People change, memories don't

Luke Hemings, Calum hood, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin


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Malory's pov:

In the morning I woke up and had Lukey come with me to my house

There were police cars everywhere

What was going on I hugged lukey

"Lukey what's going on. There cops everywhere"

"Let's go inside and see what happened" we walked inside only to see my moms lifeless body (once again) and we walked up the stairs and a cop stopped us "excuse me? Who are you two?"

"I'm the daughter of this Lindsay and jax tellsa"

"I'm so sorry to tell you mam. Your father was found dead in he room with a gun in his hand"

No no no that was the moment the only moment I couldn't handle anything I just sat right on the stair wanting nothing to do with this

"Do you know any information about this or how it happened?"

"Yes yes I do I know everything" I said Feeling less

"Can you come down to the station with us" he asked real nice

"Not unless he can come" I poked Luke

"Fine as long as you can help us"

1 hour later

Cops pov:

I toke the little girl and boy down to the station

It says in out files that her name is Malory Desi tellsa and his name was like Robert Hemmings

"Ok I would like you to tell me what you know about the death of your mother and father" she sighed as I said this

"Ok fine. It was about 12:00am and my mom and dad were upset and fighting he was drunk. My mother was mad that he got drunk again, so she was telling him he had to stop, the fighting lasted for about an hour and a half it was around 1:00am. I heard them still screaming then all of a sudden I heard my mom yell "jax put that down now" at the moment I opened my door and heard a bang it was a gun my dad had shot my mom. I screamed I hate you so much and ran to my room. I waited till his door slammed and I went to my neighbors house "Luke's house" and around 4:00am I heard a bang but didn't think anything of it. My dad obviously shot himself. Can u leave now?" She said after telling the story

"Yes you and your little boyfriend can leave now"

I said as I had one of the other drive them back

"We're 12" she said frustrated

"Oh and mam we checked your files and could only find one place for you to go. Your aunts house you will live with her until you are 18. We have packed your stuff and your plane and leaves on Monday" I said

Malory's pov:

"Wait what I'm leaving?! Why can't I stay with Luke they were close family friends?!" I said sounding very upset

"There the next family you would go to if your aunt was to pass"

I was so upset

(Blah blah blah fast forward to Sunday night)

It was my last night here my plane leave Tommrow afternoon I'm going to New York :(

That's 10,082 miles away I don't want to leave

Me and Luke spent the last to days together

Monday morning

Luke's pov:

"Mal please don't go" I said vulnerably

"Your my best friend" I said with a tear in my eye

"And your my best friend and that will never change" I hugged him tight

"Before you go can we go to the tree house again one last time please?"

"Sure lukey"

"Remember all the times we had in here

Our tea parties

Our crazy music festivals

My 8th birthday

Our plan to rescue the penguin in Alaska

Our plan to adopt a penguin"

"Trust me I have one last memory I need have happen before I won't see you for 6 years" I said with a smile

Malory's pov:

"So mal have you ever had your first kiss?" Lukey said with a tiny smile

My god this boy is so adorable

"No I haven't have you?"

"Nope I haven't but"

Omg is he going to kiss me?! All of a sudden he leaned in and our lips connected

Omg I can't believe I have to leave

"I'll miss you lukey" I said with a tear in my eye

"You to mal, I love you"

"I love you 2 im glad you were my first kiss" I said before I got in the car and left

3 hours later

I'm boarding the plane and i already miss Luke

I texted him right away saying how much I missed him

After that I put my headphones in and listened to nirvana

I hope my aunt is happy to see me

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