I Solemnly Swear I'm Up To No Good {DracoMalfoy}

Azalea Shade is in her fifth year at Hogwarts, She was originally put into Gryffindor but was considered a threat with the powers she has, So the sorting hat moves her too Slytherin, The house she had always been obsessed with, but what happens when she gets too close too Draco Malfoy? Will this house make her evil? And what will happen when The Dark Lord takes an interest in Azalea and her powers, Will she become a death eater, Just like her beloved Draco.

{This Book Will Be Based Off The Fifth And Sixth Harry Potter Movies - Order Of The Phoenix and Half Blood Prince and maybe some of Deathly Hallows- but I will add my own things in}


20. Chapter 20; Viper


What am I doing? I'm driving myself crazy with all this Dark Lord crap. Of course after Azalea creates this dragon I would immediately have too hand it over too Voldemort once again, Viper; I'm not going too lie when I say Voldemort requested that name, He plans on taking her dragons but promised me he wouldn't lay a hand of Azalea, if he does I will not be able too forgive myself. "Draco." My mothers sweet voice called from the other side of my door, "May I speak with you?"

"Of course, please come in." My mother is the only person in my household that I could put all my trust into - if she promises something she always delivers it. She closes the door behind her before entering my room.

"I'm sorry for the things we have put you darling."

"You have already apologised and I forgave you."

"Yes but I thought I needed too again before the burrow-"

"Mother it fine." I cut her off "As long as nothing happens too Azalea." She remains silent, "Nothing is going too happen too her right?" I start too question her honour. She remains silent once and starts too leave my room. "MOTHER!" I shout, she chooses to ignore me and leaves me room, I sit on my wooden chair, lean back on the pillows and rub my face; why did I bring her here, I need too get her out of here. I rise from my seat and begin too pace in my room - how can I get her too leave without being rude, but then she will go to the burrow! The burrow that is going too be attacked. I should go see her, I need too see her. I head for my door and pull it open - Her room was down the corridor from mine so it wasn't too far, I knock on the door and she doesn't answer, I knock again and again but she still doesn't answer, I put my ear too the door and don't hear movement, In a panic I open the door too her flat out on the bed with a small baby dragon resting beside her -Viper, a small green dragon. I approached her quietly so I wouldn't wake her up, maybe I could take the dragon now and convince her, he flew away. As soon as the dragon was tightly in my grasp, it opened it sharp wings and began too make loud, alarming noises. Bugger! I scream in my head as I turn too see Azalea open her eyes,

"Draco?" She groaned rubbing her eyes, "What are you doing with Viper."

"Well.. I saw you sleeping.. and didn't want you too suffocate the poor little guy.. ya know, if you rolled over." Viper let out a hiss and struck for my finger. "Ouch!" I look down too blood.

"Well thank you and sorry he did that, I had too make him with some extra abilities just too make sure he doesn't end up like Balerion... wherever he is."  She looks down but I pull her face up and kiss her forehead.

"Someone at Hogwarts was probably so desperate-they took him." I felt a burning sensation in my stomach as the guilt began too build up. As soon as I handed the dragon too Voldemort he had him a charmed cage. Azalea shrugs and then lies back down, closing her eyes. "I'm guessing creating dragons is tiring." I say with a laugh.

"Very." She holds out her hand and I place Viper in her palm. She opens her eyes and stares at her creation; He was incredible, His scales were shiny and bleached and his eyes were a dappled blue. She blew him out of her hand and watched his little wings help him begin too fly. "He'll learn soon, It takes time." There was a knock at the door and I walk over too open it, I gulp when my fathers face meets mine.

"Can I speak too Azalea please - In private." He spoke in a cold, allusive voice.

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