Ranger Adventures: Book 1: Journey through Kanto

Disclaimer: Pokemon doesn't belong to me all rights go to the Creator. The only things that are mine is the plot and my own original characters.


3. Authors Note: Important notice

So this book will be moved to my other account: @FallenAlchemist.

This will be moved there as I would like to put this version (the rewritten version) on that account. The chapters before this are just taster chapters. If you like what I have written then please go over when it has been moved and give the rest of it a read. :)This book will not be the first book like it is on here though. The first book will be based in Kalos. It will be the second or third book dependent on where they go next.

            ~ Georgia

P.S. Check this space! Soon when it is uploaded onto my other account I will post another notice to say that it is

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