People change, memories don't

Luke Hemings, Calum hood, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin


4. < 3 >

Malory's pov:

I arrived in New York and I got off the plane only to see my aunt balling her eyes out for no reason

Oh god this isn't good

"Hey aunt Sarah?" I say confused

"Hey-y honey how are you" she sniffles

"I'm ok what's wrong?"

"Well your older cousin Mira, ran away after her 14th birthday" she sobbed even more

Why would Mira ran away. Me and her were best friends when we were younger, I wonder what happened

~ flashback ~

"Honey Mira and aunt Sarah are here" my mom yelled from the kitchen I bolted down stairs and Mira and I hugged we always hung out with Luke in the tree house

~ end of flashback ~

"Well aunt Sarah lets get to the house"my aunt got up and we walked to the car it was freezing outside

45 minutes later

We arrived at a huge house this was my aunts new house so many halls and bedrooms

I know sounds weird a 12 year old getting excited about lots of rooms(lol)

My room was huge

Purple walls with a balcony it had black and white lace curtains, my bed was queen sized and had black and white bedding and tumblr pillows.

I had s cute vanity filled with my make up and my closet had my clothes from Sydney

And I had a brand new web camera, my new phone my aunt bought me for Christmas I didn't get iPhone 6s, hoverboard (silver), and a Mac computer.

Omg my aunt is richh

I walked downstairs to thank her but when I got down there no omg

She was making out with some random guy on the couch I walked back up to my room (awkwarddddd)

And I went into the bathroom and looked under the sink holy lord

Hair dye of all colors every color I could want.

3 hours later

I decided to call Luke

"Lukeyyy" I screamed through FaceTime

"I miss you so MUCH" we said in unison

God I love this boy

4 years later

God I fxcking hate school

It was 4th period bell rang I just left I was tired of that place so I went back home

My aunt wouldn't be home

She never is

I went straight to the bathroom and got another hair dye color I digged and digged

Ahhhh there the purple is

I grabbed a lilac purple color

Then I heard the door slam

"Umm hello"

"Malory?!" A unfamiliar voice said

"Who's there?!" I yelled scared

"It's it's Mira" she said kinda upset

"MIRA YOUR BACK" I yelled running out of the bathroom

I hugged her really tight

We were talking about how I was and she brought up luke

"So how are you and Luke" she said I went blank

"Well umm we lost connection 2 years ago" I said kinda getting upset

Next day

I'm 17 yay I'm 17 finally

Blah blah blah birthday stuff

Next day

*knock on door*

A cop?

I opened the door

"Hello mam are you Malory?"he asked serious

"Yes why"I said kinda feeling funny

"Well I'm so so sorry mam" those words are the same when my mom and dad died

"But your aunt was drunk driving and she got into a car accident with an older make there both pronounced dead on the scene"I wasn't very upset because this shears happens

"Where do I go to now"I said feeling upset I have to move again

"You will be living with Liz hemmings and her son Luke hemmings"

Oh god no no no I can't see Luke not again

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