I Solemnly Swear I'm Up To No Good {DracoMalfoy}

Azalea Shade is in her fifth year at Hogwarts, She was originally put into Gryffindor but was considered a threat with the powers she has, So the sorting hat moves her too Slytherin, The house she had always been obsessed with, but what happens when she gets too close too Draco Malfoy? Will this house make her evil? And what will happen when The Dark Lord takes an interest in Azalea and her powers, Will she become a death eater, Just like her beloved Draco.

{This Book Will Be Based Off The Fifth And Sixth Harry Potter Movies - Order Of The Phoenix and Half Blood Prince and maybe some of Deathly Hallows- but I will add my own things in}


25. Chapter 25; Feast

Draco's P.O.V

Not been able too have full conversations with her was killing me. I looked at her from across the table, She looked dazed as she stared into mid air, Her face wearing a frown. 

"May I have your attention!" Dumbledore spoke from the front of the grande hall. "Just a quick announcement even though most of you have already heard, Hogwarts will be holding another dance." Everyone began too cheer and clap apart from Azalea, She wasn't even paying attention too Dumbledore. Viper and Balerion were sat in front of her playing on the table; She didn't even pay attention too them. Something had changed. I watch her flinch as Viper snaps for her finger, She smiled slightly and picked him up in one hand and Balerion in the other. Should I talk too her?


I felt Draco's eyes on me for the rest of the feast but chose too ignore them; I couldn't even look at him. After Dumbledore finished his speech I decided I wasn't hungry and didn't feel sociable so I stood up from the table and left the grande hall, I looked back at Draco too see he was still looking at me. I turn my head without smiling and begin heading too my room until someone shouts my name, I turn too see Cormac McLaggen,

"Hey." I say bluntly.

"Hey... I know we haven't talked much... but I was wondering would you like too go to the dance with me?" He smiled sweetly and I remained silent I didn't think anyone was going too ask me. "You ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine..." I begin too laugh slightly. "Err sure... Yes I will go with you." I replied immediately regretting it.  He smiled and kissed my cheek.

"See you then." He smirked before walking off, What have I done! I didn't even want too go too this dance and now I have too. I am so stupid! I continued walking until I got too my room. I threw myself on the bed and felt like crying not because I was sad, It was because I was angry and confused at myself and my parents. I sat up and looked at my trunk, where did that even come from I thought it was at the burrow? Oh of course, It would of been sent. I walk over too it and dug through it until I came across my dress, I hated it. I pulled it out and laid it on the bed admiring it; I should go and see what Hermione's dress looked like just too make sure I'm not going too casual or too fancy. Would they be back from the feast yet? Was it right too leave? No it wasn't, I should probably go back. I set Balerion and Viper in my room and decided too leave; I would meet Hermione after and see her dress. When I reached the grande hall again everyone was half way through their food, I made my way over too Hermione who noticed me,


"Can we meet when your done?" 

"Sure, Where?"

"I need too tell you something and I want too see your dress."

"Ok,  So my room?"

"Sounds good." I smile and make my way too sit back on the Slytherin table. Nobody noticed me come back so I sat in silence, I looked over too an empty seat where Draco was sat. 

"He went looking for you..." Pansy said rolling her eyes. "I said not too bother but he went anyway, But guess what."

"Do I care?" I snapped, I hadn't got on with Pansy so I knew what she was going too say would be a little mean. 

"Me and Draco are going too the dance together." She smiled sarcastically. 

"And I needed too know that because...."

"You can't go with him." She smirked harshly whilst Daphne and Millicent laughed. 

"I'm already going with somebody else, I didn't even have Draco in mind." I said standing up,  It was a bad idea coming back. 

"Well then who are you going with?" Millicent said intrigued. 

"It's non of your business." I rolled my eyes and started walking away  but I could still hear their whispers.

"It's obvious nobody asked her..."

"How embarrassing.."

"She'll probably start crying up in her room."

"Guys its five days until the dance so we need too get ourselves prepared."

Err I didn't really know the dance was that close, maybe I can just get it over and done with. The feast soon past and I met Hermione at the door so we could head up too her room together; 

"So what did you need too tell me?" She asked as she sat on the end of her bed, I smack my hand over my face in embarrassment.

"I kind of got asked too go to the dance with someone..." I say nervously as she jumps off her bed in excitement. 

"Who!" She grabs my arms and starts jumping up and down, "Ron asked me so I guess I'm going with him." 

"Well... err ya see.. it's umm.." I couldn't bring myself too say his name, "Cormac." She stopped jumping and looked me dead in the eyes. It was silent for what felt like forever until she shouted,

"OH MY GOSH YOUR SO LUCKY!" She begins too jump again.

"Really... It's Cormac McLaggen."

"For what I have heard every single girl in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff were after him!" She begins squealing with excitement. "You are sooooooooo lucky." To extended the 'so' too exaggerate it.

"But.. nobody likes McLaggen..."

"No boys like McLaggen!" She said pulling her trunk onto her bed, "Because he practically takes all the girls."

"Let's just forget it and look at your dress." I said jumping on her bed. She nodded and pulled out a pink prom like dress; it was very pretty.

"Oh I forgot too tell you, Dumbledore wanted it very formal so unfortunately no skimpy short dresses."I roll my eyes. 

"My dress would do then, Oh god I am dreading it!" I cover my face.

Hermione was going too look gorgeous and I was going too look like a troll! I started biting my nails; 

"So did Pansy mention who she was going with?" Hermione asked being incredibly nosy.

"Draco but I'm pretty sure you could of guessed that." 

"No, To be completely honest I thought you would go with Draco, I wouldn't mind. I don't think Draco is a bad guy he just was brought up with the wrong people." Hermione smiled before hanging her dress on the top of her four poster. "You make a perfect couple."

"We're not a couple!" I snap angrily, Hermione glares at me with a sad face. "Sorry..." 

"It's ok... I'm sorry too." She hugs me and then says, "Why don't you show me your dress?"

"I really don't want too, compared too yours its a serious disappointment."

"If your not happy with it, I'm sure your parents can send you a new one within five days." I shake my head,

"No, they won't be able too, they are busy with other things that  is best too stay out of." I huffed and rested my chin in my palm. "I just can't wait too get this dance over with."


-authors note: the next chapter will just be pictures of all the girls dresses because I thought it would be better if I added a few pictures.-





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