In a Alternate, yet Original timeline

Basically Kirk Prime arrives in the AOS in 'Into Darkness' with Khan. Instead of dying under the bridge. Okay, why not begin this story? Sometimes, the universe decides to fix its mistakes. Something has to be set right. Even if it was a terrible ending.

Started: 12/17/2015.

Completed: 12/20/2015 at 10:07 AM.


10. Infraction on one's hair

Jim looked over to see that Khan was still in the middle of running.

His hair was slick back, not moving a smudge, almost like it were frozen in time with him.

It then occurred to Jim that since this Khan isn't the one he had known, he can freely shave off some of Khan's hair! Now, he wouldn't have done that to a man who prided himself in honor and respect with his peers. But this man is very different. He didn't have those strong muscles, hair up in a pony tail, or the looks of a warrior that he knew from his Khan. I am going to hate myself for this for vandalizing Khan, Jim thought, well not really.

Jim came to Khan's side, pressed a button, and went through Khan's hair purposely shaving it off.

Jim stepped back to admire his work.

This Khan was officially a different and entirely new person with that mohawk.

Now it is my time to run, Jim thought.

Jim dropped the hair razor machine to the ground.

Jim ran back in the direction he  was coming from then went into the bridge now noticing there was no bodies. Instead, what he did see, was a corner where there were plenty of bodies piled up. Jim shuddered then got his bearings together.  He went over to the console then began searching for the navigational sequences or whatever the hell it was. If only his Chekov was here . . . He could have had a good idea how to use them or if the Chekov of this universe were here to give Jim a hand.  Eventually Jim found the navigational settings.

Time resumed.

"Destination?" The computer asked.

"North Pacific Ocean!" Jim shouted. He then did his best impression of his other younger self, "Acting Captain James T. Kirk! Lock navigational changes,disallow if any navigational changes at all after mine."

"Command accepted." The computer said.

Woah, that easy?, Jim thought, I should do this more often.

Jim heard the door open.

Jim looked over his shoulder to see that Khan was coming closer.

Khan was frozen in time, again, for the second or third time.

"You are so slow,Superman." Jim said.

Jim went past Khan then went in the opposite direction he had been going originally. He had to find a escape pod or somewhere to stick around the starship went plunging to  Earth.  This ship was plunging right toward Earth. He came across the body of a man holding a phaser in one hand apparently he had been beaten to death due to his lack of breath and the bruises on his exposed skin. Jim picked up the phaser. He had a feeling that if he were to come across Khan then he really might need this for his own sake. The view screen had displayed Earth coming closer and closer. He came directly into the scuba diving room. Keyword: scuba diving room. Jim's eyes brightened. This was able to adjust to the wearers weight, body, and mass all with one hand print. It even had the label of 'automatic body adjustment' on the back including a phaser holster which was pretty handy.

It fit him like a glove.

Thank god for advanced technology.

If anything, he had to start 'logically' from the shuttle bay since that is where the most damage was and it would be falling quickly but it was his exit out. He was good at swimming young or old. The water crashed into the shuttle bay. Time had apparently resumed. Jim swam out of the gigantic starship so fast he might have beaten a young athletic swimmer competing for a golden medal. Apparently there were some men who hadn't died during the attack launched by Khan.

People were appearing in the water and started to pump themselves up.

Like ants they started appearing one by one.

Jim swam to the top to the free sweet air. 

Narrowing escaping is quickly becoming a hobby.  Now, Jim had no idea if the Transporter room was vastly different and so was the consoles. He didn't want to find out. If he wasted a single precious minute staying in there and risked beaming right below the crashing starship then Jim would be a dead man.  He turned in the direction of a rocky shore. Safe. He was safe!

For now.

Jim had to focus on getting to shore.


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