In a Alternate, yet Original timeline

Basically Kirk Prime arrives in the AOS in 'Into Darkness' with Khan. Instead of dying under the bridge. Okay, why not begin this story? Sometimes, the universe decides to fix its mistakes. Something has to be set right. Even if it was a terrible ending.

Started: 12/17/2015.

Completed: 12/20/2015 at 10:07 AM.


15. Reunited

. . . Two days later . . 

"Urgent message from Doctor McCoy." Nyota said.

"On screen."  Young Spock said.

"Hello,Mr Spock." McCoy said.

"Hello, McCoy," Young Spock said. "May I inquire what the urgent matter is?"

McCoy nodded.

"He's back." McCoy said.

Young Spock raised up an eyebrow,

"Who is back?" Young Spock asked.

"He's currently in a coma but I am assured he'll be quite fine in a week or two," McCoy said.  "Blood transfusion has taken its toll."


. . . One hour, thirty minutes, and two seconds later in Spock time. . .

Nyota visited Jim's small but cramped and very cozy quarters.


"Hello," Jim said. "Who are you?"

"I haven't been introduced to you, yet," Nyota said. "I am Lieutenant Nyota  Uhura."

Jim gasped.

"That Nyota?" Jim asked.

Nyota sat down into a chair.

"That Nyota." Nyota said.

Jim's wide eyes returned to their usual size.

"Wow . . . That is just stunning." Jim said.

Nyota raised a eyebrow. 

"What is?" Nyota said.

"You and Spock together," Jim said. "I mean, I must be dreaming this or losing my mind thinking you two got a thing." Nyota lowered her eyebrow. "In my universe, you were just friends and he was a mentor. . . Tell me that it isn't obvious you two have a flare together and that I am over thinking this."

Nyota stared at Jim.

"You are not." Nyota said.

"Ah, damn it," Jim said. "I mean. . . You already had a boyfriend off the Enterprise in my universe who was first officer on the USS Talscia."

"How can you tell?" Nyota asked

"The way he looks at you," Jim said. "The way he talks to you." If Nyota's skin was Caucasian then Jim would have noticed she was blushing. "The way you Vulcan kiss." Jim held out his two fingers merged together. "You think I don't notice." He lowered his hand. "But I do." He put his hands together." If this Spock is happy with you then I am happy for how this . . . absurd and crazy alternate universe . . . is turning out for the crew of the Enterprise."

"What about your Spock?" Nyota asked.

"My Spock?"  Jim asked, with surprise on his face and in his voice as he put one hand on his chest.

Nyota nodded.

"Yes." Nyota said.

Jim lowered his hand down to the couch beside a Padd.

"He had a couple wives . . . One of which divorced him for another Vulcan named Stonn. Frankly my death snapped him out of his Pon farr." Jim realized what he had said. "I really shouldn't have told you that."

"His wife died on Vulcan." Nyota said, in a low voice.

Jim sighed, relieved.

"Do me a favor." Jim said

"What is it?" Nyota asked.

"Be there for your Spock," Jim said. "Always. In spirit or thoughts. You never know what the Vulcan can get himself into in the next two weeks."

Nyota smiled.

"I will," Nyota said. "I came here to ask a question."

"Yes?" Jim said.

"How close are you with your Spock?" Nyota asked.

"Since this is a different universe our counterparts are likely not going to share it."  Jim said.

"Admiral." Nyota said.

"We are like brothers," Jim said. "Close. Very close. He has always been there for me. I have always been there for him. We were all there for each other."

"Ah. . . so there's something more about it." Nyota said.

"No," Jim lied. "I meant by Sulu, Chekov,  Scotty, McCoy,me, Spock, and you. Don't try to distort what I say as that we were lovers. Never that."

"Well, it sounds like it." Nyota said.

"Is  Spock happy with you?" Jim asked.

"Yes, but--"  Nyota said.

"No butts, Miss Uhura," Jim said. "Has he influenced you in a positive way?"

"Yes, but--" Nyota started to say but Jim cut her off.

"Have you influenced him in a positive way?"  Jim asked.

"Yes." Nyota said.

"And are you happy with him?" Jim asked.

"Yes." Nyota said. 

"Then don't try to rush a friendship," Jim said. "It needs time. A lot of it. You can't rush a friendship just because Prime Spock and me share a brotherly relationship."

Nyota nodded.

"You are right," Nyota said. "Maybe one day . . . My Spock and my Kirk will be very close."

"It takes years to perfect," Jim said. "Just watch the Enterprise and their encounters shape them. It is likely they will get that friendship we had but not right now."

Nyota smiled, standing up.

"Thank you," Nyota said. "You have been very helpful, Admiral."


. . . One day, eight hours, thirty minutes, and thirty seconds later (In Spock time, of course) . . .

. . .New Vulcan. . . 

Years and years since Old Spock last saw his best friend. 

