Ranger Adventures: Book 1: Journey through Kanto

Disclaimer: Pokemon doesn't belong to me all rights go to the Creator. The only things that are mine is the plot and my own original characters.


2. 1.

 “Hey Louis,” I pause, “Any news on the old man?”

      Louis tilts his head to look at me as he finishes fixing the camera in front of him. It was just one of those old cameras that printed instantly. He sighs and places it down on the table before swiveling around on his chair.

      “Well now kid, I’ve told you, we both know that there is no way that yer old man survived it.”

      “We can dream can’t we?”
      “He left on his journey and never came back. Work was very important for him and if he got asked to go and visit another region then he did. On saying that, just stay with your uncle for a bit longer,” He carries on, “I’m sure that old Oak is looking after you splendidly.”

      He reaches for his walking stick and straightens himself up. A lot of the kids on the street tend to stay away from him but personally I like the old man. Well…I say old but he has to be about twenty if not thirty. It’s always hard to differentiate when he has that permanent scowl on his face.

      “Alright then, what about next week?” I ask, “Found anywhere for me to stay so I don’t have to go on that dumb adventure yet?”

      He stares at me for a moment before coming back to consciousness and grabbing a leaflet from his desk.

      “There is no getting out of it this time kid,” He starts, “For five years I’ve helped you come across some sort of adventure camp to get out of going on yer journey! But not…this time. The professor and I have spoken and we both decided to make you.”

      “You told my Uncle that we’ve been meeting?”

      Louis chuckles before throwing me a parcel. I let it fall at my feet before glowering at him. How dare he tell Oak about this. All that idiot does is encourage me to go on one of those journeys. If only he would let it be but no of course not! That idiot.

      “Of course I didn’t. No one needs to tell him. Everyone sees us when we meet up fer lunch do you really think people wouldn’t talk to him. Yer Uncle wants what is best fer you. Just like I do and at first I thought it would be a good idea to keep you away. I trusted in you but now-”

      “Now what?”

      “What kind of ten-year-old kid doesn’t dream of going on a Pokémon journey?!”

      “The kind that just lost both their parents!”

      The atmosphere thickens as we both stare each other down. The door creaks behind us as the Shrimp runs into the room and whispers something in Louis ear. Louis nods and points to the door. That’s my cue.

      “I’ll find a way out of it.”

      He laughs.

      “No…you won’t…”

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