I Solemnly Swear I'm Up To No Good {DracoMalfoy}

Azalea Shade is in her fifth year at Hogwarts, She was originally put into Gryffindor but was considered a threat with the powers she has, So the sorting hat moves her too Slytherin, The house she had always been obsessed with, but what happens when she gets too close too Draco Malfoy? Will this house make her evil? And what will happen when The Dark Lord takes an interest in Azalea and her powers, Will she become a death eater, Just like her beloved Draco.

{This Book Will Be Based Off The Fifth And Sixth Harry Potter Movies - Order Of The Phoenix and Half Blood Prince and maybe some of Deathly Hallows- but I will add my own things in}


33. Chapter 33; The Grim Riddle


"I apologize immensely my lord." My husband Lucius sits up in his chair as The Dark Lord enters the room again, "I thought the girl would be more... convinced." Lucius was terrified but I couldn't blame him, Nobody I knew wasn't scared of The Dark Lord. 

"No need too apologize, I owe you an apology for believing you could actually accomplish a simple task!" He slams his cold, pale hands on the table in front of us. I took a deep breath but he could already sense my fear. "Narcissa, my dear." He holds out his hand for me too take, I place my hand in his and he stands me up. "Could you finish the task, Azalea trusts you." 

"Not anymore. but my son she would trust with her life." I clear my throat and bow my head down so I didn't have too look into his evil eyes. "The only flaw in that is he's completely... in love with her." 

"Perfect." He began too laugh like the villain he was, but I couldn't complain. I was evil too. "Breaking her heart may just make her fall for our offer."

"She's just a chil-"  

"A CHILD!" He finishes my sentence and I bite my tongue holding back the tears that had formed in my eyes, These tears have been in my eyes since the day I joined the dark side I just had too hold them in.  "She's a child of great power... POWER SHE OWES ME! I just heard she has something that I possess." 

"I understand my lord." Yes, I did understand. I just didn't totally agree. "Please let me tell my son of his orders."

"Of course." He takes his seat at the end of the table. "Make sure you tell him as soon as possible and NOT by mail." I nod understanding and grasp Lucius's hand. 

"Cissy, Do not be afraid." My sister whispered closely in my ear. I wanted too slap her face, She gave my son up too The Dark Lord. He was a pure secret until that one unfaithful day she opened her disgusting mouth. "No harm shall come too Draco." She pulls her head back with her usual smirk. I pull out my wand and teleport back too our home.



As soon as Draco left, I pulled out the papers and ring again and positioned them out all over my bed so I could study them. The markings on the ring was almost like a crescent moon with dots that circled it, I run my finger of it and too my surprise it started too glow, It glowed a beautiful lilac color. I smile before running my finger back over it, the color left the ring and it turned back too normal. Was that a bad idea? I don't even know what it does. After hours of searching through notes that could lead too other discoveries; I finally found the symbol. 

"The Grim Riddle" I whisper too myself... The Grim Riddle? I begin too read the rest of parchment. "The Grim Riddle; This marking is engraved into anything that once belonged or stills belongs too Tom Riddle. That is why it is called The Grim Riddle. The most precious item discovered was a small ring that could turn a person, object or animal invisible, It is also said too bring immortality; Such as make a person immune too unforgivable curses or any muggle made weapon. The ring was lost many years ago and is still yet too be recovered." I take my eyes from the paper and back onto the ring I held in between my fingers, Immune too unforgivable curses? Immortality and Invisibility? Did I obtain the rings power and how long has it been in my room? I put it onto my bed and slip the piece of parchment into my pocket. I did unfortunately have too return too my classes today but I needed too tell Hermione these things, I stand up from my bed but look back too the ring. I should not leave it unprotected in my easily accessible room. I pick it up and  hold it between my two hands, "Varsco" The small barrier glowed around the ring, but I still wouldn't leave such an important object so I slipped it into my robe pocket and collected the rest of the parchment, wrapping it back into the green ribbon and then securing it in my bedside cabinet again. 

--Potions Class--

My obsessive eyes were attached too the ring that I didn't really hear Snape's voice call my name. "Miss Shade!" He slammed a book on my desk awakening me from my trance. 


"You seem awfully distracted something you want too share?" His cold grueling voice said, no expression ever showed on his face. Something in my gut told me he already knew something. 

"No.. nothing... nothing at all." I lifted my head up, his towering body was shadowing me. 

"Good." He moved back over too his chalkboard. I shake my head and rub my eyes, I was so tired but at least my shoulder wasn't hurting as bad as it was. Right! I need too tell Hermione, I rip some parchment from my notebook and start scribbling a short note so Snape wouldn't notice. 

'Found something..'

