I Solemnly Swear I'm Up To No Good {DracoMalfoy}

Azalea Shade is in her fifth year at Hogwarts, She was originally put into Gryffindor but was considered a threat with the powers she has, So the sorting hat moves her too Slytherin, The house she had always been obsessed with, but what happens when she gets too close too Draco Malfoy? Will this house make her evil? And what will happen when The Dark Lord takes an interest in Azalea and her powers, Will she become a death eater, Just like her beloved Draco.

{This Book Will Be Based Off The Fifth And Sixth Harry Potter Movies - Order Of The Phoenix and Half Blood Prince and maybe some of Deathly Hallows- but I will add my own things in}


37. Chapter 37; Sectumsempra

Blaise's P.O.V

"Pay up." I snap at Pansy, She hands me four galleons. 

"God Blaise, The things you'll do for money." She smirks, "I just need you too get the ring from her and then you can leave."

"I'll do anything for more money..." 

"Really?"  She began too laugh. 

"My family aren't the richest and you know!" I growl.

"Cool it.." She shoves me, "I'll give you another three galleons if you can get too kiss you... whilst Draco is watching."

"Your obsessed with that boy! Leave him alone." She slaps my face, 

"He was mine! He was mine before that bitch came!" She shoves me again. "Now go and make my money worth while." 

I shake my head and roll my eyes as I begin too walk away,  I can't believe I'm doing this I mean Azalea killed Cormac. What's stopping her from killing me. It was Saturday so I wore some blue jeans with a plain black sleeve top, I loved Saturdays. I met Azalea by the black lake, I had an idea for what we could do. I hug her too say hello and hold up two pairs of ice skates. 

"Blaise, The lake isn't even frozen." She tilts her head. 

"But I've heard.. you could freeze it." I smile and she rolls her eyes, 

"Fine." She makes her way over too the lake and waves her hand over it, her hair and eyes turn ice blue and the lake slowly freezes over - It looked beautiful. "Wow." She whispers, I help her put on her ice skates and I put on mine. 

"If your scared, I could help yo-" I turn around too see her already skating around like a professional. "Ok.." I step onto the ice and skate over too her, 

"This is so fun!" She squealed, taking my hand. I smile at her and begin too skate beside her. I know deep down this is wrong, I shouldn't be using her like this. I look down too the hand I'm holding of hers and notice the ring on her finger, Maybe I could slide it off? I had no idea what it was but I knew Pansy was determined for me too get it and I needed more money for my family. I slowly move my hand for her's slipping the ring from her finger, Bingo! I sneakily slide it into my pocket. 

"So, When did you learn how too ice skate." 

"My mother used too take me and my little sister all the time."

"I didn't know you have a little sister Shade."

"Well...  I had.." She slowly looks too the frost that had stuck too her skates. I couldn't breath I felt so bad for what I was doing.. even though I was having a good time with her. 

"I'm sorry.." I say turning her round too face me. 

"It's ok.." 

"How did she-" 

"I didn't close my bedroom door back home and she found her way too my potions stand..." 

"Wow.. That's awful." I pick up her head.. this would be the perfect chance too kiss her, but Draco isn't in sight. "How about we meet with Draco and go into Hogsmeade."

"I would like that but when I got back from meeting Harry he had left a note in my room telling me he was busy... with something he can't tell me, If that makes any sense." 

"Perfect sense." I nod and begin too skate again. We skated for what felt like forever until she said.. 

"My ring." Shit! "It's gone." She begins too frantically skate around, "Help me look for it? It's really important too me." I take a deep breath before admitting too my crime. 

"I have it." I held it up from my pocket. "I'm sorry..." 

"You were going too steal it?" She snatches it off me and puts it in her pocket. 

"No... well not really." 

"Not really?"

"Pansy... She wanted me too get it off you for her, She paid me."

"Oh my god! You only came out with me because Pansy paid you money... You are truly sick minded!"

"No please, I'm having such a good time!"

"Like I believe you anymore." She skates over until she is off the lake and takes off her ice skates. "I thought you were a nice guy!" She says putting on her own shoes again,  I watch her storm off. Great... Now Pansy will never pay up. Why was I so kind?



I pulled off my tank top in urge too escape from the thing I had done, that is when I felt tears in my eyes. I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror in front of me; I couldn't even forgive myself! I loosen my tie too coll off but it doesn't work. That is when I start sobbing and it's not like me too cry. No I was only making myself feel worst. I was about too step out of the bathroom but I heard Granger's voice. 

"Don't you understand Ronald! We need everyone we can too reform Dumbledore's army!" 

"We don't just need anyone.. we need Azalea!" 

"You have got too be kidding me, if she finds out about Draco-"

"She won't and what's going on between them two anyway.. She claims there not even in a relationship." 

"Relationship or not.. can't you tell she likes him."

"He's probably just using her anyway." 

"Oh come on! Your only saying that because you know Harry likes her also." 

"Lower your bloody voice Hermione, Somebody could be listening.." 

"There's no one around Ronald, It's Saturday." 

"Do we even know where Harry is?" 

"I think he's looking for Azalea.. We haven't seen her all morning." 

"She is a Slytherin." 

"She was a Gryffindor before though so she is technically still one of us and besides I am pretty sure Azalea can take pretty good care of herself she's stronger then half of the school put together." 

"I know, That's exactly why we need her fighting for us!" 

"Stop making out like there's going too be a war!" 

