I Solemnly Swear I'm Up To No Good {DracoMalfoy}

Azalea Shade is in her fifth year at Hogwarts, She was originally put into Gryffindor but was considered a threat with the powers she has, So the sorting hat moves her too Slytherin, The house she had always been obsessed with, but what happens when she gets too close too Draco Malfoy? Will this house make her evil? And what will happen when The Dark Lord takes an interest in Azalea and her powers, Will she become a death eater, Just like her beloved Draco.

{This Book Will Be Based Off The Fifth And Sixth Harry Potter Movies - Order Of The Phoenix and Half Blood Prince and maybe some of Deathly Hallows- but I will add my own things in}


31. Chapter 31; The Ring


-Authors Note: This chapter deleted 2 times before I got too re write it so I wouldn't consider it the best as I got slightly annoyed I had too write the same thing three times :)-



"Azalea..Azalea." I hear a soft voice enter my right ear and open my eyes too Hermione's face. 

"How did you get into the Slytherin homeroom?" I say sitting up, my shoulder practically screaming in agony. She turns around revealing Tabitha Bainbridge, I nod my head and Hermione helps me stand up. "How are you feeling?" 

"A little rusty..." I put my hand on my shoulder and move it in a circular motion. It was still throbbing. Tabitha moves forward, Her face beaming with all sorts of happy emotions. She does a slight bow as she hands me a letter. 

"Merlin, He stopped by and dropped this off in the grande hall. Draco said he would bring it too you, But I insisted." She hands me a small piece of parchment. 

"Merlin?" I sigh, "Thank goodness, I must have let him out of his cage when we picked up my dress Hermione." I smile but the displeasure on Hermione's face kills it, She  begins shaking her head. 

"No.. He was still in his cage as we left." Her heeled shoes clicked on the floorboards until she reached Merlin's cage, She ran her hand over the door and investigated it thoroughly. "There's some sort of marks... On the door, almost like claws." I raise my eyebrows and go over too investigate myself.

"These almost look too deep for Merlin's tiny claws." I turn my head as I noticed something trapped between too of the bars. "What is this?" I tug at the item until it became free, It was a ring. Tabitha came and looked over my shoulder,

"How exquisite." She says reaching for it but I snapped my palm shut before she could grab it, I didn't want anyone touching it. It could be important. 

"Wait a second.. Look at that." Hermione pries open my grasp and stares at the other side of the ring, I turn it too lay my eyes on some unusual markings. "I have never seen anything like it before?" She folds her arms. 

"How about we take it too Gryffindor library?" Tabitha suggests, "We could look in some of the books." 

"Brilliant idea." Hermione gives Tabitha a congratulation tap on the back and we begin too head out of the door. 

--In The Library--

"Find anything yet?" I turn too Hermione and Tabitha who are helplessly digging through useless books. "I feel like we are looking in the wrong place."

"We haven't tried the restricted section?" Tabitha pursed her lips and snapped the book she was holding closed, "You may find something useful in there."

"No." Hermione points a stern finger, "Nobody is going into the restricted section!" 

"I am." I say nodding. 

"You are such a lunatic." Hermione shakes her head knowing she can't stop me. "Go on then, It doesn't seem like there's anyone around but be careful." She smiles at me before I check both corners and enter the darkness. I wasn't going too lie, it was eerie and incredibly creepy the only light was the sunlight that broke it's way through the curtains. I had too tip toe and hold my breath just in case Filch was on his usual patrol, 

"Lumos." I whisper as a dim light came from the tip of my finger, that is when I started too study the books on the shelves. They were old and a lot more dustier too the ones in the normal library. I pull out random books but non of them fit the one I needed. I purse my lips and stand on the ends of my toes too see the high books, That is when I heard a quiet thud. I jump and turn too see one had fallen from the shelf behind me; How convenient. I pick it up and gently blow the dust off. 'Mythological Symbols And Mystical Marks' Seems too be right, I slowly tuck it under my robes and began heading out the door, 

"Anyone here my sweet..." I quickly dive behind a table at the sound of a raspy, croaky voice. Of course it was Filch and that ugly cat of his... I cover my mouth in order of not making a sound but a part of me wants too burst of laughing I have a habit for laughing at inappropriate times.

"Err Mr.. Filch." Hermione's sweet voice echoed.

"What are you doing? Get outta here! No students!" 

"Well considering your the caretaker I though it would be in your concern too know there has been a leak... a burst pipe.. in the boys bathroom." I could tell by her breathing she was lying but I guess it was too save my ass from getting caught.

"Aright.. aright. I'm coming." I hear his footsteps leave and once I am fully sure he is out of the door, I make a run for it. 

"Did you find anything?" Tabitha whispered coming closer. 

"I found this book." I pull it out from under my robes and show it too her. 

"Great!" She said, She stretched out her hand in order for me too give her the book but I kept it tightly in my grasp.

"Tabitha... Are you ok?" I ask, Her face suddenly starts too deform and twitch... "Tabitha."

"I'm fine!" She was loosing her breath but reached in her pocket pulling out a small potion bottle, She popped the top off and began throwing the unusual elixir down her throat. Her face goes back too normal. "Now give me the ring, I can take care of it. We don't know what it is yet and we wouldn't want it too fall into the wrong hands." She goes too snatch both the book and the ring this time but I back away. She scowls this was not like Tabitha at all, She flicks her hair, puffs out her chest and throws her shoulders back. She clears her through before saying; "I'll see you later then." She turns and sets off into a quick sprint. 

"Azalea..." Hermione said whispering almost right in my ear, "Did you smell... Polyjuice potion?"  

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