I then folded it in the shape of a bird and watched it come too life in my palm, I slowly lifted it up in the air and directed it too Hermione, She was sat in the seat three down from me so it didn't take long. It hit her on the head and she flinched before unfolding it. Her eyes widened. I tried too look past Draco who was sat next too me but his face followed mine blocking me off from Hermione. 

"Move please.." I stuck out my bottom lip but he just smirked. "Draceeeyyy.." I started mimicking Pansy and he slightly giggled, he knew what I was doing so he leaned back and revealed Hermione once again. She raised her eyebrows at me and I gave her the 'I need too tell you something important look'.  I unfortunately looked back too Professor Snape's face directly in front of mine. "Heyyy... Professor." I try too play it off as if I was innocent making a few people laugh. 

"Detention....." He whispered and I roll my eyes. I could get myself out of this one. I blow a small wind this time making it into a tornado I then blew it towards Professor Snape's face - He inhaled it just like all the other teachers that fell for my magic tricks. "Forget I said that..." He slowly made his way back too the front. 

At the end of class I packed everything away and felt in my pocket just too make sure nobody had taken the ring, I felt the cold object in my hands and met Hermione by the door, Snape had kept Draco behind for some reason, I shouldn't get involved. 

"So what did you find out?" Hermione said in a quiet voice as she pulled me away from the crowd. 

"Just read this."  I pull out the piece of parchment and hand it too her,  She bites her lip and she starts too read the words. Once she is done she folds it back up and hands it back too me, 

"Your immune too unforgivable curses Azalea; This ring must have been in your room for some time... You just took some of its power."

"Yes I am immune but from my experience... I can't turn invisible."  

"Then maybe you didn't take the power you just learn something from it's aura."

"See Hermione this is why I come too you when I struggle with my homework." 

"Just don't let that ring out of your sight, or hand it in too Dumbledore or something!" 

"Hand it in? No way."

"Why not?"

"First we both know the name Tom Riddle goes by these days, Second it was left in my room for me too find!" 

"Ok... Then keep a close eye on it. If anyone approaches you and asks about it. Don't tell them a word. Maybe whoever was disguised as Tabitha was after something after all. We need too figure out who made polyjuice potion." 

"That is impossible Hermione; We all made polyjuice potion that day!" 

"Then it must have been someone in our class!" 

"Yes; I will look into it! Just don't mention anything too Potter or Weasley ok." 

"There names are Harry and Ronald! Last time I checked you called them that too; Did you loose some respect for them." 

"Of course not, It's a Slytherin habit." 

"Ok.. So by the time you start calling me Granger I'm guessing we won't be friends." She barges past me, bumping my bad shoulder. 

"Ow!" I say clutching it. "Hermione what's wrong?" She ignores me and continues walking. Oh great. You make one mistake and the worlds against you. I hear the classroom door open, Snape and Draco step out. 

"Miss Shade... Shouldn't you be somewhere?" Snape said again in his cold tone, "What is that?" I realize I am still holding the ring, I flinch as he goes too snatch it, 

"Just a gift." I closed my hand and slipped the ring back into my pocket. 

"Not so fast..." He said grabbing my wrist, "Let me see that." 

"No." I free my wrist, Draco was now staring at me like he needed or wanted something. I move my eyes back too Snape. "It's non of your business anyway." I turn around and begin too walk off but I feel his dagger eyes stabbing my back, I look back too see him snatch the wand from his pocket. 

"Stupify!" He shouts, but my quick reaction made it rebound and he went flying back into the door of his pathetic classroom, That is when I started running. I never knew my legs could go that fast. The sound of fast footsteps behind me indicated someone was chasing me and that someone was Draco. 

"STUPIFY!" He shouts even louder sending me into a wall, My shoulder taking most of the impact, I grab it and almost scream. 

"What the hell!" I shout. 

"Your a nutter! I wasn't going too take you too him!" He picks me up off the ground. 

"Then why do a freaking spell!" I clutch my shoulder, as it began too throb even worst than it was. "I guess I have too take another visit too Madam Pomfrey." I again have found myself trapped between a wall and Draco's body... Why did this always happen! He pecks my cheek and then moved back and held out his hand. I raise my eyebrows confused at his gesture. He tuts and rolls his eyes taking my hand. "If your trying too get the ring... it's not going too happen"

"Why would I want the ring? Unless it's something important." He was bluffing... I knew by the tone of his voice. 

"You know perfectly well it's important by Snape's reaction too it, So I mean your obviously looking for informa-" I am cut off my his lips on mine. I put my hand in my pocket too secure he doesn't sneakily take the ring using this pleasurable kiss as a distraction.  The Grim Riddle... would be only in my possession.



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