In a Alternate, yet Original timeline

Basically Kirk Prime arrives in the AOS in 'Into Darkness' with Khan. Instead of dying under the bridge. Okay, why not begin this story? Sometimes, the universe decides to fix its mistakes. Something has to be set right. Even if it was a terrible ending.

Started: 12/17/2015.

Completed: 12/20/2015 at 10:07 AM.


9. Hah, a old man can outrun

Instead of going down in the direction Jim came from, he went down the other hall path. He went behind a wall corner, panting, expecting for Khan to be on his tail. He looked over to see that Khan was in the middle of running, slowly, as though he was frozen in time but he was still moving. It reminded Jim of the time he was slowed down in time by  Scalosian.

"Hello, old opponent."

It was a familiar voice.

Familiar but still youthful unlike Jim is.

One that he hadn't heard in decades.

"You!" Jim said, turning his head in the direction of the voice. "Who are you?"

The man was leaning against the wall with dark curly hair, was in a 20th century attire (which was new because last time he was in 18th century attire last he had seen), and had a walking stick propped against the wall.

"You know me."

"No, I do not."

"Captain Kirk, that is insulting! Forgetting your playmate?"

"Who the hell are you?"

The man stared at him for a good while.

"Gothos, remember?" The man asked.

Well, that is a odd name, Jim thought.

"Your name is Gothos. . ." Jim said.

The man's eyes widened.

"No,no,no!" The man said, shaking his hand.

"Then what is it?" Jim asked.

The man lowered his free hand.

"Remember the planet Gothos?" The man asked.

Jim paused.

"No,"  Jim said, with a shrug. "Not really."

The man had a look of pity.

"Must I give you the memory, captain?" The man asked.

"I have no idea who you are and you are most certainly unable to do that. That is impossible. No one can give others memories except if they are shown like in a mind meld," Jim explained. "And please, I am a admiral, not a captain."

"Fine, admiral. . . " The man frowned. "Not like I have all day."

The man waved his hand.


The memories came flooding back.

"Trelane." Jim said.

Trelane nodded.

"Uh huh." Trelane said.

"Did you send me here?" Jim asked.

"Why no!" Trelane said, as though he had been insulted. "That was the universe's doing! I am just a dweller in it like you, Admiral."

"And why are you here?" Jim asked.

"Khan is crashing the ship toward Star Fleet HQ. I can't interfere. You can!" Trelane waved his hand making a hair razor appear in Jim's free right hand. "I have my own prime directives."

Jim was skeptical.

"And how can I trust you?" Jim asked.

Trelane leaned forward using his walking stick.

"You can't. You have five minutes to run back in the direction of the bridge or to die by the hands of Khan," Trelane said. "I trust you can use that hair razor wisely."

Jim narrowed his eyes.

Perhaps now, Jim could get the answer.

"What are you?" Jim asked.

Trelane grinned.

"That?" Trelane said. "That would be telling, Admiral."

Trelane waved his hand and he vanished in a flair of white unlike how he only vanished in thin air without it in the original timeline.

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