On Enterprise B

Old Spock  was at a private landing location. Old Spock had given the coordinates and the landing requirements to the Clasterdash  while it was in flight to New Vulcan. Old Spock had recently married to a young Vulcan woman, had twins on the way, and he had already explained to P'aula that they would be having a new guest. A new guest who would be staying for a long and long time. Possibly who could babysit their children while they were out. Surely taking care of a little Vulcan was easy. It was only logical to use his best friend as a babysitter-turned-uncle.

McCoy would be laughing if he knew the old Vulcan was that sneaky.

Scotty would wish Jim luck.

Uhura would have been trying to suppress her laughter while wishing the best of luck to Jim.

Chekov and Sulu would be taking it casual and wish the same luck fighting back laughter as well.

It was only logical.

He could see the figure of the Clasterdash in the sky coming down toward the landing coordinates. Each time it came closer and closer, Old Spock could experience what others would say as 'excitement'. Something he hadn't felt in decades. Jim did like vegetables so living among the Vulcans would be pretty easy for him.  Old Spock recalled a conversation that he shared with Jim regarding baby Vulcans. Jim believed what Spock had to say about them even suggesting one day he might find it 'unique' to babysit one. Baby Vulcans were a lot like human babies except for one thing. Their emotions and the strength tied to these emotions. Their emotions were pretty powerful when it comes to their grip on ones person. A normal human would find it difficult to get out of the grip of a baby Vulcan. Period.

The Clasterdash landed on the landing pad.

Dust became unsettled around the small starship.

Old Spock was a good distance away.

The bottom half lowered down.

A short figure came out.

"Spock?" Came a familiar but older voice.

At first Old Spock imagined Jim as a young man in his captain's uniform in their golden years.

"Jim!" Old Spock replied, with glee and excitement.

The tone that Jim had heard shortly after Spock had discovered he was alive and well after the fight on Vulcan. The look of happiness. To Jim, Spock hadn't aged a day. All Jim saw was his first officer (who also served as his science officer) waiting for him. The two went into  a embrace that was well deserved and well earned, really. If Jim were paying closely attention enough he would have heard his Spock crying. It had been so long since he had seen a friend. The last friend from his universe still alive. His best friend.

His T'hy'la.

Young Spock and Nyota watched the two from afar in the shuttle bay.

"Puzzling," Young Spock said. "It seems my counterpart has lost his self control."

"Maybe he is just happy to see his best friend again," Nyota said. "Perhaps. . . He did it intentionally."

Young Spock was curious.

"Why?" Young Spock asked.

"One day you will understand," Nyota said. "And it will all fit together."

"Have you been talking to Admiral Kirk lately?" Young Spock asked.

Nyota smiled.

"He is a nice guy," Nyota said. "I do hope Kirk turns out to be the man I admire."

Nyota turned away then walked away as young Spock watched her leave.  

"Odd but cryptic." Young Spock said.

Young Spock turned his head in the direction of the embracing two where he saw his other self hold up the Vulcan gesture of 'Live long and prosper' so young Spock reciprocated. Then Old Spock lowered his hand down. Young Spock lowered his hand then pressed  a button on the side which made the platform go back up and the door slowly started to close.

"I missed you, old friend."  Spock said, as their hug broke.

Jim had his hands on the side of Spock's shoulders.

"So did I, Spock," Jim said. "Now, what about the living arrangements?"

"I am afraid you are going to be a uncle in a three days." Spock said.

Jim did not seem to be phased.

"I am going to be the best uncle--how many?" Jim asked, letting go of Spock's shoulders.

"Two." Spock said, holding up his two fingers up.

The Clasterdash went up into the air leaving the two without leaving dust.

"I am going to be the best uncle they ever had!" Jim said. "Bet their friends are going to be jealous they have a legendary and old uncle. That makes for a lot of stories, you know."

Spock nodded.

"Indeed," Spock said. "Jim. . . I have never told you this but I view you as my T'hy'la."

"What does that mean?" Jim asked.

"Friend, brother, and lover." Spock said.

A cocky grin grew on  Jim's face.

"I knew you had it in you!" Jim said. "Now, I want you hear it from you."

"You haven't said it." Spock said.

That cocky grin was replaced by a defiant frown.

"Yes, I did," Jim said. "Thirty years ago."

"Actually twenty-nine years, four months, two weeks, three days, four hours, six minutes, and thirty-seconds." Spock corrected.

"Spock, how do you do it?" Jim asked. "Remember it so clearly."

"There was a clock and it was in the summer time," Spock said. "You ignored the clock for some time."

Jim laughed.

"They were advanced for their problems," Jim said. "Now,"  Jim folded his arms.  "I want to hear it from you, Spock."

Spock had gone through this scenario multiple times for years. How to tell Jim that he had feelings for him. And each time he was going to tell, it did not seem right, not just yet. Not the time so to speak. Now, here he was, old and coming to the peak of his old age. Jim wasn't getting any younger. Spock observed the man while checking off a list in his head, mentally, on what seemed to be a bucket list of some sorts.

At the bottom was 'admit'.

Right below 'repopulate New Vulcan and aid in the restoration of the Vulcan race'.

Spock crossed off the small box beside 'admit'.

"I love you too, Jim." Spock replied.

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