she can reel this one in," Alex says.
"You can do it Lily!"
*That Night*
"The sunset is so beautiful," Kristy smiles.
"A beautiful ending to a fantastic day," I turn the figurine over in my hands.
"So we have four days to goof around?" Laurel asks.
"That is correct," Mason answers.
"Ocean time," Lucy smiles.
"I'm going to collect so many pretty seashells," Lily starts skipping a little.
"Where's our next city destination?" Alex asks.
"I'm going to keep it a secret until the end of our time here," I smirk.
"Does Mason know where we are going?" James asks.
"I do," Mason says.
"Of course you do," Kristy says.
"He's my boyfriend, I tell him everything," I roll my eyes.
"You've told everyone a lot about yourself," Laurel says.
"All but me," Lucy says.
"I can tell you if you want," Lily says. "If Rose will let me."
"You can tell her," I take a deep breath.
"I won't if you don't want me to."
"It’s fine. I swear. Just tell it when I'm not in the room."
"Don't worry. I wouldn't do that to you."
*Three Days Later-Evening*
"Have you been reading outside all day?" Mason sits on the edge of the beach chair.
"No, I went swimming in the late morning with the other girls. And then we walked the beach after lunch and looked for seashells," I place my book on my lap. A finger holding my place. "What about you?"
"The boys and I have been out surfing and getting little gifts for all of you girls."
"Is that so? That's so sweet of you guys."
"Yeah," he smiles.
"I never knew you could surf. That's so cool."
"I'm not the best, but I can stand on the board and ride the wave for a few seconds."
"Hey, dinner's almost ready!" Kristy calls out.
"Coming!" I call back.
"Tomorrow we leave for London," Mason starts leaning towards me. "Are you ready?"
"I'm always ready," I lean towards him a little. "Life doesn't surprise me anymore. Nothing takes me off guard."
"But me, right?" His lips are inches from mine.
"Of course. You keep me sane yet on edge all the time." I gently grab his face and connect our lips.
He smiles against my lips and mumbles what I take to be I love you.
I just smile and nod. Not breaking the kiss.
*The Next Day-Afternoon*
"Plane adventures part whatever," Lily and Lucy sing as we walk down the airport to our gate.
"Someone start rapping," I giggle.
"Is there a rap about London out there already?" James asks.

We all laugh.
"There might be," Laurel says kind of unsure.
"I can't freestyle, so don't ask me," Mason says.
"So you can rap?" Kristy asks James.
"No, no he can't," Alex shakes his head.
"London is going to be so much fun even if we can't think of a rap," Lily giggles.
"Well, duh," Lucy says in a teasing voice.
"There's songs about London bridges," Laurel says.
"There's lots of songs with London in the title or lyrics," I smile.
"How much longer until we get to the gate?" Lily whines.
"We're almost there," James answers.
"I can see it, I think," Kristy says.
*A Few Hours Later*
I'm all alone this plane ride. It doesn't bother me. I'm catching up on sleep anyway.
"Why are you heading to London?" The man next to me asks. He has a German accent and looks to be in his early twenties with blonde hair and blue eyes.
"A family trip," I smile as the lie slips through my teeth.
"That's nice," he smiles.
"What about you?"
"Work. You could probably tell I'm from Germany."
I giggle, "Yeah. Who do you work for?"
"Just a small car company."
"Ah. That's cool. Are they pretty cars?"
"To me, all cars are pretty in some way or another."
"You're like me with books. All books are good in some way or another."
"That's interesting. What's your name?"
"I'm Rose. You?"
"Lenard. I know. So German," he chuckles.
"Yeah, but it’s cool," I giggle. "So, can you tell me more about your work with cars?"


Hope you liked it! The end is approaching. :)

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