I Solemnly Swear I'm Up To No Good {DracoMalfoy}

Azalea Shade is in her fifth year at Hogwarts, She was originally put into Gryffindor but was considered a threat with the powers she has, So the sorting hat moves her too Slytherin, The house she had always been obsessed with, but what happens when she gets too close too Draco Malfoy? Will this house make her evil? And what will happen when The Dark Lord takes an interest in Azalea and her powers, Will she become a death eater, Just like her beloved Draco.

{This Book Will Be Based Off The Fifth And Sixth Harry Potter Movies - Order Of The Phoenix and Half Blood Prince and maybe some of Deathly Hallows- but I will add my own things in}


3. Chapter 3; What A Welcome


"Listen up guys, I've just received word from Dumbledore that we've got someone from Gryffindor is moving into Slytherin, So lets give them a real welcome!" I smile evilly as we set up a bucket of beautiful silver unicorn blood above the door as a lovely welcome for this new comer. 

"Draco are you sure this is enough blood, Your father said two buckets this is only one!" I listen too Blaise Zabini whine about a flaw once again.

"This will be enough. Unicorn blood could be poisonous if too much is inhaled so we're keeping it clean." I summon everyone too hide as we hear footsteps coming too the door. 

The door was pushed open and the unicorn blood fell, Everyone started cheering but the bucket froze mid air, I stare at the new girl. It was Azalea Shade.

"What the holy hell is that?" She has her hand held above her head it was glowing, I soon came too the conclusion that she used her powers too stop the unicorn blood falling on her, "What the hell is it!"

"It's unicorn blood! It was Malfoy's idea!" Blaise stepped back and held up his hands too surrender. Azalea's hair and eyes were deep dark red, She stared at me angrily. She used her powers too catch the bucket and swung it from her finger.

"Slytherin, What a welcome. Instead of me getting embarrassed, We punish someone else..." She points at me, "Draco Malfoy, It was your idea and I don't want too waste my magic on you." I close my eyes as she prepares too throw the bucket all over me, She swings it forward and I let out a freakishly girly scream, She stopped the bucket at my face and everyone begins to laugh, "I'm not going too waste this expensive unicorn blood on you, I'll use to summon another dragon, So I can use them against you, Draco Malfoy." She walks over too the fireplace and waves her hand which lights the fire. 

"Your Azalea!" Tabitha Bainbridge walked over too her, "Your incredibly powerful! You are known too be the decedent of he who shall not be named." 

"What did you just say?" Azalea stood up and put the unicorn blood next too the fireplace. "Nobody has ever said that to me before." 

"Well it's true." I say walking over to her, "I'm guessing Dumbledore and McGonagoll are hiding that from you and that's why you were originally put into Gryffindor." 

"Nope, I got into Gryffindor because my parents were in Gryffindor." 

"Another lie. Your parents are Dorea and Orion Shade. They were put into Slytherin and considered a threat towards the whole school..." I smile at her, "You are a threat to Gryffindor, I'm surprised you didn't get moved earlier." I turn too the rest of Slytherin fifth years "All of you too your private rooms I would like too welcome our new girl with some privacy." 

Everyone started too push out the door and Azalea sat on the red leather seat by the fireplace, It fell silent when everyone left,

"So Miss.Shade." I pour two drinks of butter beer and hand her one. "How come you were moved so sudden."

"I set Hermione Granger's hair on fire with my dragon. Not that it's any of your business anyway, Your not head boy or the leader of Slytherin." 

"I bet you will be soon." I say sitting next too her, "Your very strong, You'd be a good leader."

"I do not plan too be, I only want too destroy Gryffindor." I look into her eyes they were back too there normal color of light blue. "I still hate your guts by the way."

"Understandable." I keep my head held high, "Though you can't hate me for all your time at Hogwarts." 

"Watch me." She says standing up, She retrieves the bucket of unicorn blood, "Now can you show me too my new room?" She whistles and her small dragon mounts her shoulder. "I want too get some rest." 

"I will get Blaise too escort you and I'm pretty sure Dobby the useless house elf will help with your bags." I say.

"He's more use then you are Draco Malfoy..." She says opening the door, I look at her smile at me and then walk out slowly. She won't hate me forever, I'll make sure of it.  





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