In a Alternate, yet Original timeline

Basically Kirk Prime arrives in the AOS in 'Into Darkness' with Khan. Instead of dying under the bridge. Okay, why not begin this story? Sometimes, the universe decides to fix its mistakes. Something has to be set right. Even if it was a terrible ending.

Started: 12/17/2015.

Completed: 12/20/2015 at 10:07 AM.


6. Shock of it all

"Mr  Spock." Young Spock said.

Earlier Spock of the ingenious universe, the Alternate Original universe, had  arranged for a communication. This had been ideally about . . . Maybe one hour after that random calling in his mind. It was exactly one hour and thirty-five minutes and two seconds since that unexpected mind calling. He hadn't heard from it since. Of course, Old Spock did miss Jim and his numerous human friends but mostly Jim. God, did Old Spock miss him.

"Mr Spock." Old Spock said. 

There was no sign of the blue eyed Captain Kirk. 

"We have someone you may be acquainted to," Young Spock said. "It is about the captain. Your captain."

Old Spock stared quite blankly at Young Spock.

"May I ask: how?" Old Spock asked.

"As it stands, he was randomly brought into the ship in the brig." Young Spock said.

The idea of Jim landing in the brig was a amusing one.

Getting Jim into a brig would be close to impossible as he would cleverly get out of there with the help of someone nearby possibly being . . . . Spock. But depending on the situation it could be other people close by for a visit depending on the situation. It would be normally impossible for Jim to get in there in his universe except if he had switched mind places with other people/been replicated to a android/ and been impersonated.  That was one of many possibilities but being there in the cell aboard the Enterprise warranted questions. Why? Why in a cell? Why not in the transporter, why not in the bridge, why not at engineering, why not in the captain's cabin where he could possibly throw the blue eyed Kirk off guard?

Old Spocked wished no ill will but there were more convenient places to appear.

"Things do not randomly happen." Old Spock said.

Young Spock nodded.

"Precisely, do you know any entity capable of doing that?" Young Spock asked.

"One." Old Spock said.

Young Spock raised a eyebrow.

"One?"  Young Spock asked.

"His name was Trelane." Young Spock lowered his eyebrow.  "Trelane of Gothos. . ." Old Spock said. "Though I suspect he is from a entirely different . . . realm so to speak, you may come across him. He was a former general, now retired, but prefers to call himself the squire of Gothos."

"Fascinating." Young  Spock said.

"And I suspect there is more than one news you have called me for." Old Spock said.

Young Spock, if anything, nodded.

"In your travels, did you ever encounter a man named Khan?" Young Spock asked.

It then occurred to Old Spock that his Jim may have appeared in a cell with Khan. Did Khan look any different from the Khan Old Spock had known? Jim did not like Khan, period. That much Spock knew about the relationship between Jim and Khan. It made Old Spock wonder if Jim spilled his rage on the superhuman being. At least the one who hadn't become enemies with this Kirk, yet.

"As you know, I have made a vow never to give you information that could potentially alter your destiny. Your path is yours to walk and yours alone," Old Spock said. "That being said, Khan Noonien Singh is the most dangerous adversary the Enterprise ever faced. He is brilliant, ruthless and he will not hesitate to kill every single one of you."

"Did you defeat him?" Young Spock asked.

"At great cost, yes." Old Spock said.

Young Spock appeared to be curious with a pause somewhat tilting his head.

"How?" Young Spock asked, curiously.

If his Jim had repeatedly called his name through a mind contact channel . . . Then their telepathic connection is definitely back in order, operating, and very, very hard. It was very remarkable that it had survived in all of time and space, but mostly the wrath of time. It should be a feat in the record books of Vulcan. Well, there is such legend like this happening to two Vulcan lovers. And another of two Vulcans who were brothers even if they were not biologically but the point is they were reunited together even after being separated through the most impressive tragic circumstance. T'hy'la: a lover, friend, brother. Opposite of P'hy'la. P'hy'la: lover, friend, sister. These are the kind of strong (and mental) soul binding relationships that Vulcans cherish. So Old Spock did what was considered 'natural' in light of this situation. What did Old Spock do? He did what his Jim had done earlier.

Old Spock called back.


And as Old Spock explained, he could feel a unnatural form of glee meeting the reply.

And certain excitement that wasn't his.

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