In a Alternate, yet Original timeline

Basically Kirk Prime arrives in the AOS in 'Into Darkness' with Khan. Instead of dying under the bridge. Okay, why not begin this story? Sometimes, the universe decides to fix its mistakes. Something has to be set right. Even if it was a terrible ending.

Started: 12/17/2015.

Completed: 12/20/2015 at 10:07 AM.


5. Error in reaching telepathic reciever

When McCoy had left, Jim thought. . . and thought.  But mostly to attempt a form of contact through telepathy to Spock.  Well, the times he had attempted were earned with, "Captain, why do you look like you are relieving yourself?" when Spock finally found him.  But instead of appearing that way he was staring out into no where appearing as though he was deep in thought. He had enough practice to appear dozed off into the twilight zone that he didn't appear to be trying to be pooping. Speaking of which he does need to find a toilet around here.

Spock, Spock, Spoooock. Spoook Spock Spock. Spook. Spooky. Spock. Spock. Spock. Spock.

Jim heard a hollow sound meet back.


An echo of his own 'knock' which meant someone was blocking his very attempts.



Decades and decades after trying he finally got a response.

Oh and he has to go use the men's room.

The success was so exciting he had to visit the bathroom.

"Miss," Jim asked a nurse. "Where is the men's room?"


New Vulcan.

The new home planet of Vulcans.

The second great planet of the Vulcans.


Old Spock was meditating.


Old Spock opened one eye.

Nobody was there.

Old Spock closed his eye again, clearing his mind,  coming back into his meditation.


Old Spock opened his eyes frowning.


There wasn't a person around except for him.

Why was he hearing this familiar voice?

He had long thought this person was dead. . . A long time ago. He had to be dead. A old friend, lost, not once but twice.

Spock Spock. Spook. Spooky.

Former Captain of the USS Enterprise, James T Kirk, was making himself known from beyond the grave. It was illogical to feel annoyed toward the dead. Why bother communicating right now? Spock ignored the constant reminders of a era bygone. A era that had seemingly went away ninety plus years ago. All he had left of his human friends were memories. Some-one deliberately was mimicking the voice of someone he considered dead. But being called  Spook? Offensive. And Spooky was rather offensive, too. He wasn't spooky. Nor did he get spooked often. In fact he almost never got scared except for that one time he came across the blue eyed James  T. Kirk. 


This was getting annoying.


Very annoying.


Who was attempting to bring out his already grieven state for a old friend?


It was illogical to be annoyed.

With his aged mind tuning, Spock proceeded to make a annoying sound back. A replay of a sound really. One that he heard on a planet with metal that was hollow not hard and sturdy. It was quite the discovery. So long ago. He remembered this particular unusually discovery with Jim and McCoy. He had this sound kept in the many vaults concealed in his memory. This planet? Kraven Two. Jim jokingly called it the planet of 'craving' when they were exploring it because of the numerous food related items that he and many would normally crave on a feast. They were so real. It was a machine's doing they later found out.

Three knocks.

The voice stopped.

Picard had once voiced a theory to Spock that Jim had indeed survived and was taken somewhere else.

If he were taken somewhere else, Jim would already be finding his way back. 

It was illogical to encounter the emotion of glee in his mind.

It wasn't Spock's glee.

It wasn't coming from Spock.

Then . . . who's glee was it from?

"Odd. . ." Spock said.

Spock went back into his meditation.

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