Erika's Revenge part 4

Lexi Eathen Charmander and Erika have been teleported into Minecraft but Erika finally catches a Pokemon a legendary Pokemon and she gets a upgrade


1. Mewtwo

The next day I woke up early to work on a house. I took a stack of wood that I had and started on a house. Each of us had a satchel aka our inventory i got the building done but i need to get the roof done though. Then Eathen woke up and helped me with the roof thanks why did you help me? Well you look like you needed it lets get this roof done. We got finished with the roof then I moved all of our beds into the house placed down a crafting table made a large chest. And smelted iron ore from yesterday made everyone some tools and cooked some steak. I gave each a half of each thing to them we need to fight the Ender Dragon Eathen go find diamond if you die you should spawn back here. Ok Lexi you need to go to the nether as soon as Eathen makes a portal kill blazes and get blaze rods. Then bring them to me understand. Ok we need to slay enderman so we can get  enderpearls. Don't waist them to teleport unless we have extra we should have twelve of them. Ok get to work now so we can get out of here. Erika are you feeling alright your acting a bit weird? Honestly Eathen was actually my crush since fourth grade so yeah i was feeling weird too.


I didn't wanna confess my love to him in a high pixel video game. But Lexi has a secret that i didn't realize until now. Hey Erika can i speak to you for a minute? That Eathen guy is nice can i tell you a secret. I have a crush on him honestly. That's when i fainted for like three hours Erika Erika wake up please. I heard Eathen cry Erika i'm so glad your ok. My face was so red even Lexi got jealous i'm just glad your ok. What happened oh i got thunder shocked by that mareep. Wait what why is there a mareep in Minecraft? We were confused I said that could only mean one thing. There's a mod installed in the game the pixelmon mod. There's Pokemon in this mod so you can catch them. Alright you can catch Pokemon with these i gave them six poke balls. Remember you can only catch six Pokemon until i can make a PC alright good luck. Lexi is in the nether right now she's probably killing blazes. She came out of the portal covered in ash. Do not go though there it's so fiery ! Well no crap you look awful Eathen said. 


I decided to look around the area then i heard something in the distance. Then i ended up in a beautiful sunny meadow. With a force field around it for some reason. Then i said what the i see a temple that i can only see. I stepped through the force field and stared at the temple. I ran to it and saw a GS ball a super rare poke ball. I threw it and a Pokemon came out it was cool looking. I am Mewtwo i thought he was royal for some reason i took a bow. He saw my wings and bowed to me i was shocked. He handed me a necklace that had a emerald in the middle. He also handed me a bracelet with an emerald button in the middle. He told me to think of a Pokemon while wearing the necklace. I said Pikachu nothing happened i looked at my wings. They were a sparkly yellow uh whats up with my wings. They were purple before and now their yellow. I saw yellow partials around me and i said electro ball then i grew a tail. It looked like a bold of lightning. I was also wearing a dress that had lightning bolts as one of the sleeves.     




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