just eighteen

just sharing how being eighteen feels like from my point of view!


1. what I do

  Having yourself to believe that you're old enough to explore the world might sometimes not be the best thought. You know, when you're at this age, you think of trying all things new and making decisions that will probably change the way how you see life. I mean, you would not know something unless you try it, right? Thus, we tend to get involve in all sorts of things that we - used to hate. Also, you ought to realise there are much better friends you find rather than the ones you held on to for years, betray you yet you would not mind because they have been with you for so long. Pretending as if everything is alright when it certainly isn't. 


  I am writing to tell my point of view of being a teen at this age. Being an eighteen year old teenager, I learnt a lot, gained tons of new experiences, get to know people, gain self-confidence which I didn't even know I had in me and many more amazing wonders. 


   After my high school days ended I was practically rotting at home like normal eighteen year olds would. I decided not to take part-time jobs because of those big scary managers who bully their employees like the ones in movies. I feared people who have the power to order me around, even if they give money hahaha. I continued my previous small-time business - selling sweatshirts both online and offline. I needed the money, I figured. So I basically spent most of my holiday either at home on the phone or going to the sweatshirt factory back and forth by a commuter. 

 Oh! I forgot to mention that I live in a colourful country called Malaysia, my town is in Kuala Lumpur and they have great train systems here which I find very convenient. The trains are connected up till Klang Valley, another town name. I would use my transportation card to get on Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) a type of train which is slower than the ones used in the city but it is reliable so it is fine and reach to Kuala Lumpur Central, similar to the Grand Central Park that they have in the States and switch to the express train, Light Rail Transit (LRT) and after a few stops, I would get off and do my weekly check ups at the factory. 

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