In a Alternate, yet Original timeline

Basically Kirk Prime arrives in the AOS in 'Into Darkness' with Khan. Instead of dying under the bridge. Okay, why not begin this story? Sometimes, the universe decides to fix its mistakes. Something has to be set right. Even if it was a terrible ending.

Started: 12/17/2015.

Completed: 12/20/2015 at 10:07 AM.


8. Vengeance

"And I will take insurance with my family," Khan had replied. "After all, for all I know, you might actually be plotting something else."

"With all due respect," Younger Spock said. "I am not."

Old Spock was one hundred fifty-nine years old.

And Kirk had been apparently 'dead' for ninety-five years.

Ninety-five years.

Spock revealed that Scotty was found, only after being stuck in a transporter for so long and was rescued by the Enterprise D. Getting stuck in a transporter? Oh preserved well in time by his own pattern, Jim had to envy Scotty for that. Jim could feel guilt that was not his own coursing through but it was faint, unbelievably faint.  It must be the guilt from not saving Romulus 1 that Kirk had cared to mention. Also noting that Kirk had talked about there a mind meld shared between him and Old Spock to convince him that he was telling the truth and how some of Old Spock's past experiences leaked through into Kirk's mind.

Jim looked down toward the hand holding the empty smoothie cup.

What was that glowing yellow circular stuff swirling above his arm and his legs and his feet and his hand?

Jim let go of the smoothie cup.

Jim, what is wrong? Old Spock asked.

Jim squinted at the actively moving glowing stuff.

Yellow glowing stuff, like neon lights except they are not, what is that?  Surely Spock knew what it was.

Jim, you are being beamed.  It was the matter of fact tone he had missed.

I am . . . what? Jim asked.

Jim would know if he was being beamed.

Beaming had a usual melody to it and he would be able to see his hands changing colors not this!

Then again he was in a Alternate Universe.

Logically you are beaming beamed to another ship headed straight to Vulcan. Old  Spock replied.

This was puzzling.

But I am not in the transport room. I am in the Guest Assigned Quarters.  Jim replied.

Jim found his surroundings changed before his eyes into a gray hall.

Their psychic connection had ended from there.

Much like shut off to be precise.

Whatever he was in trembled violently. Jim fell to the other side of the wide-ass-hall crashing apparently against a body. Where the hell was he? Jim managed to set himself up noticing on the floor were several dead bodies. He knew they were dead because  they were not moving not making a peep.  They did not seem to be breathing. As his McCoy would have said, "They're dead. All dead." Jim shuddered at the thought of who ever could have done this. Clearly someone had twisted their necks marine style. Jim saw a door right ahead. With each step, he went over the backs of the dead. Let Jim be damned for being at least curious what was behind the door.

The door opened revealing a damaged bridge that was oval shaped and had one chair in the middle.

Jim saw a crushed head to a body laid on the floor that was beyond recognition.

It was the most horrifying image Jim had ever seen.

Jim saw several dead bodies.

He looked straight up to see on the view screen a . . . There was no mistake. . . The Enterprise.

The Enterprise . . . oh god. . . she looked so beautiful.

Jim knew it was her!

The design had been altered but he didn't need to see the name on the saucer section. The boosters at the end appeared so different from the pill shaped boosters because these resembled cannons worn by living machines Jim had come across during one of his voyages aboard the Enterprise. The saucer section was wider than it as before revealing different layers of metal and underneath there was not a yellow light. In fact it lacked one. The lower section that resembled a spinning yellow wheel was now a center blue area. The lower section of the ship was where the engines were placed so hopefully that isn't different.

"NooooooOOOooooooo!" Jim heard a shriek. "I will make you pay!"

Khan got himself upright then began to press on the screen of a console that was nothing like any he had seen. The technology here was . . advanced. Screens, big red buttons, the appearance of the Star ships, and out of place Jim felt. It made Jim feel older then he was. It made Jim feel like he was decades if not hundreds of years old. He saw the Enterprise be attacked. She started to fall down toward the planet Earth. The power in the ship had gone out--Wait, this reminded him of the time the Enterprise was on the attack with Khan. The one that risked his best friend--Oh no. Not again. If he was right then young Kirk of this universe would be outraged. Were the events in time being accelerated due to Old Spock's interference?

Khan turned his head toward Jim.

"You." Khan said, now standing up.

Screw staying around! Khan looked very pissed off.  There was one thing Jim learned in his days of being a Star Fleet officer. Never piss off a superhuman being. You just could lose someone close, very close. The anger that was on this Khan's unfamiliar face was familiar. He had seen this rage a decade ago. The anger he had seen on Khan's face when he came across him decades later in his timeline due to living on a planet much like Australia.  Jim hadn't counted on the ear worms.

No one did.

"If I can't destroy the Enterprise then I will kill Captain Kirk." Khan said, his voice embroiled in rage.

"Admiral now, former captain," Jim said. "Catch you later."

One of the many activities he did as a captain  (And as a admiral) was a lot of running.

Never underestimate Admiral James T Kirk.

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