In a Alternate, yet Original timeline

Basically Kirk Prime arrives in the AOS in 'Into Darkness' with Khan. Instead of dying under the bridge. Okay, why not begin this story? Sometimes, the universe decides to fix its mistakes. Something has to be set right. Even if it was a terrible ending.

Started: 12/17/2015.

Completed: 12/20/2015 at 10:07 AM.


16. Epilogue

Jim noticed on  Spock's chest attached to a string around his neck held onto a holo-emitter.

"Why do you have a holo-emitter around your neck?" Jim asked, as he ran his finger around the simple object.

"Congratulating me for becoming a Ambassador." Spock replied.

Jim had a 'oh, that message' then it turned into a look of realization.

"And you have worn it every-where you've gone for the past ninety-five years?" Jim said.

"Why yes, I have." Spock said.

"Why . . . Why that is very heart-warming, Spock," Jim said. "You took me wherever you went."

"But now, you are here, in the flesh." Spock said.

Jim smiled.

"Spock, you sound very romantic when you say that." Jim said.

They were in bed together under the sheets covering their privates.

"And very true." Spock said.

"Well," Jim said. "I am here now, and we have each other."

Spock had a smile.

"Yes, that we do," Spock said. "Are you ready?"

Jim nodded.

"I am ready," Jim said. "First time's the start."

Spock's fingers found their way to the Psi points on Jim's face and the human put his hand on the side of the Vulcan's face. It had taken years for them to get to this level (and admitting their love) had taken a long time. Outrageously, it had.  Spock muttered the now famous phrase, "My mind to your thought, my thoughts to your thoughts. . . .My katra to your katra, never parted, always touching and touched."  Jim could see a distant memory. Back when they were younger aboard the Enterprise. He was grieving about a woman. A android woman. A woman named Rayne. That was the missing memory with the encounter with Flint. Spock had eased Jim's suffering. Jim found it in his heart to forgive Spock.

They were alone, quite finally, after going to a resort on New Vulcan.

Two days until the twins arrived.

Jim could feel a sensation that he, in all his years, could encounter.

It was mind soothing.

Jim felt like he was in a gorgeous warm swimming pool.

For that moment both of the men's katras completed each other. They made quite the awesome person when put together. They complimented each other filling in holes in one another. Jim could feel utter completeness. Content. Happiness. Joy. Satisfaction. Years and years of being the womanizer Jim had finally found his other half. A other half that was in a man not a woman. If his father were still around then he would be happy for his son for finally finding the one of his dreams. For finally getting the words out of the one he cared about in the entire world.  It brought a smile to Jim's face.

He saw the memory where Spock believed that his captain was dead for the first time.

It was deep sorrow, sadness, regret, and heavy  guilt.

Then the memory displayed showing Spock learning Jim's survival.

Affection, happiness, utter joy, glee, excitement, and so much emotion that one man would need to visit the restroom or do something to express that (or in the way Spock expressed it, that form of expressing was enough for Spock).

Jim saw memories of events that he hadn't been aware of.

The Romulan who fell for Spock (and otherwise could not be with him).

The young woman who fell for Spock.

Coming across a android on the side of the Federation named Data.

Attempting to unify the Romulans and Vulcans.

Teaching the android how to apply the nerve pinch.

Staying on Romulus to pursue his mission.

Returning to Vulcan a decade later.

Meeting a blind human responsible for the creation of his spaceship.  Geordi La Forge. Scotty woulda' liked the fellow.  Geordi seemed like a nice guy.

The news of Jim presumably dying on the Enterprise B brought deep sorrow and regrets to Spock.

His hopes were uplifted decades later by Captain Picard.

They were both seeing each others memories, ones both had not been aware of.

Jim saw the memory of Spock gazing up the sky watching Vulcan crack in half slow be consumed by the matter dropped inside. Lives, so many lives, were lost that day. It was different to how the Vulcans on the Intrepid had perished since their life sources were drained fairly quickly to the point they didn't have the time to know what was going on. They could only be fascinated by the space alien upon the death as they realized what it was doing.  The Enterprise crew had much more time then the Vulcans had. It was the most mind and soul elevating experience that Jim ever had. Nothing can top that.

Nothing. Ever. Not in a million years.

As he cozied up with Spock, who's chest was radiating heat with that holo-emitter laid on it . . . Jim was reminded just how lucky he was to be given a fine loyal partner. 

His T'hy'la, his one and always.

The End.

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