Erika's Revenge part 4

Lexi Eathen Charmander and Erika have been teleported into Minecraft but Erika finally catches a Pokemon a legendary Pokemon and she gets a upgrade


2. Back on track

WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME I HAVE A TAIL EVEN MY WINGS CHANGED! You can get rid of it by pressing the button on your bracelet. I pressed it and i told Mewtwo don't tell me to do that again. Eathen shouted Erika were are you you need to craft the end portal. Look i gotta go i gotta craft end portals so i can go to the end and defeat the Ender Dragon hopefully. Please take me with you i got nothing to live for. Uh fine but if you do that again i'm bringing you back here. Thank you I said return and he got pulled back into the GS ball. I ran to the crafting table and made the end portal frames and i placed them in the proper order. I gave everyone a diamond sword i crafted from spare diamonds. Are you three ready i asked? As ready as we'll ever be lets do this  I said as i  jumped through the end portal i heard a loud roar. I heard the Ender Dragon sound. Lexi was a bit scared and so was Charmander. I didn't know if we could use our Pokemon while we were battling this thing. Charmander helped me he used flamethrower and then i flew up. 


Charmander almost fell out of the world I flew down and almost suffocated but i rescued charmander just in time. Eathen shouted Erika are you okay you look terrible are you sure your alright. I flew onto one of the obsidian podiums and i broke the last ender Chrystal and i used hyper-beam. I was happy Charmander was safe and that the ender dragon was dead but i was sad that i almost suffocated. Lexi and Eathen came and hugged me tightly and said were so happy your okay. We were teleported back to the spawn aka our house. There was a item inside the chest it was a nether star as soon as I held it it teleported us back. Onto regular earth we saw the town we came from in the distance. I sent mewtwo out of a ultra ball i caught him in i introduced him to Eathen and Lexi.


Lexi asked are you the legendary Pokemon i read in a book? Are you talking about the strongest Pokemon in the world? Yep that's me he handed me another bracelet it was a mega ring. He handed me a round looking gemstone it was a mewnite it could mega evolve a mewtwo. He held it in his hands and he pressed the button and he mega evolved. I shouted DUDE YOU LOOK AWESOME WITH THAT EVOLUTION! Eathen and Lexi were stunned oh my goodness Erika what did you do. THIS IS AWESOME CAN WE DO THIS ALL THE TIME Lexi shouted in my ear. Darn Lexi you don't have to scream in my ear. He could fly really fast like a sonic boom i was suprized. He even broke the sound barrier i was shocked. Then i told Eathen to hand me a map the next town was 20 miles away. Lexi asked what it was called. It was called Blaze Town i guessed it was a fire town. Hey at least we were back on track once again.

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