"There might be we need too take precautions." 

"Oh yes of course Ronald we should be the one's taking precautions when Dumbledore has us protected... With him around Hogwarts is untouchable."   I hear their footsteps get further into the distance and take my leave from the bathroom. They knew something about me that they shouldn't... I should really find Azalea before Harry does.  I pace the corridors until I arrive at her room, I heard voices from outside the door, I guess this is the second conversation I'm listening into. 

"Don't be ridiculous Harry!" I hear Azalea's voice. 

"I'm telling you the truth!" 

"Why should I believe you..." 

"I don't know but I'll be able to prove it too you soon..." 

"Well when you have the proof, I'll listen. For now I'm just wondering what Dumbledore wants too tell me about this ring." 

"What is that thing?" 

"So I guess Hermione didn't tell you then." 

"She hasn't said a word, I heard Ron ask her about it but she just said it's between you and her."

"Well... It belongs too you know who. It's extremely powerful and people are trying too kill me too get their hands on it." 

"I thought you told Draco... Dumbledore had it." 

"Couldn't have him worrying could I." 

"I understand..." There's a slight pause. "I would worry immensely too you know." Where was this going?

"I know." There's another pause, "I'm sorry.. I can't return those feelings Harry."

"Because your in love with the enemy." 

"The enemy?" 

"You know who I mean." 

"Last time I checked, Draco was not the enemy!" 

"In your eyes maybe but in mine... since first year he has always been the enemy.. my enemy!" 

Enough was enough,  I knock on the door and wait quietly but it takes a while for me too be greeted by Azalea's pretty face. 

"Draco?" She said in her usual sweet voice, She had the door open just a little. I roll my eyes. 

"I know Harry's here, You don't have too hide it." I pushed the door open but as soon as I did, Harry Potter had his wand too my throat. 

"I know what you did Malfoy!" He snapped, I looked at Azalea who couldn't get any words out but her face explained it all. A cruel snarl creeps onto my face and I pull out my wand and put it too his throat. 

"What the hell are you two doing!" Azalea finally blurted out. Harry takes a couple of steps back and puts his wand too his side, I step too the side and close the door. "I asked a question.." 

"I know you hexed her Draco!" Harry shouted, taking little steps back. 

"And again I ask... what the hell is going on!"

"I didn't hex anyone Potter!" I wave my wand and with that movement, a red light comes out and sends Potter flying back onto the bed that stood behind him. He stands up and starts firing random spells back, 

"Stop!" Azalea stood shouting, "STOP IT NOW!" I ignored her but Harry turned his wand, 

"Deprimo." He says and with that Azalea fell too the floor in incredible pain, I heard a snap and flinch at her screaming. "I.  I'm sorry."  

"What spell did you use!"  I hold my wand back too his throat.

"I thought it would send her backwards, I didn't mean too!" 

"It's ok..." I hear her voice come from the floor, She pulls out a small ring from her pocket and puts it on her finger running her hand over it. It glowed lilac and she managed too stand up. "I'm ok.."  She says weakly but I already felt my fist against Potter's face. "Draco I'm fine!" She shouts but I ignore her, with each time my fist meets his face he bleeds. I feel Azalea pushing me back and decide too release Harry, I find sanity again as soon as I look into her eyes. 



  I watch Draco fall onto my bedroom floor, his shirt slowly turning red with the blood coming from his body. I rush over and kneel beside him. 

"Harry Potter!" Professor Snape's came from the door. He snatched Harry by the collar but I interrupt them.

"NOT NOW!" My voice echoed in the room, "Can't you see Draco needs help!" I couldn't breathe. Think.. I need a spell. The one Draco used on me whilst I was in the hospital, He starts too fit on the floor. "Professor! Please!" He pushes me out the way too tend too Draco's wounds, I cover my mouth and look at Harry in disgust. I stand up and walk over too him, slapping his face. He holds his cheek and looks at me, 

"So I guess it's always been Draco." He nods his head and walks out of my room, by this time Draco is sat up against the wall. I bend now too him and get a rush of happiness at his smiling face. 

"Are you ok?" I whispered softly. He nods his head and tucks a piece of hair behind my ear. 

"I need too leave with Snape. We have some serious business, I'm sorry love." I help him stand up, 

"It's ok.." I redo his tie, I was shocked my Draco's new look. He was always in a black suite, It looked good don't get me wrong but it was just a change, even Snape gives me a faint smile as they leave my room. Only a few hours before I meet Dumbledore at the top of the Astronomy Tower.  I decide too reflect on what had happened so far today, I curl up on my bed and lean against my pillow. First of all Blaise tried stealing my ring too hand over too Pansy so she could give it too The Dark Lord, then Harry uses a spell that I am even unsure of. How did he know that? Did he create it? I created a spell once, Nothing special but I thought it was pretty cool. I should practice it even though it is bloody useless, I grab the old novel 'Alice In Wonderland' from my bedside cabinet and open it on a random page, "Glossarium." It worked as the letters from each word out of each sentence come off the page and turn into moving pictures, a small girl standing on a long table... The Mad Hatters tea party too be exact. I close the book and turn off the spell as Balerion and Viper jump up from under my bed, Balerion was a lot bigger since last time I saw him. He was too big too sit in my palm anymore unlike Viper who was still a baby, an adorable little minx. I decide too sit back and close my eyes too take a quick nap before I would have too visit Dumbledore.




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